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Poems On / About SILENCE  5/6/2016 8:07:18 AM
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Smiles and laughter long gone
Whispers of sweet nothings lost
Beauty of past fades from memory
Silence, silence is all that remains

My ears don't hear her laughter
Or her sweet soothing words
Once best friends with a secret cove
Now two strangers nothing more

Silence, silence
Drives me crazy, my heart yearns
For the touch that's lost
laboured breath, stinging eyes and
Silence, silence are all that remain

Heavens open and its wonders laid bare
Earth give up its finest wares
People laugh and birds sing
But without her eyes and ears, for me
Silence, silence is all that remains
jacob mathews

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A Little Silence

In you
A little silence,

In me
A little silence,

In us both
A little silence;

That sometimes
Bursts into a noise,

That silence out

In both of our lives.
Peter S. Quinn

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i can not stand the silence,
its eating me in side,

i can not stand this silence,
its so unbearable at times

i can not stand this silence,
all i can do is cry

ican not stand this silence,
its killing me inside

i want to say i love you,
but this silence is so loud
koocoo songbird

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Silence is my worst fear,
For in silence i think about everything.
The deep, hidden desires,
And all the stupid mistakes.
Horrible memories of pain and betrayal,
along with all those that i've lost.
Silence brings out the worst in me,
The hidden me.
In silence, everyone could see me,
The real me.
Silence is my worst fear.
Shay Mitchell

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Poems On / About SILENCE