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Poems On / About SILENCE  11/22/2014 7:54:55 PM
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Sounds of Silence

Just because people can't hear don't mean there is no sound.
In the sounds of silence a kiss sounds like a love
In the sounds of silence laughter sounds like joy.
In the sounds of silence tears sound like sadness.
In the sounds of silence calling some one dumb just because they are deaf;
sounds like prejudice. See all the things we the hearing just see as words are really sounds of silence.
Lore Me34

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Silence Dream

In the depth of a dark and intimidating valley
In your silence dream
With mouths remained open
Against the silence
You see her
Flying up toward you
From the depth of deviancy degradation
Crawling toward you
In the silence
You see her bloody yellow teeth
Hollowing the empty air
Cutting the air aimlessly
And you screaming silently in your silence dream
And she laughing at you loudly in your silence dream
And swallowing you to the depth of that intimidating valley
nader baheri

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Your Silence

It was your silence that seduced me,
the silence of your gestures and your smiles,
the silence of your wide eyes and parted lips
gazing at me.
And in the silence where beauty once concealed
could no longer be heard,
the silence of your words
caused me to go astray.
Bill Kamen

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Last time we met
I spoke my heart out
I laid my soul bare
My eyes searching
My ears intent to hear
I knew icould swear
I asked for nothing more
Only, faith for faith
Loyalty fof loyalty
And respect for respect
But i could only perceive silence
I thought sound can wound
But silence can be peircing
Silence can be excruciating
Silence can hound
Wounds do heal with time
But the scars remain
The pain is gone
But the numbness still bothers
And the silence still prevails
maitreyee joshi

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Poems On / About SILENCE