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Poems On / About SILENCE  10/31/2014 12:03:34 PM
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Best Poems About / On SILENCE
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The silence of our conversation
Is worse than anything you can say
And that fact that there's but silence between us
Is well to my dismay
I love you so much
Yet silence is the only thing I let escpae
Silence draped over our conversations
Like a long, black cape
There's so much I want to tell you
But I know I wouldn't
And I want to scream at you
But I know I shouldn't
I know you want to say something too
Of this I'm sure
But it is only so little
That you or I will endure
The few times we talk
I can hear it in you voice
I can her uncertainty
And the need to make a choice
I wish silence would leave
Once and for all
Then maybe we could have better communication
Perhaps even outside a phone call
And I try so hard
Just like I try to make this poem rhyme
But it just takes too much effort
And way too much time
But you can't expect me to let silence take over
And if you do you are very wrong
And if we continue like this
We won't be together long
And I bet that's what you want
M.A. Ces

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Echoes of silence

A silent scream
A bad dream..

Wake me up
Some one dare
Spare me.. spare!

Everytime i remember
that touch that smell
The day i experienced hell

my cross to bear
All my life
My death knell

My tortured sigh
someone hear in silence
my helplessness

As i laid that night
Silence echoes my fight
my plight!

Silence echoes
Scot free, he walks away
echoes till this day

Silence echoes
My lost innocence
At nights in dreams..

Night, witness to my pain
Driving me insane
within my heart...

Silence echoes,
My silent scream
my broken dreams..

Silence echoes....
Meena Iyer

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* Whispers of sileNce

Whispers of silence-
Whispers, Rising like a wave-
In unison, In defiance.
Whispers, Rising to a single scream- Sanity’s grave…

Endless screaming whispers, In the silence- Waves,
Pounding the mind.
A tainted conscience-
In remorseful bind.
Longing for inner silence…

Black today, And black tomorrows-
Prisoners bound, Within dark sorrows…

Repenting our malice- Seeking redemptive solace.
A cold wind blows- Our soul shudders.
Within our shadows of regret- None shall covet us.
For silence, Our mind solemnly utters…

Spirits full of woe.
A tainted conscience.
Cries, Pleading, That this pain, None else know.
Longing for inner silence-
Inner peace-
That these screaming whispers, In the silence cease…
Inner Whispers

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A Love So Ordinary

Silence breathes…
When all is still
and there is just you and me,
I can feel the silence
stirred only by our breathing
not yet synchronised.

Fire crackling in the grate,
muffled movement from outdoors
are not part of this silence here with us.
Knees touch, hands reach,
our eyes complete the connection.
Silence listens.

Silence speaks…
Warm touch, getting stronger
as we stand, move together
in this dance of love and understanding.
Nothing exists but the wonder of each other
holding gently to this delicate thread.

Slowly time passes.
Seasons change and new worlds emerge.
You and me and light and love.
Together we eclipse what we are apart.
And when we need it so…
Silence reveals.
Jean Renwick

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