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Poems On / About SICK  9/18/2014 4:43:26 PM
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I am sick,
Sick of this pain,
Wishing my life will fade away,
Away to the nothingness I have become,
Always in and out of trouble,
Knowing how this hurts my dad,
Knowing that he is in pain,
Watching him cry,
It hurts me,
Watching him suffer,
Makes mee want to say how sorry I am,
I am sorry for all the things I have done to you,
I know my sorry's aren't good enough,
Yet I am willing to make it up to you,
I am sick,
Sick of this life,
Knowing how hard this must be to see my dad in pain,
How I wich I can take it all back.
Jennifer Rondeau

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sick smile

Sick is
Not a sick...
With smile of

Men and women...
With kill your sick...

With out smile...
you are good sick patient...!
otteri selvakumar

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dont come at me with whining

he is a such an used to be
an used to be
so sick of him
calling me
calling me
bothering me about
this and that
well guess who is back
the other version of the jen
so go run and tell your friends

i can do without you
i can do without you
i can move on without you
moving on without you
sick of your stupid letter writing
your talking sounds like whining
i am so sick of listening
you should be number deleting
you should'nt have be creeping
so sick of your whining
its your fault youre complaining
about the way it its
just put the past behind you
and move on without me

finished with my love poem
the jen

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He's So Sick

He's so sick to think that I'm the one who did something wrong
He's so sick to think that I'm the one who wouldn't leave him alone
He's so sick to think that he could actually think that I wanted him
All I could say is Yuck
How did I get stuck with a person who is so sick to think of me like that
All I can say is If only Jermaine just knew that much I know he would surely snap and cause a commotion
I'm so glad that this person will graduate and will finally be gone and leave me alone
Chelsea Houston

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Poems On / About SICK