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Poems On / About SEX  2/7/2016 8:58:06 AM
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Dyer Dawn

Beat filled mountains inchanted with, , Lustful freckled fairies with white breats outlined by; Leather wings whistlein golden sex songs.. Ruptured by tha never ending promised lie that comes with tha, , tiersum bronken Sun-Rise brings shakie blood itching pain... I awaite insomnas horizons vibriant crushed liquid colors: ; (Purple) , , (White) , , Gray and clear cocktail too clear hazed eyes and a glazed mind if, If only for a hour of magical moments............ (JEK)
seth kennedy

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carve an empty heart.wave a flag at emotion.throw something in the ocean.be bored.be overly torn in the sex game.know my name.my infinite power is called 'my hour'.throw flowers at brides and tell them to wave goodbye to any good times you could'a had.be all the bads.and when you add up your experience, and find no one takes you serious, go get more pierces, and try, internet poetry.just dont cuss.cause a big fuss.dont write of lust, if its hetrosexual, and vote for obama.throw up in jars, reap gas from cars, and hide the jars from your momma.
chris bowen, a.k.a to wit

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A Flurry of texts hot talk and sex charged environments can have adverse effect causing defects in the heart and soul lasting till you grow old regrets beget sadness that's an easy way of slipping into madness but i digress from the point of this there is none not a single reason for this a sickness so seductive never wanting to miss a second of each sweet kiss a love drunk bliss until words fly like imaginary fist's and heart's are pummeled
Isiah On a Corner in the Thundering Darkness

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Poems On / About SEX