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Poems On / About SEX  7/9/2014 6:30:13 PM
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Best Poems About / On SEX
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Sex With You Is Like... 3

sex with you is like fire

to where i can neva put out the flame

ur fulfillin my evey desire

and my favorite word is now ur name

sex with you is like an ocean

deep sea diving into treasure

yu drink my passionate potion

and bringin continuous pleasure

sex with yu is like rain

drip dropp all over me

i love it wen yu bring pain

its smthn that cant be beat

sex wit with yu is like ice

frozen in positions i like

im flexible so its all right

to make love like this all nite

sex with you is like trouble

we're bad because we did it

no sinqles or no doubles

jus go deep and put ur all in it

i'd like to sex yu on the stars

or unfamiliar places

or sex a little on mars

and see the aliens crazy faces

i like to sexy crazy

or maybe a little wild

limitations dont phase me

cuz rules are not my style

i sex yu in the morning

ill sex yu at work

ill sex yu till we're cuming

or maybe til it hurts

ill sex yu real fast

or i might jus be steady

yu started grippin my ass

now i jus hope ur ready

cuz sex with me is like wow

something yu cant deny

ill put it on ya like poaw!

so good it makes ya wanna cry

_haha hell yea * oriqinal-CLASSY <3
Classy Boomdata

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God And Sex

Only my God knows
what is sex
and why he has created sex.
Darling, why do you feel
so shy to word your sex
Think of this creation
of my God without sex.

Our God is the best sex master
He knows best
how to play it
darling, let us surrender to God
and learn the best art of sex
to make our planet
full of flower and fragrance

Sex is life
God has given to us
three cheers for the master player
three cheers for His great art.
Ershad Mazumder

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Oh fren dont say me sex

Girls r see me point of view of sex
they want to concern me in sex
my body's structure is like a sexy
but i'm not also
my frens r chitting their lovely wifes
they involve in cabin & another colorfull places
they want both bare sex
sex, oh god....
whats a meaning of sex? they didnt realise
their eyes r socalled love
their manner is betray something wrong
they didnt love the nature & god
sex is natural thing of humanbeing
but they didnt understood
their knowledge storing dirty garvage of sex
higher education give us protecting human sense
but educated person who is falling dirty game
society said philosopher
our education is toomuch uglyness
educational planning is too much doll
whole phenamena r waste of garvage
i dont like educated society
they make people glamour
fashion show is being to throw sex expose
civilized society is fell down dirty game
if the free sex expression is civilization
oh fren dont say me sex
shanker jwala

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Love And Sex

There is a difference between the two
Wonder why you keep confusing the two

Love and sex are two different actions, feelings
You may love and wait to have sex
And you can have sex when you don’t actually love!
Sex is the aftermath of love.

Its best when love is allowed to blossom
Then the sex works as a fertilizer to make the
Love more intimate and sweeter.
When love is lost so is sex
but when sex is lost, it can be rekindled
by the same power of love!

Most important of all is love and not sex
So let’s first sow the seeds of love, compassion, intimacy
Before we can start thinking of and doing sex
These sexual feelings can be contained until that
Time that we say 'I do' but yet our love cannot and
May not be contained until that time.

When the difference is understood then I know
That we can together do love and sex
Together we can be that house that was
Built on the rock and not the sand.
kente lucy

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