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Best Poems About / On SEX
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Love Is Higher Than Sex

Sex is just for a moment,
Love is for eternity,
Sex has wild imagination,
Love has beautiful imagination,
Sex is restless & mad doing,
Love is pure & deep feeling,
Sex acts like a devil,
Love acts like an Almighty,
Sex is fantasy,
Love is reality,
Sex makes a man cheat & fool,
Love makes a man wise & decent,
Sex touches the body,
Love touches the soul’s heart,
Sex is the dirtiest form of happiness,
Love is the purest form of happiness,
Sex has only a dark life,
Love has only a bright life,
Sex gives you outer happiness,
Love gives you inner happiness,
Sex closes your heart & mind,
Love opens your heart & mind,
Sex has curses upon you,
Love has blessings upon you,
Sex is without a foundation stands,
Love is with a foundation of faith stands,
Sex is to have with one person,
Love is to make with the world,
Sex goes a little higher,
Love goes beyond everything,
Sex has restrictions,
Love has no boundaries,
Sex stands at the lowest place,
Love stands at the highest peak,
After all the love defeats sex in all aspects,
Sex is behind the bars at last
And love wins its play forever,
Pushkar Bisht

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Love And Sex In Comparison

Love can commence from sex
Sex can begin from love
But relationship has potency
When love comes first before sex

Love exist without sex
Sex subsist without love
But relationship without sex
Is longer than relationship devoid of love

Love cause passion
Obsession cause sex
Passion on love cause you to be possessive
Obsession on sex cause you an indecent act

Love is vital in relationship
Relationship desires sex
But relationship restricted of sex is more precious
Than relationship lack of love

Love is felt with the one you love
Sex experience with the one you love
But sex is absence without physical interaction
While love is present though your miles apart

Love and sex are element of our lives
Their related and sometimes contrasted
What important for us is we know
How love and sex help our relationship to grow
nylezah guiamad

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Sex is a thing of beauty
Sex is a thing of love
Sex is a thing of passion
Sex is blessed from above
James Mos

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Sex Sex Sex A Few Men Or Women Boys Or Girls Run After Sex Illegal

Sex sex sex a few men or women boys or girls run after sex illegal
Due to a silly mistake their life becomes a great guilty hell,
We are human beings so that our activities should be legal,
We must have good mind and good heart to understand the feelings of all.

We know from T.V. and news paper that even old people do wrong sex,
They suffer by great shame in life, society as well as in their family,
Many boys and girls fall in love to make their parents to worry and relax,
God has made married couple to control dirty unlawful sex.

God has given us a fine mind to think in a clear and fair way,
According to the laws and orders of God we have to lead our life,
Not to control their evil sex Govt.Officers lose jobs day by day,
Many people are put in jail for this devil unfit act of sex.

Let us live and pity with all helping each other with a good mind,
Surely Almighty God helps us life long that is His grace we find.
Mazid S Kazi , INDIA

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