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Poems On / About SILENCE  10/22/2014 4:35:48 AM
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Best Poems About / On SILENCE
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* Whispers of sileNce

Whispers of silence-
Whispers, Rising like a wave-
In unison, In defiance.
Whispers, Rising to a single scream- Sanity’s grave…

Endless screaming whispers, In the silence- Waves,
Pounding the mind.
A tainted conscience-
In remorseful bind.
Longing for inner silence…

Black today, And black tomorrows-
Prisoners bound, Within dark sorrows…

Repenting our malice- Seeking redemptive solace.
A cold wind blows- Our soul shudders.
Within our shadows of regret- None shall covet us.
For silence, Our mind solemnly utters…

Spirits full of woe.
A tainted conscience.
Cries, Pleading, That this pain, None else know.
Longing for inner silence-
Inner peace-
That these screaming whispers, In the silence cease…
Inner Whispers

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A Love So Ordinary

Silence breathes…
When all is still
and there is just you and me,
I can feel the silence
stirred only by our breathing
not yet synchronised.

Fire crackling in the grate,
muffled movement from outdoors
are not part of this silence here with us.
Knees touch, hands reach,
our eyes complete the connection.
Silence listens.

Silence speaks…
Warm touch, getting stronger
as we stand, move together
in this dance of love and understanding.
Nothing exists but the wonder of each other
holding gently to this delicate thread.

Slowly time passes.
Seasons change and new worlds emerge.
You and me and light and love.
Together we eclipse what we are apart.
And when we need it so…
Silence reveals.
Jean Renwick

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for silence

I wish to be an amaranth
amidst a place
of enveloped silence, of awkwardness.
How can silence sound
deafening, or consume
one's spirit, leaving the body
weary, futile?
For silence is minute by minute serenity,
a moment of soul searching,
of pacifying temporal desires and
dreams cleansed of worldly attachments.
For silence can be nothingness
amalgamated with truth.
For silence can be stupidity,
dullness, inactivity
transfigured wisdom.

Amidst a place of enveloped silence,
of awkwardness,
i can be an amaranth,
a topaz,
a princess.
Candice Bacolod

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Silence Is

Silence is sitting back in the recliner after a day
at work when the radio was too loud.

Silence is hearing the birds singing after hearing
neighbors bickering.

Silence is listening to beloved hymns after hearing
yourself complaining about things that cannot be changed.

Silence is reading the words of Rumi after reading news of
rape, murder and molestation.

When one is silent about another's wrongdoings, silence is
the sound of the devil shouting. So speak up, and he will
not be heard!

When one is silent in prayer and rest, silence is the sound
of God talking. So speak up, so He may be heard!

Yes, when God talks to you, let Him talk through you!
Be silent no longer!
Greg Oosterhouse

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