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Poems On / About SEX  11/30/2015 4:25:48 PM
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Best Poems About / On SEX
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To Adapt Is A Skill

Cultures imposed segregation
Of sexes outside the wedlock
As sex would get in the way
If inter-sex friendship blossomed.

New environments throw multiple
Locales for inter-sex relations.
Men and women are together
More time than they're with their mates.

Social roles and sexual pulls clash.
To deny it is a self-denial.
Men and women admit much less
To each other about their feelings.

Not to express is man's restraints.
Not to admit is woman's burden.
The time will embolden the both.
Precedence will encourage them.

We adapt to temperature
That the climate change brings about.
We'll adapt to temperaments
That the woman freedom brought about..
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Lesbos Island

Lesbos Island….
Sappho lyric poems were so concise and good.
Much directed and good are like the pictures drawn for loves. Songs of kissing loves and tonguing sexes for women just were poetic life.
However Sappho works are rare to see for modern now.
Many works did loss in middle ages of olden times.
Lesbianism comes to thoughts as human natures.
Also when those girls had a evil father. Who may also had a kind and better mom.
Asian traditions sexes are more unclean in views of peoples. Sexes could sin. So as males are so prominent in social poses and so esteem birth and grow that male homosexual do very bad and much undermine by peoples rites especially from and in our olden day.
However women positions living societies all may lower so female homosexual most could more agreeable that is women just could be sexes instruments in fates.
True to say that Lesbianism life is gay is please is bliss.
Due to facts as both their partner come with slowly heat but much for more as vigor orgasms.
Also women orgasms take the longer pleasures.
However scandals travel fast and those who play a prank and jokes and other really bad to treat them and label them whether they are male or female homosexuals.
Dreams are tosses are base and gross and not for lesbians coming do.
Lesbians some are gleeful good for owning female sexual organs due to orgasms. Lesbians want for other just to joy and please for female status. Want their partners do admired to their female preparing organs that due to orgasms.
- - - - - - Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3- - - - - - - - -
cheung shun sang

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Half Baked Stories

I keep hearing these half baked stories that idle gossips are spreading around
One might say at least quite fictitious and in them little truth to be found
One woman's husband is unfaithful to her by having sex with another man's wife
What is wrong with consentual sex in the first place when sex is only part of life.

We condemn some for what comes natural in a consentual act of free will
Whilst we applaud some of those who break Moses fifth Commandment which clearly states thou shalt not kill
Thou shalt not kill without exception yet war heroes we do celebrate
The fifth Commandment is often broken and people do differentiate

About what is or is not lawful killing for to kill in war seen as okay
But extra marital sex seen by some as blasphemous we do think in the strangest way
Guilt ridden by religion and culture our thinking it never seems clear
For doing something that comes quite natural the wrath of the Gods we do fear.

No doubt I'm a cynical fellow I believe a tenth of what I hear
I'll never see the gates of heaven I'm damned before death 'twould appear
I keep hearing these half baked stories believe them or not if you may
In every small Town there is small talk and a rumor is born every day.
Francis Duggan

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Young Fred Who Has A Big Ego

He is one who has a big ego not humble in any way young Fred
And he fancies himself as a top lover he boasts that he is good in bed
He turned twenty four last September he is in the prime of his life
And when asked does he one day hope to marry he says why should i have a wife

When young women are offering themselves to me and for sex i do not have to pay
To one i could never be faithful that's not me i am not that way
For sex i don't go to the brothel plenty young and willing women around
And those who love a night of hot passion believe me not hard to be found.

He fancies himself as a sex symbol there's one like him in every small town
To bed a few local young women is their only claim to renown
They have success with a few females and of their sexual successes they boast
And they even become so conceited that to themselves they drink a toast.

Young Fred is a local sex symbol at least that's how he makes himself out to be
He always walks down the street with a swagger as if to say you look at me
He has bedded a few women lately and his success has gone to his head
But he has had his own share of knock backs though nothing of them he has said.
Francis Duggan

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