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Poems On / About SILENCE  7/23/2016 6:02:47 PM
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Silence Echos

makes my heart break
Love, does not make

Was it all just a terrible mistake?
Was love just a game, just fake?

Leaves me heartbroken
Kills he feeling behind words unspoken

has is a shield you hide behind
Guards what's on your mind

Chills your heart's sound
Love cannot silently be found

has turned your dreams blind
is darkness in which you cannot find

Crushes the hopeful feelings that were kind
Of emptiness it did remind

Silence took all I sought to find
Silence was hurtful and unkind

Will kill love before it ripens on the vine
Love will go silently
But it's lonely hurt will echo for all time

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A Silent Te Deum

We thank Thee, Lord,
For all Thy Golden Silences,-
For every Sabbath from the world's turmoil;
For every respite from the stress of life;-
Silence of moorlands rolling to the skies,
Heath-purpled, bracken-clad, aflame with gorse;
Silence of grey tors crouching in the mist;
Silence of deep woods' mystic cloistered calm;
Silence of wide seas basking in the sun;
Silence of white peaks soaring to the blue;
Silence of dawnings, when, their matins sung,
The little birds do fall asleep again;
For the deep silence of high golden noons;
Silence of gloamings and the setting sun;
Silence of moonlit nights and patterned glades;
Silence of stars, magnificently still,
Yet ever chanting their Creator's skill;
For that high silence of Thine Open House,
Dim-branching roof and lofty-pillared aisle,
Where burdened hearts find rest in Thee awhile;
Silence of friendship, telling more than words;
Silence of hearts, close-knitting heart to heart
Silence of joys too wonderful for words;
Silence of sorrows, when Thou drawest near;
Silence of soul, wherein we come to Thee,
And find ourselves in Thine Immensity;
For that great silence where Thou dwell'st alone-
- Father, Spirit, Son, in One,
Keeping watch above Thine Own,-
Deep unto deep, within us sound sweet chords
Of praise beyond the reach of human words;
In our souls' silence, feeling only Thee,-
We thank Thee, thank Thee,
Thank Thee, Lord!
William Arthur Dunkerley

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The Sound Of Silence

the sound of silence is a scary thing that everyone eventually hears. its scary because it always occurs right after something bad happens. the sound of silence after a fight, after drugs, alchohol, death.. its every where. and maybe, just mayby, if you listen close enough, the sound of silence might find you.
Jazzy Thomson

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Silence Among Silence

So many tinz i want 2 thick, thousands thicker wont b enough.i had it all and i tried 2 become God, bt the sadness of the heaven wont let me.hw cn i rescue you, wen my silence is war 2 my silence.my head was full of many stories, when i was embracing my silence.i cried why it happen 2 the nearest of my heat.
Egbe Chris

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Poems On / About SILENCE