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Poems On / About SILENCE  4/24/2015 7:21:13 PM
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Silence please!
Silence may be too old,
Silence may be too odd.

But silence gives life to the unpeaceful soul;
Silence may bee too loud,
Loud that you can even hear your heart beat fast.
Silence that can be a vast.

Don't ever let silence conquer the inner you!
Because the dark persona might eat you.
Lalaine Rebamonte

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Silence And Blackness

Silence and Blackness, tied together by death
Silence and Blackness, you see when you take your very last breath
Silence and Blackness, what is bound to be found when you die
Silence, Is not there when you’re gone and you’ve left your family there to cry
Silence and Blackness, It’s what I feel after I let out a sigh
Silence and Blackness, It’s what is found together when you meet Death
Silence and Death, Thats when you know you’re consumed by the blackness
Suffering and Pain is still there there nonetheless
Lets hope with life that god will bless
Silence, Suffering, Blackness, Death. All things that are present because my life is a mess
basil brewer

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A silence, like death prevails in me.
The hell approaches to swallow down me,
Waiting for death I sit in silence.
Silence, silence everywhere silence.
Silence today, is DARK & SOUNDLESS,
Once it was LOUD & ALARMING.
Everything's dark, nothing I can see,
Today the silence silences me.
The world is quiet, no one speaks.
No bird chirps & no rabbit seeks,
The shelter dark, the Burrow once it lived.
HEAVEN now is a word of past,
HELL's approaching the world too fast.
No human now lives in the world.
BEAST & only BEAST I can see,
The silence everywhere silences me.
Ashwini Dey

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Le Silence

Je trouve un chemin dans le silence,
Le silence c’est mon attention, ma réflexion dans l’écoute du son qui me guide vers ma destinée,
Dans le silence, dans l’espace et dans l’air, je trouve ma raison de vivre,
Je suis déterminé à vivre et à donner un sens à ma vie,
Le silence m’emporte vers la profondeur de la connaissance,
Le silence m’enveloppe du monde de découverte,
Grâce au silence, je trouve le terme convenable et les phrases correspondantes à mes écris,
Le silence me fait découvrir la liberté,
Dans le fossé du monde inconnu, j’approuve mon silence,
Car de lui, je soutire certaines vérités à la nature, à mon entourage,
De lui, je découvre beaucoup des choses,
Le silence, c’est ma force,
Le silence, c’est mon calme,
kafun lady

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