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Poems On / About SILENCE  4/27/2015 5:28:04 AM
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In Silence

I dream of you, think of you, love you
in silence. The amalgamated showers
of love and desire dripping from the lips
of morning to kiss the leaves and flowers.

I touch you, caress you, embrace you
in silence. The walls of my mind
draped in dreamy musings of ponder.
Love is the heart's hope confined.

I come to you across the partition of time
in silence. The stillness is the fear
which makes my heart stop beating; and
I wonder: do you want me here?

I hold my breath, waiting and searching
in silence, for some sign across the skies;
and I wonder if I could see one better
if I could look deep into your eyes?

I wing my way through the days of my life
in silence and write daily in my scroll.
I rest my wings in the waters of paradise
to cool the fever which burns my soul.

I am - I live - I am an eternal summer
of silence. A million flowers blossom here
within the garden of love; and the zephyrs
gently touch the sweetness of my tear.

I am the silence of the silence in the silence,
which ever silently thinks on you.
I am the silence of the silence in the silence,
the sweet tear-drops of affection's dew.
Linda Marie Van Tassell

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The Silence..

Silence Is something the something great,
This silence Is an Innocent might be speechless..
But this silence know how to whisper..
It's whispering something that there Is greater than the great..
Silence Is trying to express that It is creating it's feelings
and so a people like us will hear them....
Zaarah Jasmin

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Em 3

about you
what shall i say about you?

ah, i prefer my

this is my cure about
yes, my silence

it shall speak about
you my silence

my very own silence
to speak about your
long silence

now we are at peace
in our silence

both shall speak about
us yes our silence

our marital silence in
the silence of our bed

the root of all our
troubles freud say is in

the silence of our beds
two beds now

four meters apart
speaking in silence

the silence of the house
and the chairs

and the staircases
and the carpets and

the ticks and the
empty glasses or those

cold coffee and
frozen butter.

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Violence feeds off silence.
Silence lives in you.
Silence lives in violence.
Violence feeds off you.

No more silence!
No more fuel!
Snake Blocker

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Poems On / About SILENCE