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Best Poems About / On SEX
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Love Affairs

Sex-wise, one draws near to another,
Needs appeal in individual from each others.
No one is so blind, to say love is really blind,
In a better way, ‘it’s an unconditional love’, says her mind.

Woman neither loves by his looks nor by his character,
She is ready to reach where life must be in any vain matter.
If financially secured, she’s ready to make any day as memorable day,
A once living story about Savitri, it was just a story of womanhood days..

Today’s Psychologists’ survey; Men Vs Sex & Women Vs Money,
Wise people say in their critics; Money is there, there is your honey.
One aspect of outside needs charged a whole life; it may be sex or money;
This is very distorted vision of human life; & we are asleep, isn’t it funny?

Idiots of the world claim, yeah whatever, it’s all needs are compulsive,
Sex is a compulsive behavior of body; money is a compulsive source to live.
Well, all compulsive needs are mostly exist in physical state,
However, real love is not a physical, that’s why it is so cynical about divorce rate..

Let’s say, if compulsive needs disappeared suddenly,
And if two different individuals are longing for true love only.
Then, they will immerse in deep union with no conflicts, boundlessly,
The love affairs will not remain simply affairs, but love will reflect itself in purity.
warner keisham

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Pearl, Merle And Earl And Sex

Every few days Earl tries to remember what sex used to be.
So he asks his girlfriends, “Is these thoughts sinful or weird of me? ”
Blushing Peal responds, “Why are all men so crass and crude? ”
Merle chimes in “Well Pearl, I like men who put me in the mood.”
Pearl recoils, “How can you treat it with so little dignity? ”
Merle jokes, “Using “it” for the word “sex” is an 'old' way to be.”
Listening to these ladies poor Earl becomes increasingly confused.
Are these thoughts a good thing or should they be refused?
Pearl says, “Merle, to keep your mind clean I suggest you pray.”
Earl retorts, “Pearl, I don’t want thoughts of sex to go away.”
Merle pipes in, “Pearl, just remember the way we all got here.
Folks have been doing “it”, I mean having sex, for many a year.”
Earl, why don’t you hustle those 70 year olds at other tables.
Sitting at one there’s an Olga, Margarite and at least two Mables.
White as her name sake, Pearl sat fingering her worry beads,
Hoping no 100+ year olds will bother her with their awful needs.
Gregory Huyette

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To facilitate;
The muse of your work,
In the land of your birth.

To speculate it;
With an epidemiological data,
And, with the works of an urologist.

Illegal lust!
In the name of group sex;
Oral traditions,
Oral sex.

Sex with animals!

With the growing health concern today!
In the society;
Having multiple sex partners,
As we fall into sin.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Lotus In Muddy Pond

Marriage, a civil code by man
Sex, a divine gift to multiply clan
It’s fun and frolic meant for fest
Sperm and eggs romance in lust
From it love flower sprouts
Love in it has sunken roots
Lotus, the divine love flower
Ever in muddy pond boots
Mating season, a lioness in heat
Hungry lions chase her in up beat
Nature pervades with romance
In its sex lies the bliss and trance
In pollination lies the secrete bloom
Color and fragrance in air zoom
For mating pigeons together make nest
Hatching and parenting they are at best
Nature’s disciplined seasonal sex amaze
But men for nonseasonal sex has craze!
Why in man males’ much dominance
His rapist mentality and arrogance! ! !
C. P. Sharma

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