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Best Poems About / On SEX
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Vatsyayana, Your Bhogavad

Vatsyayna, I see you lost in writing and revising Kamsuttra,
The sex manual,
A worldly Brahmin propagating and propounding bhogvad,
But see you yourself,
Revise you the theories of yours.

Is the world bhoga, for the consumption of pleasure,
Is the woman for bhoga,
Pleasure sensual and bodily,
Not as the mother, the sister or the daughter?

Vatsyayna, were you an ancient scholar
Or a bhogavadi,
A Brahmin brat gone berserk
Inspiring the menials with your pleasure-seeking theory?

Sex, sex, had you been mad after sex,
Mad in such a way that
You inspired the sculptors, makers and masons
To make the erotic sculptures
On the outer pillars of the temples.

The erotic sculptures in love-making madly,
In postures and poses luscious and lustrous,
Failing the blues and the nudes too,
Did you inspire the construction-work doers,
Masons and labourers in such a way?

I can see the poor women working as wage-earners,
Doing the construction work,
Ruining all their goodness,
Living and drinking with the masons and sculptors,
Leaving their families,
Turning into the bad women.

Do not see the women in that way,
As the sex master sees or the sex specialist,
Not like Acharya Rajneesh,
Propagating sambhoga to samadhi,
Sigmund Freud delving deep into the layers of consciousness
And D.H.Lawrence telling of intricate man-woman relationships,
But Vatsyayana, try to give respect to women,
In high respect and reverence.
Bijay Kant Dubey

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Our Time Together

Our time together.

I want to be the one who makes your toes curl;
By making you feel ‘Oh! ’ Girl.
By making you feel whole inside;
By asking you to bless my night;
With a touch of your delight.
Before you leave me again in the morning light.

I want my heart to speak for a while,
I want my love to make you smile,
I want my touch to drive you wild;
So I can confess my wanton lust, for your arousal.

My excuse to miss the party,
I can’t make it; I’m stuck in the bed with my lady.
You know I’d love to be there, but my lady is here.
So I’ll see you another time, but this is my time;
So get out of here.

Leave me be, let me rest in peace;
With my woman beside me, the rest comes easily.
Let me give you a hand with that;
Let me give you your release.

Such ecstasy; apparently.
I play along, wondering why she will have to leave
This time.
I’ll see you another time.
Goodbye, thanks for that;
Yeah, thank you too, for this end of this lie.

The following day should be completely different;
Oh it’s not; I see.
Did you really expect anything other than what you normally get?
Yey more sex. But no love.
This sex is so good, this sex blah, blah, blah!

Sex is nothing without feeling;
Sex is only amazing when it means something.
Sex is not all I need for satisfaction,
But there is no love made here;
Just something, something;

(C) 2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
AaI Harvey

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Sexual Dependecy

I see them everywhere in my head in the streets
Wondering what I can do differently for each of them in the sheets
The brunette over there has she ever been picked up and pressed up against the wall
Has she ever wanted it so much that her nails dug into his flesh as her name is what he’d call?
I think about what I can do for every woman differently
Her outer appearance maybe different but her inner workings tick accordingly
To what I want to make her do
To the sense of climactic relief I shall take her to
As for I am in love with being the dominate giver
I shall give it to her till we fight for me to be the receiver
I will do anything I need to please her
At times also letting her please me
But my pleasure comes from completing you sexually
Blond over there has she ever cumed so hard that the stimulation to her clitoris she could no longer endure
Her Back arced gripping the sheets moving backward to the head board from the pleasure I insure
Your body speaks to me from the moment that it crossed my eye all the way till the moment that I undressed you
I am here for love so get past me being a nympho my ultimate goal has been to complete you, sexually I need you
The red head not as firry as her hair, but as curious as the last there beside me she shuddered
With fright of this pleasurable unrecognizable sensational feeling smothered
Every encounter is the same sense of high as my first once again a virgin
This one particular encounter she happened to be Persian
I wondered what this delightful goddess will teach me
You may look at my sexual dependency negatively
As for I never call a women a slut, a whore nor as do I call her a tramp
For me our sex experience is like a Sexual Summer camp
A vacation our personal get away; with a lover or a friend I want to get to know you sexually or spiritually
I want to take your experience and connect it with my experience as we can now see this adventure positively
I am the type you can trust not to tell a soul as this shall be an innocent encounter which shall help us equally
Awkwardly sitting staring but daring to began the experience as once friend but now also sexual Explorers
Let me explore that body as I kiss from the back of your ear to the bone of your neck Joined with your Aura
I shall do what you need me to do as for together we shall enlighten each other
To eat you out or to fill you in like I was no other
Do not judge me because of my sexual Dependencies
As for I am happy with my tendencies
Sex in love
Is to love sex
And for my future one I shall have the utmost performance as for practice makes perfect
But as I am without that specific one I shall allow myself to venture and understand sex and its different aspects
As for sex is addicted to me
Not I addicted to sex
Christopher DesrochesSimon

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Let The Music Move You

Theses f***** up lyrics pour out of me
Telling past tales of love & lust
They could give a man a hard on
They say i am a freak some say i am unique
You say monster now lets see

Close your eyes & let the music move you
Don't be afraid it would all happened anyway
Man or girl all things aside, don't start to cry
Blood sex rock and roll
Blood sex rock and roll

I hear the drums of hell, they are like ecstacy
The make us dance together so sexually
Can't anyone else see
Whips and chains will never be the same

Close your eyes & let the music move you
Don't be afraid it would all happened anyway
Man or girl all things aside, don't start to cry
Blood sex rock and roll
Blood sex rock and roll

Don't it sound promising
So who is to blame
You know you like it anyway
You like it when I...

Close your eyes & let the music move you
Don't be afraid it would all happened anyway
Man or girl all things aside, don't start to cry
Blood sex rock and roll
Blood sex rock and roll

At the end of this song
My job should be done
Fresh and bone
Is all that should remain
Now lets start the game
Codykye Callaghan

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