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Poems On / About SEX  10/7/2015 4:04:46 PM
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The Three Sexes

When I count the number of sexes,
I find and count all three.
I know it may sound strange to you,
But it is my reality.

The first sex to be considered is the male
This is correct, of course, as we can see.
It is correct from my view
As it is the sex which contains loveable me.

Straight guys pay me no attention
But life could always be worse.
Gay guys pay me no attention
And so I am left to this verse.

Women ignore me with alacrity,
Even though I am in the best shape around.
It seems they always comment,
That my shape appears to be round.

I try to impress the females with my income or wage
I have a very good job, or so it seems to be.
When the neighborhood needs a bit of shade,
They approach and then they hire me.

I am built close to the ground,
This I say is for economy.
Less water in showers, less cloth in clothes
Ridicule from others is what happens when you are me.

Of the three sexes then, only one is left
The third sex is such that it can make a home a wreck
It can cause stress, disease, and fatigue for weeks
However, the third sex is all that is left to me, Hooray for insects.
Dan Byron

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The Specialty Of Sex

The specialty of sex is
That enmity never stands
Between two opposite sexes
In spite of disparity..
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Only Hungry


eat sex

wall poster...

with hungry

with out sex...
otteri selvakumar

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Growing Up

What is wrong with people today,
They talk about sex and Drugs to much.
What ever happened to the days of innocence
What happened as we were growing up.
What happen to the small children that would run from the opposite sex.
Jessica Kissner

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Poems On / About SEX