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Best Poems About / On SILENCE
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for silence

I wish to be an amaranth
amidst a place
of enveloped silence, of awkwardness.
How can silence sound
deafening, or consume
one's spirit, leaving the body
weary, futile?
For silence is minute by minute serenity,
a moment of soul searching,
of pacifying temporal desires and
dreams cleansed of worldly attachments.
For silence can be nothingness
amalgamated with truth.
For silence can be stupidity,
dullness, inactivity
transfigured wisdom.

Amidst a place of enveloped silence,
of awkwardness,
i can be an amaranth,
a topaz,
a princess.
Candice Bacolod

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Silence Is

Silence is sitting back in the recliner after a day
at work when the radio was too loud.

Silence is hearing the birds singing after hearing
neighbors bickering.

Silence is listening to beloved hymns after hearing
yourself complaining about things that cannot be changed.

Silence is reading the words of Rumi after reading news of
rape, murder and molestation.

When one is silent about another's wrongdoings, silence is
the sound of the devil shouting. So speak up, and he will
not be heard!

When one is silent in prayer and rest, silence is the sound
of God talking. So speak up, so He may be heard!

Yes, when God talks to you, let Him talk through you!
Be silent no longer!
Greg Oosterhouse

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Why so quite
Cat gotcha tongue
Being silent isn't going to rectify the situation
In pain everyday
Accepting less than the full worth
Speak up
Come on now
In your own home
Violence reign
And silence hold fast
It has weaken the foundation of the relation
And yet no voice

In the streets
The ying yang
The bling bling
Talk loud and proud
Making one desire the flash and achievement
Some make it the right way
Come full force with demise in view if anyone
Stands in their way…
Where is the power coming from
To be so bold
The stick em up kids
Hide behind the armor of destruction
Just to satisfy their lazy inclinations
Threats of death if silence is broken about their
Unskilled vocation

Come on now
Someone has to speak up
Getting tired of doing without

Bedroom satisfaction becomes compromised when
One has a displeasing performance
So instead of
Speaking out…rectify…show and tell by practice
Silence once again stands strong
Constantly giving false praise for disappointing deed
Causing agitation and ill hearted contemplation…
There it begins
Silence of infidelity
Silence of deceit

Pretty soon silence will be broken and all will
Witness the judgment of the irreparable damage in what
The Magnitude of Silence has caused.

Where is the truth....
The truth is sometimes obscured by clouds....
Lies masquerade as truth....
See the devil's smile....
Who is there to capture...
The tears of an innocent child....
Innocence is lost....
As their world is turned upside down...
Who protects a child....
When closed minds and closed hearts reign....
Unmentionable travesties go unseen....
In the closed hands of dark intentions...
Evil deeds caught in suspension....
The weight of silence burdens my soul....
Only God can decipher the mysteries untold...

Keeping a secret
Can water hold in your vessel
Sitting back watching how other
Convey their ways
Will a comment spill from the lips
Will silence consume blocking the verbiage

Health can become cumbersome
Keeping quiet about the condition
Help is needed… too strong to ask
Silence sews up the avenue of concern
No one is able to drive in
Personal hidden passages in life
Only you know
Will silence posse and walk the grave with you

Sacrificing freedom for another
Harboring a life just to risk your life
Can you
Will you
Preserve the silence

In my times of trouble I have kept quiet....
In the hush of silence I have found peace....
When the beast of lies tried to take my heart...
The security of silence my only defense....
You think you want to know me...
But I'm a fearful of what you might think...
The things I have seen and heard....
You might not like what you see....
So I will keep quiet.....
And safe within my own self....
Because to let anyone in my world...
Subjects me to pain...
And leaves me vulnerable with no gain....
All that is sweet is not sugar....
To be pressed through the ringer...
Dismembered and reconstructed....
I am rising... but still reluctant...
To tell my story...
But in due time.....
The quiet of past pain...
Will be revealed...
Until that day...
I am protected by the silent shield...
The magnificence of silence is a double edge sword...
It can convict or rewards....
But all that has been done in the mystery of darkness....
God knows it all...
And in him silence dissipates and fall

How many ways can silence control the aspects of life
When is the right time to speak
When is the right time to hold silence close
There is a Magnitude of negativity of retaining
Witness the Magnitude of positivity of maintaining

Collaboration by-
Venoyd McCalister III & JenOfPoetry™
©Jan 12.2012
JenOf Poetry

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! Rumi's silence

Rumi wrote much about silence.
Does that seem strange?

Poets live with silence:
the silence before the poem;
the silence whence the poem comes; .

the silence in between the words, as you
drink the words, watch them glide through your mind,
feel them slide down your throat
towards your heart;

the silence which you share with the poet
when the poem ends, sitting side by side,
feeling one another being one heart;

the silence after the poem,
when you are a different person
from the person who started reading the poem,
think differently, move differently,
act differently; know Rumi a little better
as a friend; know yourself a little more
as a friend.

Rumi was asked, why do you
talk, talk, talk, so much
about silence?

He said, the radiant one inside me
has said nothing.

And that’s the silence which we listen to
and hear in Rumi’s heart,
here, sitting in the cool shade
which the scent of roses seems to love,
while the fountain gently plays like a poet
with sound and silence.
Michael Shepherd

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