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Poems On / About SEX  12/1/2015 5:02:49 AM
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Best Poems About / On SEX
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A Dog Named Sex

My pooch is not named Rover, Fluffy, Spot or Rex.
I wanted something different, so I named my puppy, Sex.
To renew my doggie’s license. I went down to City Hall.
“I’d like a license for Sex”, I said. He said, “Wouldn’t we all? ”
“You must not have understood, I need it for my mutt.”
“I really don’t care how she looks, if she’s ugly, fine or what.”
“But Sir, I must tell you, I’ve had Sex since I was four! ”
“You are no more than a braggart”, and he showed me out the door.
Newly married, we brought our pet along for the honeymoon.
I told the clerk, “A place for us and for Sex, a special room.”
“Every room has a place for sex. Every room has a bed.”
“But Sex keeps me up at night.” “It keeps me up, too”, he said.
At our divorce the court gave all my possessions to the wife
I protested, “Please Your Honor, I had Sex before my married life! ”
The judge then said that he did, too. “It’s not a real big crime.”
“But Sir, before we tied the knot, I had Sex all the time”
The judge said that I could still have sex, so I took my hound and ran.
My wife then said that she’d miss Sex, so I stayed a married man.
Last night Sex ran off again as we walked around the block.
A cop pulled up and asked me if I knew it was three o’clock.
I told him that I was looking for Sex and he took me straight to jail.
Now I’m waiting for my trial to come and can’t get out on bail.
…..if I ever get another dog,
I think I’ll name him…..”Whoopie” or “Boom-Boom”
Anything but Sex!
Carl Palmer

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Nobody likes sex
Loves sex
They all detest sex.

Sex is a taboo word.
Society’s bane
Driving man insane.

Don’t talk sex.
I don’t want to hear sex
Nor see sex.

We all are hypocrites
In this world of make-beliefs
Being ‘clean’ and untarnished
By sex, and yet we cross all
Limits in our bedroom games.

So let’s avoid talking sex.
No reading, nor writing sex.
For propriety sake, talk
Everything else but sex.

And yet, if you see the
Articles and poems
Broaching sex,
Those have the maximum
Reader counts,
As if people keep flocking in
To increase their views
And reviews; -)

Don’t agree?
See how many
Read this poem
Entitled ‘Sex’!
Aparna Chatterjee

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Sex-Trade In Islam

In the holy Koran
God has permitted sex-trade
Those who want to deal in sex
They should reach an agreement
With the sex-workers
Or with their salesperson
In black and white

The sex-traders should not
Force anyone to do sex-work

Enjoying sex with sex-workers
Is also allowed in Islam
But it is discouraged.

The sex-traders should ensure
Sex-workers good living standard
The sex-workers have the right
To vote and contest in polls

God is utterly aware of the reality
That’s why
He has permitted girls
To do sex-work

If there was no sex-worker
Many more men would
Commit sex-crimes.

N.B.: It refers to verses 33, Chapter “The Light” (An-Nur) , Holy Koran
Asif Andalib

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Love is a word that comes and goes but, no one really knows What it means. To me the wrod, love is a very powerful word.

L- is for the love of my life. If you really do love me like you say then show me. I am not talking about anything but, im like j-lo my love don't cost a thing.

O- is for ooh jut think of how i fell whenyou say 'I love you' Love is a word that we can't really do.

V- is for vaginal intercourse. I'm not talkng about sex, I'm talking about making love. There i a difference. Having sex to me is just like you do not care who you have sex with. Making love is corresponding with each other's and remebering that night,

E- is for every body should make love and just not have sex. I know two people who don' hve sex, they make love. if you love me then show me. Don't abuse your privilage at loving me. Don't abuse me. Do not tell me that you love me, then turn around and abuse me. Caue that's not love. So just think about the word love, before you tell it to some one.
Maria Todd

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