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Poems On / About SILENCE  5/25/2016 9:47:02 PM
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Skin Of Light

The skin of light enveloping this world lacks depth and I can actually see the black night of all these
similar bodies beneath the trembling veil and light of myself it is this night that even the mask of the
sun cannot hide from me I am the seer of night the auditor of silence for silence too is dressed in
sonorous skin and each sense has its own night even as I do I am my own night I am the conceiver
of non-being and of all its splendor I am the father of death she is its mother she whom I evoke
from the perfect mirror of night i am the great inside-out man my words are a tunnel punched
through silence I understand all disillusionment I destroy what I become I kill what I love.
Rene Daumal

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Keeper Of The Silence

I am the keeper of the silence,
The debits, credits and balances,
I am the keeper of the silence,
The hunger, and filling of the void,
I am the keeper of the silence,
Memories of the heart,
And yearnings of the soul.

YeouCheng Ma

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Silence Is Ok

Here I am most real
The world can not understand
The silence from which lines grow
The silence from which Christ drew
And Mother Theresa too
Many will some day come to understand
That silence is ok
A blessing worthy of its count and cost.
Bill Grace

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Morning's Silence

In morning's deep silence I know that they are there
Mother, Father, Aunts, Uncles - others who though gone could care
Great teachers, mentors, class mates - team mates who are no more
Rogue's for leaven and girl friends long from touch
Especially those fond illusions destined to never touch back
Or perhaps too beautiful to consider anything less than perfection
In silence they all speak and kiss - but only in silence.
Bill Grace

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Poems On / About SILENCE