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Best Poems About / On SILENCE
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a Poem Of Silence

Silence is a beautiful thing.
no other sound is as great as silence.

Silence is the sound of nothing,
but it is still a sound.
even if a sound is great and amazing,
nothing can top the blissfulness of silence.

not the sound of wind on grass,
not the sound of laughter,
nothing is as beautiful as silence.

silence is a sound, but it is so much
better than any other sound.
What created such a far-off winner?

I love silence, silence is the best.
Never there will be a time that there
will be
a greater sound
than silence.
Llew N. Rmail

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Break the Silence....

Oh! Dear women
All over the world
Speaking the language of silence
Break it, Let the world recognize
You, the women all over the world

Break the silence
Fastened your mind
Let it pronounce the autonomy
Of your heart, of your will
Aloud, agile and ablaze

Break the silence
To let you feel
You are still alive bevy
Crack the crotchet which smash your life
and Join hands to procure rights

Break the silence
To liberate self and
Reject those…
Feathering acclaims
Spot those lurking witty wolf
To ingratiate until death

Break the silence
You had been
Promoting from
From the womb
Let us not carry it along
Till the tomb
As if a shroud

Break the silence
Abandon abeyance
Lest you will be questioned
Not only by your self
But by your dear beat

Dear, Break...
Break the silence......

Let they not inherit our
Mute, muss, musty silence
Let us not see them crown
Sterile, dumb, stolid silence

Sandhya S.N

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Such, Silence Was Spiritual..

Such, silence was spiritual
Spirituality was so silent
Seated amidst 'Supremacy'
Highly high above me
Like a lotus above mire
Mind and soul somewhere apart
Eyes and ears all elsewhere...

My big-eyed gaze gazing..
His semi shut eyes tranced
Engrossed wholly of the limitless
Floating upon beyond earth's spheres
A great discovery he 's rejoicing..
Here, what am I, a tiny bit trivial
Drowned ever in tearful unsolved enigma...

So such, wonderment raised my soul
In inqusition to follow his march
A march towards the summit of silence
Upon the mounts and dawns of silence
Along the streams of silence
Along the scented florescence of silence
Along the immortal bliss of silence..

Could only be a watcher me silent
Watching my soul marching spiritful
On and on steady until someone nudged me..
Interrupted was me alone, not his vigil
For he was the Buddha teaching in silence
Succor and solace in huge silence
Such, silence was spiritual..

An experience at a buddhist monastery
Indira Renganathan

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The Melancholic Silence

It's night - darkest than ever
reigned by silence - a dreadful silence
Extending till the far horizon...
is the silence forecasting the impending calamity
That's going to befall upon the entire humanity?
Is the silence forecasting the eternal despair
As we are heading towards a murky future?
For the world's changed...
Changed are its views...
Regarding Love, kindness and all human values...
In return of love. one receives hatred...
The innocent & the weak are the ones to be exploited.
It's night... reigned by silence- a dreadful silence
It's not the peace giving silence
That inspires the poets and sages
This silence seems to take vengeance
From the selfish mortals
The silence is strange- full of agony
Is it an alarm of our fearful destiny?
Monalisa Biswas

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