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Poems On / About SICK  10/22/2014 6:55:36 PM
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Going Against The Grain

I'm sick of all the lies,
that hypocrites use upon themselves.

I'm sick of those who create a guise,
hindering emotions in delve.

I'm sick of the world status,
and not making any alterations

I'm sick of being locked away in stratus,
where thoughts stir in libration.
Paul Hankewicz

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Nothing More to Smile

I'm sick of needing nothing more to smile
I'm sick of friends who just won't let me fall
I'm sick of sunshine without clouds
And rainbows ten times in every mile

I want a darkness that can hide me
I want the space to fall
I want to cry without the comfort
I want no answer when I call

I live in a hidden hell of money
With the pretense of perfection
A poor house can be broken
But I'm stuck living in a misted
dream of fake affection

Someone once said they'd kill to have my life
Well kill me and it's all yours
I'm sick of needing nothing more to smile
And rainbows ten times in every mile
Azul Noir

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Tiny Feelings 05

Tiny Feelings 05
(Dedicated to Poet Priyanka Bhowmick)

Sick moon upon head
Pale senior lady
Alone blue bed

Body- sick
Mind- sick
Society- sick

Depends on switch
Bliss less life

Tiny ant
March towards infinity
Silent event

Rolling black marble
Dark night crawling
Dynamic sorrow

Cheap or expensive- vital
Win-win economy
Profit loves exploitation

Cool senior night
Melody of silence
Unkind babyhood
Ashraful Musaddeq

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dont come at me with whining

he is a such an used to be
an used to be
so sick of him
calling me
calling me
bothering me about
this and that
well guess who is back
the other version of the jen
so go run and tell your friends

i can do without you
i can do without you
i can move on without you
moving on without you
sick of your stupid letter writing
your talking sounds like whining
i am so sick of listening
you should be number deleting
you should'nt have be creeping
so sick of your whining
its your fault youre complaining
about the way it its
just put the past behind you
and move on without me

finished with my love poem
the jen

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Poems On / About SICK