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Poems On / About SEX  7/27/2014 11:12:35 PM
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Best Poems About / On SEX
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female western gulls

Fifteen percent of female western gulls
are homosexual when they’re in the wild,
seeing only same sex never dulls
the appetite for those who are self-styled
homosexual, lesbian, queer and gay
who’d rather mount the members of their sex
than of the opposite, and have their way
in copulas highest court respects.

What is protected by the Bill of Rights
interpreted by judges who’re supreme
appeals to bonobo and penguin catamites
when they are courting in a double-team.
Sex always means far more than making babies:
we’re animals, yes, whether bi or straight
or homosexual, closeted as maybes,
and therefore should take care to never hate.

Dinitia Smith writes about same-sex partners Roy and Silo, penguins at the Central Park Zoo “Love that Dare Not Squeak Its Name, ” NYT, February 7,2004) and points out that homosexuality is common in the animal kingdom:

But if homosexuality occurs among animals, does that necessarily mean that it is natural for humans, too? And that raises a familiar question: if homosexuality is not a choice, but a result of natural forces that cannot be controlled, can it be immoral? The open discussion of homosexual behavior in animals is relatively new. 'There has been a certain cultural shyness about admitting it, ' said Frans de Waal, whose 1997 book, 'Bonobo: The Forgotten Ape' (University of California Press) , unleashed a torrent of discussion about animal sexuality. Bonobos, apes closely related to humans, are wildly energetic sexually. Studies show that whether observed in the wild or in captivity, nearly all are bisexual, and nearly half their sexual interactions are with the same sex. Female bonobos have been observed to engage in homosexual activity almost hourly.
Before his own book, 'American scientists who investigated bonobos never discussed sex at all, ' said Mr. de Waal, director of the Living Links Center of the Yerkes Primate Center at Emory University in Atlanta. 'Or they sometimes would show two females having sex together, and would say, `The females are very affectionate.' '
Then in 1999, Bruce Bagemihl published 'Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity' (St. Martin's Press) , one of the first books of its kind to provide an overview of scholarly studies of same-sex behavior in animals. Mr. Bagemihl said homosexual behavior had been documented in some 450 species. (Homosexuality, he says, refers to any of these behaviors between members of the same sex: long-term bonding, sexual contact, courtship displays or the rearing of young.) Last summer the book was cited by the American Psychiatric Association and other groups in a 'friend of the court' brief submitted to the Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas, a case challenging a Texas anti-sodomy law. The court struck down the law….

gershon hepner

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Abstain From It

What is this all about?
Is it safe sex or, commercial sex?
And, how are they educating us with these contraceptives ads?
I am a woman and i know what it takes but,
What about you?

What is this all about?
You are a man and you know what it takes;
But go to the streets and you will see things for your own eyes,
Because the commercial sex is booming!
And the big companies are making their respective profits along the line.

Do they think that they are educating us with all these ads?
Then, they should think twice;
For there are more businesses done in the name of safe sex,
And it had rather increased the sex life style of all mankind.

Oh mankind, let us try to know the naked truth behind these ads;
For it is better to abstain from sex than burn in it!
And a close distance to hell is what Aids does to us.

Sex is to all and sex goes on around with us unprotected,
But Aids is the disease the ends the time with us;
For the lust of our eyes have taken us far away from the truth!
And now the moon is blacked-out in complete darkness.

Out imaginations are limitless but Aids had closed up on mankind!
With intermittent flashes to catch up to the truth;
And the youth today do have their own type of answers than thought,
But to abstain from sex is better than to easily die in the name of lust! !

The ads speak like an angel but acts like a devil around us!
But sometimes things do not go the way we expected them to;
And as we use rulers to map out straight lines,
So are the rules of life straight from the Creator to us! !
And we need to return to ourselves to make some changes.
Edward Kofi Louis

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A I D S.......

The virus caught on
To innocent people
Who made some sex,
From the sex workers,
Through bloof transfusions,
Of ynknown quality
It gripped the earth
Like a vice like
The erstwhile tuberculosis,
Small pox, mice disease,
Leprosy and others
Which people feared most,
The aids spread the threat
On even ordinary lovers,
To make love, even to kiss,
Even being nearby,
Of the infected unlucky,
It continues dreadful
Unconquerable, reducing
The mating rate of humans
By large extent,
Denying of the small
Concieved illegal act
Of the love acts.

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Sex was once my master,
It once controlled my soul and my thoughts,
My mind and feelings became a disaster,
From women I only wanted their cheers and applauds.

Every woman that I saw she was a conquest,
She was a desire and a need to be used,
With a smile and a flirt is all that I would invest,
Being a sex addict, I was always being accused.

I cared for no woman's feelings,
All I cared about was my own wants and pleasures,
I was prepared for all situations and dealings,
All I cared about was my reputation and a woman's treasures.

I was once indeed a womanizer,
Also a playboy, flirt and a seducer,
But, because of sex I have become no wiser,
I believed without the conquest of a woman I was a loser.

When I saw a woman all that I saw was sex,
A woman was created for a man just to please,
My belief was simple and not that complex,
And all that I care about, were the birds and the bees.

A woman in my opinion is for a man’s need,
Into my eyes all that she would see were my requests,
Without a man a woman feels incomplete as she wants to love and breed,
When I saw a woman all I thought about were my wants and her breasts.

Sex was the only reason that I married,
It was the greatest gift that I ever won,
But, sadly my sexual feelings and desires for women had varied,
When my wife gave birth to our son.

Unto sex I was once its slave,
A woman wasn't a person she was an object to use,
But, now as I am closer and closer to my own grave,
I had the wrong master, but that never was an excuse.

Randy L. McClave
Randy McClave

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