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Poems On / About SICK  5/1/2016 1:12:31 AM
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Best Poems About / On SICK
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I'M Sick

I’m sick of always waiting for the breaks I never get,
I’m sick of being left behind and sleeping in my sweat,
I’m sick of making money when the ends are never met,
I’m sick of being sick of life I’m trapped inside a net,
I’m sick of having to be strong when I’m a nervous wreck,
I’m sick of working dead-end jobs that lack any respect,
I’m sick of waiting in a line where I am never next,
I’m sick of knowing that I’ll never truly be the best,
I’m sick of acting normal when I know that I’m a mess,
I’m sick of other people saying that I’m really blessed,
I’m sick of having all this pain I feel inside my chest,
I’m sick of being stressed, I’m feeling so depressed,

I’m reaching for a goal that very few are to obtain,
And no more strength is left in me because of all the pain,
I know that I have said that there is God inside the rain,
But where is God in moments when my bodies feeling drained,
And where is God in moments when a prayer won’t explain,
The fact that I was born a baby lacking half a brain,
The fact my hands and feet are tied together by these chains,
I can’t break free I need some help but all I get is blame,
I’m blamed for the mistakes I’ve made and it is such a shame,
I know that I’m a winner yet I’m losing to life’s game,
I’m losing my religion and all I do is entertain,
The other mindless people I swear this life is so mundane,

I’m always asking why,
I always say I try,
I’m looking to the sky,
Accept the pain and fly.
Nathan Streango

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I'm sick of the bullshit
The rumors and lies
The rot and decay
And the swarm of black flies
Sick of the people
Who wallow in waste
And tell their sweet lies
That leave a bad taste
Sick of the treachery
Betrayal, deceit
And the ones who keep score
Like they save a receit
Sick of the groups
And sick of the cliques
Sick of the guys
And sick of the chicks
Sick of the sickness
That claws at the soul
Of all of the people
The young and the old
Sick of the weakness
That most claim they own
When they have more strength
Than the ones who are all bone
Sick of the feeling
Of feeling so sick
And sick of the ones
Who play this sick trick
Anonymous Ghurl

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The Wasteland

Ugly aggressions can turn good lands Into ugly wastelands simply because there are Sick minds that believe only in waging aggressions Against pretty people in their lands anytime and anywhere, Missiles of mass destruction are targeting innocent people, Pretty mosques and churches, hospitals, pretty towers, flowers and Roses, poor animals, ........., .....are targeted Sick minds seek only destruction of everyone and everything Out of hatred and out of bigotry, That pretty land got turned into a wasteland Where everyone and everything got shut down, Broken houses, destroyed mosques, shattered windows of hospitals, Dead people, dead animals, fallen trees, ...., ...., A pretty land got turned into an unknown land of hopelessness By a criminal and and an ugly aggressions, Chaos and devastation are wide spread because The aggressors want everything leveled to earth, Graveyards are targeted on a daily basis, Schools especially UN'S schools are targeted, Ambulances and their crews are targeted, All pretty words are targeted, All pretty mosques and the whole qurans are targeted by An ugly aggression, Life has turned into lifeless, Love is not available because This aggression kills any opportunities to peace, Death is the only name that is hovering over Gaza, Everything turns into ruins by sick minds.... It's the wasteland of our modern time.... _____________________________________________________________________

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'I'M Sick Of This Life'

I'm sick livin a life of disappointments. All the commandments. My life seem to be a broken glass.I'm tryin very hard to put together the pieces of the broken glass. But i can't, the pieces evoke blood on my hand.There ar those tiny pieces that i can't find.Why? ....why? ..i ask why me? ..Must i be mean? ..sometimes i contemplate suicide.Becoz i hav no one 2 confide.I'm blazin with anger.That makes me wanna commit a murder.I'm sick of people tellin me whats right.Feels like i'm in a empty room with no light.Thinkin that life is bigger than me.Waitin for someone to call me. And tell that i'm wrong.But i have waited for too long.This life of indignation.That has no form of congregation.I can't take it any more.SORRY LORD 4 BREAKIN YOUR LAW, , , , BUT I'M SICK OF THIS LIFE
Bantu Ngcephe

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