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Poems On / About SILENCE  7/23/2014 1:00:12 AM
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Silent is the best

Silence is the best
Silence is the best language
Silence is the best weapons
Silence is the best shield
Love silently
And love is the best silence
Fearlessly love
Love and love
Love is only your ladder
To reach me my dear
Silently proceed towards me
With truth with humility
I am in silent I am in love.
gajanan mishra

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Setting a love poem aside for a while

I set aside a love poem for
a moment
let us all pause in silence
in prayer
for the lamentations of

i gaze in silence for the
the destruction of Baclayon,
the sinking of the bridge,
those tilted houses built
from the savings of the years,
the screams of those who
were shaken
for those who ran away for
safety and found none

i offer my silence for those
who died
and for those who are still
i lay my silence to the cracks
of the earth

my silence for the children and mothers
whose screams
sank, faded, and

now cannot be
heard anymore.

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*In Silence

You left the lines blank for me love
And again you ask why wrote my plaint
When you are in front of me I am lost
In the beauty of your hair your lips
In the gazelle eyes and the music
From the tongue that licks honey
When I open my mouth for my words
You place your finger on your lips
Enter the silence of my love else
I leave you in the oblivions vast

Like a flute from the reed in silence
Wail I long as separated from beloved
You make my silence in colors float
When in the bloom of spring I enter
The garden where nightingale sings
In silence sitting by the rose
In silence my love I live in thou
Sadiqullah Khan

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I need silence
a rest for my soul

Give me the silence
It's all I need
a silent cry
a silent tears.

Let me feel
the warm embrace
as the waves reach
my feet
As I look up in heaven above
a silence.

Let me cry out my heart
with out voice comes out
let those unspoken words be revealed
and may this broken heart be healed...
mercy ferriols

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Poems On / About SILENCE