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Poems On / About SISTER  7/27/2016 8:24:28 AM
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The Best Of Friends

I have a slew of sisters, we are the best of friends
We laugh together, cry together, and tell a joke or two
For we are the very best of friends and that's what sisters do
We know when one is happy, we know when one is blue
We are always there for one another hats what sisters do
We've shared together through times of loss and celebrated to
For we are the very best of friends, and that's what sisters do
We can tell when one is hurting, and even feel her pain
We can tell when one has prospered and even shared her gain
We can even fuss and argue and give our separate views
For we are the very best friends
And that's what sisters do.
Bonnie Dues

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The Breast

One night a woman's breast came to a man's room and
began to talk about her twin sister.
Her twin sister this and her twin sister that.
Finally the man said, but what about you, dear breast?
And so the breast spent the rest of the night talking about
It was the same as when she talked about her sister: herself
this and herself that.
Finally the man kissed her nipple and said, I'm sorry, and
fell asleep. . .
Russell Edson

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Why I Love My Sister!

this is dedicated to my sister Joana fula.

I love my sister because she is crazy, hyper, funny, I love my sister because no matter what she is always there for me.
She is a friend that helps me in my difficult times.
Her comforting words are worth much more than dimes
for me she is a blessing, who fills my heart with love and joy.
A companion to who I can express my feelings,
Whether I am having my ups or downs,
She always helps me with a smile and never frowns.
Having a sister for me is not just a trend, It's a blessing
& knowing that I can always turn to her, my best friend.

I love you Joana Fula
Lucia Domingos Fula

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we may fight
we may argue i say i hate u
but deep down i love you
i said things i did not mean
but that is what sisters do
you say things to hurt my feelings
but yet i still love you beacuse
we are sisters
to be honest i put you first in my life
and no one can come between us because
we are sisters
stay strong stay happy and never let
people put u down or hurt your feelings
i am telling you this because we are sisters
and i love you because we are sisters
ebony white

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