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Best Poems About / On SILENCE
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The stillness of the floral profusion,
in the land of imagination.
The coolness of the holy moonlight.
The silent twinkling of the cosmic stars.
The silence in the glen of greenery.
The silence in the heavenly fragrance,
filling the whole ambience,
emanating from the happy flowers in spring.
The silence that spreads,
when the courageous buds shoot up
to romance with the glen of greenery,
from their buried rot stocks,
destroying all slumber.
The silence in the divinity.
The silence of the infinity.
The silence of the brick red horizon at dusk,
predicts beauty being beautified by silence,
speaking the versatility of silence,
in the ever changing world.
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Kar

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Whispers In Sounds

Only the eyes that see through a thousand distance can understand.
Only the ice of the antarctic could reveal the mystery of the sand.
Only the creations of the beauty aquatics could tell the story of the waters.
But who could tell the mystery behind the sun?
Man...Rows of shell, crest of the ark, blues and blues of enshrined complexity.
Sparks and flashes of wave-like sounds, streaming like the flush of the stream of purity.
Flies and mushrooms, sighs and whispers of silence.
Man, with support from the eternal, campus the band of the material.
Silence, silence cried, just silence, silence whispers.
Mike Ebogha

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Words Of Love

Every time I saw you, I wanted to talk to you… ?
But I couldn't because whenever I saw your eyes, I forgot my words… ?
I tried to express my love through my silence but you never understood my silence... ?
You remained silent instead, I thought you are expressing your love through your silence just like me...?
Years passed, I understood your silence is meant for him and not for me... </3
When I saw you, I didnt remain silent this time I cried instead...
And this is going to be no use…
Because when you didnt understand the language of love called silence
You wouldnt understand the words of love called tears...?
krishna kumar

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Unfathomable Silence

It's been a matter of unwanted grandness, when a primitive childhood adage - ‘Silence is golden',
Gradually tarnishes the gold and contradictorily iterates some thoughts, no less than a burden,
Exposing strange decibels of silence, pretty unbearable and inscrutable,
Perhaps making it the most heinous, thus becoming highly unfathomable …

For, empty-night-pondering with a coffee at the balcony, provides the day's frustration - a perfect bury,
But the crickets tuned to the silence of these nights, always reveal a different story,
Music might contribute to a perfect day's end, almost making the concept of tiredness quite obsolete,
But the heart hears a strange silence, whose priorities change with every rise and fall of the beat,

A novel might be a firm reason for a temporary drift of oneself, into a silent world of its own,
But some similar incidences, related to self mentioned there, are enough to pull back the frown,
A photo-album slideshow might be the best movie to watch, worth Oscars of our memories,
But the realisations of today's indifferences & silences are enough to curse the then-being like camaraderie's...

Life might be on track, wearing the clothes of professionalism and speaking just monetary,
But it is incapable of bribing the hindering silence, with its power, even temporarily.

Aimless it is, to express something so abstract in the context of silence and highlight such negativities,
But sometimes the conglomeration of silence becomes so heavy and unfathomable, that such a type of dissipation tops the list of priorities …
Kairav Shah

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