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Poems On / About SILENCE  7/2/2015 7:32:41 AM
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Best Poems About / On SILENCE
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This Ugly Silence

This ugly silence that hovers Over our current world is bad And unacceptable anytime and And anywhere because it leads The whole pretty words to commit Suicide without any scare or Without any moral obligation, This ugly silence kills our Inner feelings and our external Appearances in our time for ever, Love melts into drops of nonsense Because it becomes shallow and Meaningless with all pretty lovers, Dreams turn into ongoing nightmares By days and by nights for ever, Silence is an ugly killer that Stabs all our feelings and our Emotions when we don't care about Other people and their permanent Sufferings in life, so we're tied To our fears and we're chained By our circumstances anytime, Anywhere and everywhere for ever And ever in this world in which we live.

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Language Of Silence

a brief pause in a raging fury
a calmness of steel in euphoric glory
amidst the passing of gigantic ocean
in revoking the almighty in full devotion

a grimace of a mask to hide the pain within
a quiet confidence after a tough win
in the gentle fire and devouring flame
in the glory and recall of lovely name

in a catsatrophe over mindless disaster
in the journey to salvation and life thereafter
in the anthem of nations pride and challenge reckoning
post the cacaphony after pangs of soul awakening.
Nitin Suresh

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Mistaken Illusion

I have found myself intoxicated by a thought, Swerving to the left n right trying to sought the reason of why I was brought, Only to find myself caught by a mistaken illusion.

In my mind it causes so much confusion, invading my thoughts in every angle, call it mental intrusion. I find myself in a pool of questions stirring up frustrations, Elevating tensions of why am I alive. As I hold my breath and take a dive, I’m pounded by more and more questions causing my spine to suffer from osteoporosis, suffocating 4rm al the wrong and right choices that diagnosed me with curiosity and now I’m driven by animosity, To unveil the truth behind all this controversy of where do i come from? Why do i exist? Why can’t i resist al these questions that exist, As I fight head on with this mistaken illusion, I find myself buried in more confusion Of why I’m entrapped by a mistaken illusion. As I ponder more and more on this thought my mind is sent on to a different dimension, a silenced section, A place were words aint used, actions are abused n silent sounds introduced. I hear the silence speaking to my soul, asking me why am I so cold? Is it coz i have never learnt how to be silent? Always bin violent through my thoughts n words, Never took the time to b quiet, so in silence I became a prisoner, a listener to nothing. In a split second my mind turned blank, My ignorance sank n the chapter of silence in my life turned blank as I felt a hand touch my shoulder, I saw the lord intervene on my behalf.as I felt the favour that was upon Daniel fall on me…. I felt my spirit elevate from down under n sensed a wonder, right before my eyes I saw God n he saw me…….his spirit oozes inside of my being, Triggering unknown vibrations flowing through my body, I felt his connection as he answered al my questions, Producing solutions, Clearing al the confusion produced by this mistaken illusion.
Ishmael Andrews

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Silence tip toe its ways all around us
Record acts when we think; no one is there
Hiding in dark shadows from visual sight
And can not be seen; anywhere
Basements, storerooms and under staircases
Silence lurk small chambers and large halls
Roaming high above and below things;
Within and between spaces of walls
Silent listening; never to respond back
To statements spoke out loud
Silence hears without a comment: everything
Ear capture the existence raw awe
Silence has in statements no utterance
Still retain knowledge and realities of all
One can assume silence is not watching
But its information it will not share
Silence hold a fortune in actualities
Because in silence all matters are known
Silence does not ask a question
In silence fact is nothing to be said at all
One might think to themselves
Or hold independent free thoughts
Rattle views or suggestions of ideals in head
Silence reality is over all substance fact
Silence cover regions man can not explore
Silence cell judgment is final
Tight lips abuse; cause suckers to bleed
Silence fortress has to be broken
To end the torment and set victims free
Matter closed: nothing else to be said
Not right to pass onto others
Divine and righteous responsibilities
Silence reality having no language
Convey intents through the eyes
Silence touch ones inner soul
Tingling the strings of the mind
There is no echo in silence fact
No hush, thump or sound
Alexander Coppedge

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