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Poems On / About SILENCE  11/30/2015 5:36:20 AM
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Really Very Tormenting

Suddenly, a silence has occurred in my life
I feel sad, really very sad.
A dark silence is now prevailing in the surroundings
So tormenting is this silence for my soul.
My soul, has so often tried to open my heart to the feelings of joy
However, silence is the only thing which is to be for me.
The night of silence is making me feel so lonely, is this loneliness a true emotion?
I am starting to believe it is and so I am really starting to feel depressed
Depressed in my soul as this feeling is really very tormenting.
Rohit Sapra

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Completely Silent

Completion of silence is in my mood
Since silence has captured my life.
My life has been captured, by silence and its mood
Which scares me, as it makes me shiver, with its strange behaviour
Which is completely silent in mood and life.
Strange becomes the ways when you just cannot understand anything
It starts to confuse, especially when silence is around.
Then it hurts to know that nobody understands you or even cares
As then the feeling of being left alone just kills
Kills, the very essence of existing in this world
Now, completion of silence is.
Rohit Sapra

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Silence in the morning when muted shadows
Move and melt in the noiseless velvet of undawned day
I trace the distant dim horizon, seeking for sun
Gathering strength from the promise of light

Silence at noon, so rare, rare, when the still heat
Presses down on the prairie world around me
I move through rustling stalks and listen to the wind
Speaking its great empty silence

Silence in the evening when scalloped curved clouds
Tumble and wisp about at the touch of sun
I drink in the stillness, the grace of unmarred quiet
Silence of the dying of another day

Silence in the moonlight when beauty's anguish
Sobs for words that cannot come and I soak in
The painful healing loneliness; gazing at he night sky
With God, bathing in the silence; silence
Lori Hershberger

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Silence, loneliness, she hated it the most.
When ever it happen memories, flaws everything came running back.
Its like the silence was taunting her as she laid in bed trying to sleep.

The silence and the loneliness didn't want her to sleep no, they wanted to make her into the depression clump she really is, show her she isn't as okay as she thinks she is..
but she already knew she was never okay to begin with.

She tries so hard to cover it up by doing things, being busy.
Whether with friends or on the computer,

But in the silence of the night the loneliness comes and then everything after that and she cries some times, most times, that side that she swore she'd never show anyone, anything, because it makes her look weak..
she showed that side to the silence and the loneliness and has never looked back.
autumn hodges

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