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Poems On / About SILENCE  5/30/2015 5:28:25 PM
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Silence - Speaks volumes,
Descending heavy around me,
Consuming me, devouring me,
I am the object of everyone's mirth.
Silence - Very soon
From its grip will free me,
In my next life, will leave me,
I have been deaf from birth.

Silence - As a child
Scared me, intimidated me,
Promised not to let go of me,
My constant cause of fear.
Silence - Driving me wild,
Surrounding me, confining me,
Hopelessly overwhelming me,
I prayed one day I would hear.

Silence - As I grew,
Befriended me, accompanied me,
Stood by me, walked with me,
No longer a part of strife.
Silence - Had a new
Meaning to me, worth to me,
Gave a new direction and path to me,
I learnt to accept my life.

Silence - Made me belong,
Held my hand to guide me,
Like my shadow beside me,
Made me brave and strong.
Silence - My soul and heart,
Is audible to none but me,
Ignored by all, cherished by me,
My deafness is my integral part.

Silence - As time went by,
In its arms enclosed me,
Comforted me, supported me,
I saw it in a new light.
Silence - Till the day I die,
Will strengthen me, encourage me,
Invaluable lessons it will teach me,
It has taught me to fight.
Bhavika Sicka

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Poems On / About SILENCE