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Best Poems About / On SISTER
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Bonjour My Sister!

Bonjour my sister! You are in my heart. Recall your Paris which is also mine! I haven’t been there but I see its shine. You are in London in the silver light. Its castles can speak in Great Byron’s tongue. I am somewhere, you can’t catch my sight. The Earth is round to spin day and night. You fill your inkpot with your soul’s smile. Your inkpot is full as you need to write. The lake which you love is both yours and mine. It hears your voice flying to its side. “I love you! Je t’ aime! Blue-haired divine”!
Anahit Arustamyan

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(memoir) Just A Dream

She walks in the court like she's not guilty at all. I look at her as a tear streams down my face. My heart starts to beat like a mad drummer. She walks in, ready to take a stand for her own self, and not for the daughters she was supposed to love and care for. Thinking back on that day when it all happened, and what led me to this point, was how she came to the cemetery in May.She wasn’t supposed to come to the cemetery. She says she went there for her nephew but we all know the real reason she came. She basically just looked at other stones that were close to where we were and she never went to see her nephew. It's been two years, and we’re just bringing it to court now for her restraining order. My heart beats a little bit faster. My sisters and I were the ones to put the restraining order on her because it was to hard to see her after she gave up on us. It hit me in the heart, like a bullet, seeing her once again in the courtroom. As she talked in her soothing voice it hit me like a huge asteroid coming down upon me. I get the chills running up and down my back. More tears fall down my face, I wonder if she can hear my cry every night before I go to sleep as I try to sing that lullaby she say to me “ you are my sunshine my little sunshine”.There are too many memories of my mom and me that I was trying to forget but I can't because there’s too much stuff that goes on. I look over at my dad sitting on the bench; he looks at me with such a sad face. I look over at my sisters, sitting down at the table, waiting for their turn to come up and sit in the witness stand. They have mascara running down their face. My heart beats faster, faster, and faster as I wake up and realize- it was just a dream.
Josephine Taylor

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Madaya Dies Slowly, But Where Is Humanity?

The pretty city of Madya, Our little sister, dies Slowly as a result of That ugly ordeal that She suffers from anytime... Magnanimity has died and The whole world's conscience Has died too... We stand with our little sister In her ordeal, but Where is that missing humanity Around us anytime... The people of that poor Madaya Eat dogs, cats, donkeys, and all That is left in the garbage... Nobody cares about that forgotten city Simply because we are all totally selfish In what we feel about others' dilemmas... Madaya's innocent people are starving to death Simply because they refuse to kneel down to evil... The great city will not die As long as we stand united with it... We greatly stand hand-in-hand united with That great city as long as we are alive... O selfish world! Please have your eyes and Have your mercy on that forgotten city! If the great and heroic city dies slowly, then I know that the whole world's conscience will be No more anytime... God will not forget it if We forget it anytime... Peace be on Madaya! Please do not forget that hungry city Simply because its poor inhabitants are dying slowly... ______________________________________________________________________

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Best Friend For Life

MY best friend that i known sent high school
or middle school but we didn't really talk till my second
year of my high school........your not just my best friend, your my true best friend and your more then my best friend your my sister...............thank for always being there for me.........and even if your mile a way from me were still best friend for ever and for life............my best friend, my sister
jenny sar

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