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Poems On / About SEX  2/10/2016 10:25:24 PM
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Love is a word that comes and goes but, no one really knows What it means. To me the wrod, love is a very powerful word.

L- is for the love of my life. If you really do love me like you say then show me. I am not talking about anything but, im like j-lo my love don't cost a thing.

O- is for ooh jut think of how i fell whenyou say 'I love you' Love is a word that we can't really do.

V- is for vaginal intercourse. I'm not talkng about sex, I'm talking about making love. There i a difference. Having sex to me is just like you do not care who you have sex with. Making love is corresponding with each other's and remebering that night,

E- is for every body should make love and just not have sex. I know two people who don' hve sex, they make love. if you love me then show me. Don't abuse your privilage at loving me. Don't abuse me. Do not tell me that you love me, then turn around and abuse me. Caue that's not love. So just think about the word love, before you tell it to some one.
Maria Todd

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What is sex
Sex is what makes u
what you r
sex can hurt
makes u happy
sex can effect ur
sex can destroy u
LIFE! ! ! ! !
Sex can KILL
Lil' Mick3y

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Love Making

Is there a distinction between having sex and making love? I try to understand as I sit rocking my seat and appreciating nature on a sunny afternoon to ponder over experiences.
The latter comes with immense pleasure, comfort, commitment and security. The latter creates joy and increases intimacy between partners. The later shows the respect partners have for each other.
Anyone can have sex but not all can make love. We make love to those we sincerely care for and take at heart but can have sex without necessarily having feelings. Making love is beautiful and it is the physical expression of the love partners have harnessed for each other. Most often it makes couples feel bonded that they are in separable. The interesting nature about making love is about the connections, which sometimes sparks without prior preparation.
It allows their pain to be forgotten and unwanted quarrels let gone by embroidering smiles on the faces of the participants. It comes with no regrets or a second thought but a free will to make it happen again under glamorous clouds of heart piercing cohesion. What makes it wonderful is the slow and smooth time it takes and the process is done with exceeding patience within a serene environ especially during cool breezes.
The intriguing nature, of making love, is when partners communicate as they trust each other. When making love, vows are reaffirmed and sweet words are being professed to each other. In love making you never fear to take the risk of being yourself and you are willing to broadcast to the world the felicity obtained in a classic definition of a perfect match. The sounds produced during the deep moments of thrusting say nothing but create a reassuring atmosphere of pleasure. Orgasm is reached faster and quickly with seemly hunger for more. Understanding between couples extends the pleasure much further beyond the usual limits. The lady yearns for more, and the man endeavors to bring his 'A' game on point. Naturally enthusiastic to impress the Queen of his heart and thrusts round after round. He discharges with confidence, since he run a marathon for an appreciable time and sprinted to place icing on the odoriferous cake of nature. Love making is perfectly enjoyed mostly by legal couples and sex is done by anyone. Love making is expensive and worthy while sex is cheap. I always thick love making to sex. So should you.
angel dzidula komla gbedemah

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The Creation And The Recreation

Desire across sex is sex.
The sexual desire is the peak.
The sexual pleasure is the strongest.
Sex is the trunk giving out branches:
Love, lust, interest, wit, awareness,
Curiosity, venture, poise, renown,
Sacrifice, empathy, recreation,
Without sex, one is purposeless.
We condemn sex, craving secretly..
Sex is creation and recreation.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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