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Poems On / About SILENCE  5/23/2015 6:50:57 AM
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In Silence

We talk in silence
We speak in exchanging breath
We argue in silence
We battle with our stare

We think in silence
We travel in our mind
We promise in silence
We create the secret better

We sing in silence
We smile in radiant melody
We enjoy in silence
We move with our body

We share in silence
We stay in each other arms
We love in silence
We grow the hope of warmth

We hate in silence
We shake in every fiber being
We pray in silence
We enchant the words in heart

We long in silence
We drown in loneliness
We break in silence
We flow soundless tears

We walk in silence
We tell our story in footprint
We listen in silence
We could hear numerous voices
maria sudibyo

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The Sound Of Silence

the sound of silence is a scary thing that everyone eventually hears. its scary because it always occurs right after something bad happens. the sound of silence after a fight, after drugs, alchohol, death.. its every where. and maybe, just mayby, if you listen close enough, the sound of silence might find you.
Jazzy Thomson

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Silence Among Silence

So many tinz i want 2 thick, thousands thicker wont b enough.i had it all and i tried 2 become God, bt the sadness of the heaven wont let me.hw cn i rescue you, wen my silence is war 2 my silence.my head was full of many stories, when i was embracing my silence.i cried why it happen 2 the nearest of my heat.
Egbe Chris

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Their Silent Silence Anytime

If their silence is not working very well, then They have no choice, but To keep silent, Their silent silence is Is the only language that a tyrant Might understand anytime... Their silence might break any chains or Any hard rocks... ______________________________________________________________________

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Poems On / About SILENCE