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Poems On / About SISTER  7/28/2015 5:20:38 AM
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My three sisters are sitting
on rocks of black obsidian.
For the first time, in this light, I can see who they are.

My first sister is sewing her costume for the procession.
She is going as the Transparent lady
and all her nerves will be visible.

My second sister is also sewing,
at the seam over her heart which has never healed entirely,
At last, she hopes, this tightness in her chest will ease.

My third sister is gazing
at a dark-red crust spreading westward far out on the sea.
Her stockings are torn but she is beautiful.
Adrienne Rich

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Big Sister

Sometimes Annoying
Has A Sensitive Side
Especially Funny
Quizically Challenged
And Always In Drama!
Big Sister Is Mean!
Big Sister Is Lean!
Big Sister Ain't Smart!
Big Sister Plays Darts!
I Love Her With All My Heart!
Monisha Meadows

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Sister my dear sister I wish that I could see you everyday,
so you can tell me your not alone and heaven is okay,
I need something to help me carry on,
cause I cant except the fact that your gone,
trying to hide the tears,
because of my pride eventhough I'm dying inside,
deep in my soul a sorrow haunted by every tommorrow,
cause your not there waiting,
its not fair my heart is fading,
all I should of said will never be,
never got to say what you meant to me,
or to our whole family,
so sister my dear sister I'll start living a better way,
so you can welcome me home someday.
michael jimenez

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Little Sister

To know her was to love her
little sister of mine
she was only here for a moment
just a whisper in time

To see her was to adore her
little sister of mine
when you look into her eyes
you knew she would always be kind

To touch her was to kiss her
little sister of mine
She will be in my heart forever
Our hearts were combined

To lose her was to miss her
little sister of mine
I'll see her again in heaven
where our arms will intwine
Cindy Cato

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Poems On / About SISTER