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Poems On / About SILENCE  5/4/2016 1:06:06 AM
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The Melancholic Silence

It's night - darkest than ever
reigned by silence - a dreadful silence
Extending till the far horizon...
is the silence forecasting the impending calamity
That's going to befall upon the entire humanity?
Is the silence forecasting the eternal despair
As we are heading towards a murky future?
For the world's changed...
Changed are its views...
Regarding Love, kindness and all human values...
In return of love. one receives hatred...
The innocent & the weak are the ones to be exploited.
It's night... reigned by silence- a dreadful silence
It's not the peace giving silence
That inspires the poets and sages
This silence seems to take vengeance
From the selfish mortals
The silence is strange- full of agony
Is it an alarm of our fearful destiny?
Monalisa Biswas

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Living in the dark, alone and broken
the space filled up my emptiness
where is the sun to give me some light?
I'm tired of being alone and get some life

I'm living in a world of silence
i kept all the things in my head
I'm living in a world of silence
nothing to share and nothing to say

Silence is a weapon that i carry
i used it when I'm feeling disturbed, mad and angry
Silence took me away from trouble
but silence also pull me down under

Silence used to make me feel better
but now I want to break it with this letter
hope to release my mind and set myself free
no more silence but staying alive and happy
d4rk0y sugbuanon

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A Poem Of Silence

Silence is a beautiful thing.
no other sound is as great as silence.

Silence is the sound of nothing,
but it is still a sound.
even if a sound is great and amazing,
nothing can top the blissfulness of silence.

not the sound of wind on grass,
not the sound of laughter,
nothing is as beautiful as silence.

silence is a sound, but it is so much
better than any other sound.
What created such a far-off winner?

I love silence, silence is the best.
Never there will be a time that there
will be
a greater sound
than silence.
Llew N. Rmail

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It is in silence that makes wonderful thoughts
It is close related to solitude I feel
Man an intelligent and thoughtful creation
Have the courage for silence for long time
It helps for intuition and deep concentration
One can attain wonders in thoughts and actions
The saints have shown the path of silence
The effect of solitude and silence changed them
They made wonderful thoughts into books
That makes thoughts of human being in perfection
I respect silence in its spirit and order
In all ceremonies that warrants the silence
Silence is beautiful and makes the mind happier
I think we have to learn and experience the silence
In its correct way of silence we have to maintain
This world more beautiful and livable
Unnecessary sounds and its wrong vibrations
Makes the world difficult to live.

Makes t
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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