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Poems On / About SILENCE  9/2/2014 6:32:14 AM
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You once broke the silence,
Silence that I found comforting,
But now you vanished with the gust of silence,
leaving me shattered and broken,
This new silence,
the cracking of my heart, deep in the core,
Desiring to be embrace,
Its killing me,
The cringing of your voice,
is somehow trapped at the edge of my mind,
I moan in whisper,
bearing the pain,
What your sorrow eyes could see is,
A smile of laughter, spread down my face,
wearing a mask to conceal my tears,
As the sun arise,
I woke with this fear,
fear of living back in silence.
rashel caunter

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Alone with Silence

I walk alone away from the crowd
Often lost in my thoughts
Often lost in my silence
I want to curl up, curl up again,
Curl up till I am lost within
Invisible to myself
Never to be seen again
Never to be heard again
To be lost in silence
To celebrate silence
To converse with silence
Alone I walk with my silence
Long John Silver

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*In Silence

You left the lines blank for me love
And again you ask why wrote my plaint
When you are in front of me I am lost
In the beauty of your hair your lips
In the gazelle eyes and the music
From the tongue that licks honey
When I open my mouth for my words
You place your finger on your lips
Enter the silence of my love else
I leave you in the oblivions vast

Like a flute from the reed in silence
Wail I long as separated from beloved
You make my silence in colors float
When in the bloom of spring I enter
The garden where nightingale sings
In silence sitting by the rose
In silence my love I live in thou
Sadiqullah Khan

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Last time we met
I spoke my heart out
I laid my soul bare
My eyes searching
My ears intent to hear
I knew icould swear
I asked for nothing more
Only, faith for faith
Loyalty fof loyalty
And respect for respect
But i could only perceive silence
I thought sound can wound
But silence can be peircing
Silence can be excruciating
Silence can hound
Wounds do heal with time
But the scars remain
The pain is gone
But the numbness still bothers
And the silence still prevails
maitreyee joshi

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Poems On / About SILENCE