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Madaya Dies Slowly, But Where Is Humanity?

The pretty city of Madya, Our little sister, dies Slowly as a result of That ugly ordeal that She suffers from anytime... Magnanimity has died and The whole world's conscience Has died too... We stand with our little sister In her ordeal, but Where is that missing humanity Around us anytime... The people of that poor Madaya Eat dogs, cats, donkeys, and all That is left in the garbage... Nobody cares about that forgotten city Simply because we are all totally selfish In what we feel about others' dilemmas... Madaya's innocent people are starving to death Simply because they refuse to kneel down to evil... The great city will not die As long as we stand united with it... We greatly stand hand-in-hand united with That great city as long as we are alive... O selfish world! Please have your eyes and Have your mercy on that forgotten city! If the great and heroic city dies slowly, then I know that the whole world's conscience will be No more anytime... God will not forget it if We forget it anytime... Peace be on Madaya! Please do not forget that hungry city Simply because its poor inhabitants are dying slowly... ______________________________________________________________________

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Best Friend For Life

MY best friend that i known sent high school
or middle school but we didn't really talk till my second
year of my high school........your not just my best friend, your my true best friend and your more then my best friend your my sister...............thank for always being there for me.........and even if your mile a way from me were still best friend for ever and for life............my best friend, my sister
jenny sar

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Be Poor To Get Love.

She loves and helps her sister poorer;
Her sister loves and helps her brother, still poorer.
We love kin till they are poorer than us.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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For My Sister Katyx

The days we go through together, I hope that they shall never end. Our sisterly bond grows deeper, more than anyone could possibly comprehend.
The thoughts running through our troubled minds, we'd share as if we are one. There is no one who could possibly replace you; no, they'd be outdone.
If death comes to you, I shall follow shortly after. I can't imagine a world without my little sister.
No matter how tough a battle gets, we shall never wither. And no matter how angry we might get, you'll always be my little sister.
Nicole Baker

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