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Poems On / About SEX  12/20/2014 12:31:15 AM
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Resume CV

Show me,
Attractiveness, hmm
Sex? -well,
turn around!
Marital status?
Turn around!
Sex? well,
Go ahead!
ONElia AVElar

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Mae West

'Come up and see me sometime when I've got nothing on but the radio' Mae West used to say
She was a renowned sex symbol and her legend lives today
She was a sexy woman that should never be a sin
And even into old age she made love to younger men
Though she is not forgotten the life from Mae West long gone
And many of her sayings today are living on
As a renowned sex symbol her praises have been sung
Even into her eighties she liked sex and liked her men virile and young
When it came to sex 'twould seem Mae West was a hard one to please
Her lust for sexual pleasure few men ever did appease
In her time a revered beauty all of her curves in the right place
Her lust for sexual pleasure she gladly did embrace,
Come up and see me sometime a famous quote from Mae West
One who even in her old age for young men willingly undressed.
Francis Duggan

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Bristle with a dingle sexes are dreadful tensions.
S.T.D. could kill from bellies during bellies.
S.T.D. diseases treating deal as bells and whistles.
S.T.D. could kill as many sex-connects.

Having common origin all as death and killing go on transmitting all are S.T.D.
Stomach things may cheat but lives are real.
I mean our favor sexual things.
Please select to all sex selectees.

Careful go be care.
Careful come be clear.
Bunco steer will give you sexes.
Gods may give you health.

Go on doctors.
Treat the Bunco games.
Save our world then.
Rant out sexual words with cauchy3.
They are safety words.
Then go away indeed!
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---
cheung shun sang

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Purity 1

I love woman
I do sex
I drink alcohol
And I declare myself
An impure poet.

What is it
And where
Tell me a pure thing.

Lovers do sex in a resort
Teachers are homo
They do sex with their boys
in hostel
Priests do sex
with their nuns
But ask people
Be pure, be pure
Cuz, God is pure.

Tell me
where is that woman
Who has never tasted a man
A man
Who has never licked
cave of a woman
A woman
Who has not gave birth
to anyone
A man
Who has not sown seeds
inside a woman.
Ershad Mazumder

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