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Poems On / About SILENCE  9/21/2014 1:02:43 AM
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Silence Perceiving

If silence were a canvass,
the emptiness it holds is the impression,
The voices on the universe,
is the artist's hands removing it's innocence.

I am the passer-by,
she is the stranger's eye.
I adore the beauty of it's impression,
looking through her eyes of isolation.

If silence were a canvass,
If were an eye of a stranger's,
If the world is the place,
let silence be the painter.

In silence,
In silence.
Krispian Vilipi

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Judas and the King

SINGING in silence, judas and the king,
judas is about to hang himself, and the
king, walking away.
SINGING in silence, penetrating the dark,
scratching the excavations, for some lost
art, only to find dirt and more dirt.
SINGING silence, jesus and his friends,
theres wine at this banquet, and bread
and more bread.
SINGING in silence,
singing in silence,
as they watch the king die on that
david gerardino

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Death stroke of a moment
Or keeper of a memory
Mourner of a regret
Or peaceful contentment
Holding for an eternity
Passed within a single breath
For whatever its reason
Kept in precision
The imperfect honesty
Of what remains unsaid
That never heard
Meaning so much
Yet so little
Echoes endless
Matthew Holloway

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First there was the word
the universe reverberated
deluge destroyed all
absolute silence every where....

eloquent, effecient, everlasting
amidst disturbing
dynamics of diabolic designs
serene environ seeks most,
confused brethren desire most,
focused workers long for...

Either way you stand
sparkles, stirs, stimulates...
silver lining on a dark cloud
long tunnel no longer scary,
deep sea no more noisy!
Sony Dalia

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Poems On / About SILENCE