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Often we are faced with that temptation
Of discharging on a stranger our sexual frustration
But prevention is better than redemption
Fantasy functions safer as it is than when put into action

First kisses, pecks and a tease on the neck
Aroused with a natural instinctive reflex
You ignore the condom! Which keeps diseases in check?
Injected later with sex you vex after infected by sex
Specs of the after effects are about to make your life complex

AIDS: Aimlessly injected deadly sex
AIDS: Annoying irritating diseased sex
AIDS: Artificial induced death served
AIDS: An invading dying shock

Your primitive rod was itching!
Her unseen clitoris ever so bewitching!
Therefore you denied yourself self control!
From wittingly falling into the forbidden dark hole
Whilst your desire fed upon a slow burning fire

Switch back; relax as your joy fades
You finally got laid and now you feel betrayed
By the aids mermaid who had you outplayed
Condom could have made the rightful blockade!

AIDS: Absolute incurable delayed sickness!
AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Sylvia Chidi

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Can there be thrills without soupcon
of fear, can sex in private places
be as exciting as the fun
of sex in public, where disgrace is
a risk sex gamblers like to take
to trump love made inside a closet?
With fear a thrill will raise the stake,
and risk the forfeit of deposit,
and since the fear gets less each time
the thrill occurs, new risks are taken
until they escalate to crime,
where thrills, like fear, are godforsaken.

Inspired by Dan Neil’s review of the Nissan GT-R (LA Times, April 16,2008, “Uptight, outta sight: a marvel of power and speed, the Nissan GT-R is so safe and serene that it is curiously lacking in thrills”) :

[F]for all it’s pants-ripping performance, the GT-R is surprisingly––amazingly––not all that exciting to drive. Oh yeah, there’s epic velocity here, and yet, because there is so much assurance, so many electronic layers of self-preservation, there isn’t much frisson or fear. Without fear there is no fun, which anyone who’s had sex in a public place can tell you…Despite the GT-R’s official nickname, “Godzilla, ” it’s more like 2 tons of fluffy kitten.

gershon hepner

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Half Baked Stories

I keep hearing these half baked stories that idle gossips are spreading around
One might say at least quite fictitious and in them little truth to be found
One woman's husband is unfaithful to her by having sex with another man's wife
What is wrong with consentual sex in the first place when sex is only part of life.

We condemn some for what comes natural in a consentual act of free will
Whilst we applaud some of those who break Moses fifth Commandment which clearly states thou shalt not kill
Thou shalt not kill without exception yet war heroes we do celebrate
The fifth Commandment is often broken and people do differentiate

About what is or is not lawful killing for to kill in war seen as okay
But extra marital sex seen by some as blasphemous we do think in the strangest way
Guilt ridden by religion and culture our thinking it never seems clear
For doing something that comes quite natural the wrath of the Gods we do fear.

No doubt I'm a cynical fellow I believe a tenth of what I hear
I'll never see the gates of heaven I'm damned before death 'twould appear
I keep hearing these half baked stories believe them or not if you may
In every small Town there is small talk and a rumor is born every day.
Francis Duggan

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Resume CV

Show me,
Attractiveness, hmm
Sex? -well,
turn around!
Marital status?
Turn around!
Sex? well,
Go ahead!
ONElia AVElar

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