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Best Poems About / On SILENCE
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Nothing But A Shadow

Here we are walking
yet not talking
silence silence

we've grown apart
yet here we are
walking, but not talking

we are together
yet far apart
silence silence

I watch our shadows
with a sour look
slipping farther apart

This cannot be
what happened to you and me
silence silence

What happened over the summer
you found a job
and we stopped seeing eachother

I wish our shadows would be close again
like when you and me were best friends
silence silence
C.M. Benny

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My Silence

My silence was the silence, silence of rocks,
My silence, it was the silence of the stones,
Rocks and stones,
Rocks, stones and trees;
Of the landscapes
Full of ups and downs.

I had not been silent,
All silent,
They made me, turned me to
And went I silent,
Silencing myself.

My silence was the silence
Forced to take on,
My silence was the silence
Of elegies and obituaries
And I had been busy writing with them
And I confided in.

After the all commotion,
Ruffle and rustle,
Saw I silence,
All quiet and silently
Prevailing upon.

I had been silent,
Silent for them,
My words snatched
And made silent
And I found myself dumbfounded and awe-struck.

Breaking my silence,
I want to say,
All about my experiences and feelings
Before I go away,
Go away from here.

I do not know it
Why did I like it,
Why did I dislike,
Silence was all that I needed
And it silenced me too?

Bijay Kant Dubey

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Silence, loneliness, she hated it the most.
When ever it happen memories, flaws everything came running back.
Its like the silence was taunting her as she laid in bed trying to sleep.

The silence and the loneliness didn't want her to sleep no, they wanted to make her into the depression clump she really is, show her she isn't as okay as she thinks she is..
but she already knew she was never okay to begin with.

She tries so hard to cover it up by doing things, being busy.
Whether with friends or on the computer,

But in the silence of the night the loneliness comes and then everything after that and she cries some times, most times, that side that she swore she'd never show anyone, anything, because it makes her look weak..
she showed that side to the silence and the loneliness and has never looked back.
autumn hodges

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My Silence Is Pregnant With Meaning

My silence is pregnant with meaning,
Replete with dreams and yearning,
Dreams nipped in the bud,
Desires ruthlessly rubbed in the mud,
Like roses shriveled by the merciless weeds,
Of pressure, control and repression,
My silence is pregnant with meaning,
Some say silence is nonsensicality, imbecility,
Features fault, failure, and fragility,
Silence of citizens, silence of slaves, silence of students,
Silence of mass, silence of soldiers, silence of sisters,
Indicative of ideological indoctrination and marginalization,
Emblem of powerlessness, racism and segregation,
They have ordered us for ages:
Silence, put a sock in it, zippppppppppppppppppppppp,
My silence is pregnant with meaning,
Women, minorities, untouchables, intellectuals,
Liberals, gays, lesbians, black,
Have no access to powerful dominant discourse,
Lips, sealed by the strings of dogma and prejudice,
Glued tightly by illogicality, and irrationality,
Cemented to mottoes of obedience, and servitude,
I agree,
But I have my own agenda:
Silence is expressing the inexpressible,
Express yourself, express yourself, express yourself,
Shout the rage and vigor within,
Scream the fury and passion, at the top of your voice,
Like a trumpet in a perfect jazz concert,
Your voice is the music, the rhythm,
I am slave to your rhythm,
I dance to the music you play,
Your blood is boiling, your nerves are exploding,
Your talent is burgeoning, your mind is unfolding,
Your voice is the stairway to happiness and prosperity,
Emit the long suffocated voice of equality, justice and liberty,
My silence is pregnant with meaning,
Open the blood-red fiery lips,
Open the crimson, wine-colored burning lips,
Open the feverish, spicy strong lips,
To mend the broken hearts, heal the open wounds,
Of lost loves, fake feelings, cries, and sorrows,
My silence is pregnant with meaning…
Ali Rahimi

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