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Poems On / About SILENCE  7/23/2016 4:09:33 PM
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Best Poems About / On SILENCE
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In The Silence Of The Night

In the silence of the night
My heart returns to you.
In the silence of the night
My mind wanders.
In the silence of the night
I think of what you said.
In the silence of the night
My arms reach out for you.
In the silence of the night
I cannot find you.
In the silence of the night
I miss you.
In the silence of the night
You said you would return.
Megan Frame

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Silence Is Loud

The pain I feel in my heart is loud
Your once tasteful kisses are silence
The repetitive affairs you have are loud
Holding your hand when we walked is silence
Your naive verbal paroxysms are loud
Gentle ado we gave each other is silence
Your parents disapproval of us is loud
When I first say you is silence
The way you broke my heart is loud
The role i played as your guardian angel is silence
All the lies you told me are loud
Our last kiss is silence
The way we ended the relationship is loud
The good moments we shared is silence
Tahj Davis

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In The Silence Of My Mind

In the silence of my mind my perception is my reality
So life can be whatever I desire it to be
In the silence of my mind when fright fills my eyes with tears
I can search my soul to see if they are any reasons for my fears
In the silence of my mind I’m protected from the dangers of sin
And sheltered from the storm of trials and its thunderous winds
In the silence of my mind I’m relieved from pain
And even in the valleys of my situation I can smile without shame
In the silence of my mind my predestined path is revealed
And my short-comings and scars are forgiven and healed
In the silence of my mind there’s restitution
And the tolerance that encourages perfection
So when depressed and there is no help of any kind
Don’t stress, just retreat to the silence of your mind.
Astell Collins

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A Seemingly Elusive Depth

Hush! ,
Can you hear it?
Be still, can you hear, the music of the Silence?
The awesomeness, the clarity, of the Eternal Silence?
Takes just a moment to calm the self and be sure, the golden Present is attending.

A seemingly elusive depth of unconditional Love. An inexplicable compassion that announces itself - before it arrives. It is an inexpressible thing; one many have built religions around for eons.

Pages written by some who have claimed to have union with It are innumerable, mountains couldn’t even compare to these tombs of literacy about that single unnamable, Silence.

Wars have been dueled over the name of It, many have been tortured in the name of It. Yet It has remained with us. It gave life to us, fed us, and brought us up to this moment, all in silence. Not a speechless or soundless silence, but an indescribable Silence that communicates in infinite ways.

A discreet Power, calling to us from within a distant place, a place within. With a silentiary, and refreshing meaning as if it were offering some heavenly nourishment. The experience It shares is eloquent and offering more variations of life than we even can imagine. We learn to continue our quest, though it is arduous and desperate at times.

Speechless words, soundless text, reaching out to us as we reach within. To find what we have always been and seek to be. The attitude of the Silence is offering the soul a path to Mystery, the unchangeable Present; opening Itself, to show us how to open to It.
Bullion Grey

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