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Poems On / About SEX  1/29/2015 8:36:11 PM
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Best Poems About / On SEX
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No stigma to sex

Sexual attractions are involuntary.
It is born unasked; you can abort it.
Man is not to blame when he loves women.
Woman is not to blame when she loves men.

Arousal one gets from the opposite sex
Is by nature rather than by nurture.
Some men and women in minuscule lot
Get it by nature from their same gender.

Homosexuality is much abhorred
As gays and lesbians derive pleasure
From the unnatural means: oral and anal sex,
The one not barred in the bisexual sex.

To have sex is a right given by birth.
Matrimony is human made arrangement.
Any consensual sex is in agreement.
It can be immoral but not criminal.

Promiscuity has been inherited;
Likewise has been homosexuality
Promiscuity has been tolerated;
Likewise has been homosexuality.

As long as the homosexuals confine
Within themselves and do not harass
Those outside their scope they are in their shoes.
The society has tolerated them

Remove the stigma attached to all sex
And not be a sadist to others’ bliss.
Let gays, lesbians and sex workers
Live without stigmas attached hitherto.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Funney wow

All are like
And love...

The sex...
Don't want
Sex at poems...
And stores...
haaa haaa
Life is part of sex...
With out sex...

How you...Born...?
Your and my father
Mother also bron...?
Sex thinking is
One of sence...
Of life...
On the road

waching women and men...
With sexy...
At cinema+t.v. always
With tomuch...
Bringing the sex...
Thats all ok...
Or good...
Sex writing is
Bad...? ? ?
Wow funney...!
otteri selvakumar

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I was listening to this female artist last night,
Relate how she was in love,
And a light came on in my head,

Love or sex or Sex and love...Boeing
Which is which...when you say you are in love?
The line must be incredibly thin or invisible.

If you are in love when you want or after having sex?
Then a certain someone whom you've known for years,
Whom you claim love, love as well...

Then what kind of love do we speak of?
You meet someone you have a thrilling, unique encounter
Now you feel it's love.? !

Love is very, very unpredictable...
Where people's feeling are concerned.
The female artist said how she would...

share this love with another just to keep it...boeing!

Is love that unexplored that we can't
Really distinguish it from what we are not feeling?
Do I really love my mother?

Is this love a love shared by our creator?
And if so how can HE/SHE love us as much
As loving a bird or a bee...

Still saying loving them as much as me?
How can I love Lucy as much as or more then Sally?
Is it looks or sex?

It's something and I know not what it is.
The female artist said she would give anything to keep this love
She was singing of...Boeing!

Are there levels of love and if so, what...
Class would one enter to adjust themselves
To be aware of such level’s in his/her own feelings?

It would provocate, that something this well known
Is so unexpected and is causing people high-blood pressure
As well as having one run right off the road.

What is it and why is it?
I've had some very good cherry pie...

Never really loved it...because apple pie is just as good if not better... Boeing...LOVE!
What is it.>?

I see a queen my body moves in many directions.
I am with a queen my hands and my mind never stop moving.
I am without this queen and the same things occur.

Sounds like love to me,
Felt like love to me,
Then muck, the puck,

A duck is a duck…

I never took love 101,
But in my hood we had classes in hood sex on sex

PH-D's in sex before and after sex.
AA's in sex while having sex with another.
Certificates in plan old 'just love’ Boeing, Boeing, Boeing

But never a class on love and what is(love)
And why it is.

But what the heck...
Whatever it is that makes me feel
I want to be naked and run down the middle of the road...

SMILING...it must be a GOD sent.

kwane Lamb

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a funny name
AwesumPoetPlox Yesiiz

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