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Poems On / About SEX  5/30/2016 5:15:08 PM
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Sex Life

Sex life- two types
One is in diseased material condition
Another is spiritual sex life.

One should know
The actual spiritual form of sex
And keep himself far away
From perverted material sex life.

It is fact
The whole material creation is
Moving under the principle of sex life
It is fact
Sex life is the focal point of all activities.

Sex life is real
Reality of sex life is
Experienced in the spiritual world.

And the material sex life is a
Perverted reflection of the original fact
The original fact is in the Absolute truth.

Absolute truth can not be impersonal
Absolute truth contains pure sex life.

O my dear You are the only person
To give me information on the actual
Spiritual form of sex
I know You are the original and
Pure sex psychologist.
gajanan mishra

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Song: A Much Traveled Road

Oh the folly I showed, when I unraveled the code,
on that much traveled road called love.
Where the marvels bestowed, be the gift or the goad,
on that hard graveled road called love.

A passionate endeavor, in fierce manic fervor,
releases the pressure with a dampening valve.
The moments we treasure, we live in full measure,
at one with the pleasure, of life's little salve.

Sex! Sex! There is no subtext.
The strands of our being are determined and fixed.
Sex! Sex! It's how nature selects:
expanding the gene pools and flooding the mix.

Oh the folly I showed, when I unraveled the code,
on that much traveled road called love.
For the journey was broken, by bouts of unspoken
instinct, resentments and bluff.

Oh the folly I showed, to unshoulder the load,
to snap and expose, the fragile bonds of our love.
To risk all for a stranger, to flirt wildly with danger;
to tilt at mad passion and the derangement's of love.

Sex! Sex! It's as one expects.
Storms of emotion, dead calm to the next.
Sex! Sex! We're doomed as ship-wrecks:
drifting warm ocean to the whirlpool's vortex.

A fool and his folly, will fire off in a volley,
his dull gun and cannon, just to get out alive.
In his raw funk and hurry, he explodes in a flurry,
of confusion and worry, he barely survives.

I say with some candor, not with self-propaganda,
a lover less able might take flight with the dove;
from intrigue and suspicion, the meek acts of contrition,
and the baffling condition, that we call love.

Sex! Sex! A carnal reflex.
The helix that wraps us, is doubled and coiled.
Sex! Sex! The usual suspects.
A defect that traps us, but troubles the world.

Sex! Sex! The elixir injects,
a hot rush of sunshine into drab brittle lives.
Sex! Sex! I feel it's effects.
The hushed sacred union of love and base drives.
David SmithWhite

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The Difference Between Love Without Sex And Sex Without Love

Sex without love is obviously
having sex with someone you dont
love. In fact, you probably have
sex with just about anyone. You
feel as if you have to do it.
You crave sex. Its all you
think about. When you are having
sex, you enjoy it but when you not
doing it, you just want to
rip out all of your hair. Every
where you go, you just gotta have
it. Sex is your life.

Love without sex is having a
relationship without sex. You
love this person to the fullest
but refuse to have sex with
them for some reason.But what
if yall never share yall love
for each other. What couple doesnt
have sex just for fun?
Mystery Question! But why
must we have a love without sex relationship?
Ah yes, another mystery question.

But through this all, there is another mystery
question that remains! ! ! ! !

Would you prefer a 'sex without love' relationship
a 'love without sex' relationship?

If we were to have a sex without love
relationship, would you just hit and quit me?
if we were to have a love without sex
relationship, could you even stand to be with me?

Yeah, i bet you cant answer those.

*aka* dat girl nickey
Nickey Mason

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Sex Is Life

The world has never called sex as sin
ask them how they came
about unless parents sexed
and how will the population move forward
and replace the dead without sex

those who are unable to marry
or those who cannot afford a woman
as a girl friend
or those who only sex
may call sex as sin

the worlds is a-changing openly
guys sex with guys to evade
gals sex with gals
and you brand them as lesbian
so how does it matter
they don't have to have babies

but then what else is the purpose of life
if men and women don't have sex

it relieves all tensions and avoids prostate cancers
women if they love they must help their masters
sex is the most joyous creation
God had given to all human
you introduced them as Adam and Eve
we all still believe...

Sex is the choicest gift
given by the unknown Creator
to all whom we call human and animal

we all love sex and must do
if we wish happiness too
me poet yeps poet

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