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Poems On / About SISTER  10/31/2014 3:21:32 AM
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A Sisters Love

Secrets to whisper
moments to share
a sisters love is forever there

Hugs and kisses holding them tight
being with them throughout the night
together we stay

Prayers showing we care
a sisters love is forever there
watch one another

As we grow each day
this will last forever
in each others hearts it will stay

Fights, laughing, singing all in fun
hope we never grow apart
for now its only just begun

Never forgetting the good times we shared
a sisters love is forever there
Kelsey Korosko

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Sisters 4 Life

We shall always be sisters,
Sister's 4 Life...
You'll always be my twin, my best friend and my shoulder to cry on.
I'll always be there for you when you ask and be at your side.
You are my sister.
You are my Angel.
MaddiiAnne O'Leary

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Do You Have Anytime To Think of Your Sister? You Give To Her

You remain busy in your day-to-day activities of yours
Giving your utmost time to your house and family,
But forget not your sister,
Your lovely sister
Who grew up playing with you,
Who kept you calling with love
And so much so affection,
Remained hungry but fed up you first,
When asked about the new clothes,
Asked she to give to you
And it's sorry to hear that
You have forgotten, forgotten her,
Your dear sister,
You remember her sometimes,
Give time to her sometimes.
Bijay Kant Dubey

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On The Abandonment Of Prejudice

We are thy sisters; God has truly said
That of one blood the nations he has made.
O Christian woman, in a Christian land.
Canst thou unblushing read this great command?

Suffer the wrongs which wring our inmost heart
To draw one throb of pity on thy part!
Our skins may differ, but from thee we claim
A sister's privilege and a sister's name.
Sarah Louisa Forten

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Poems On / About SISTER