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Poems On / About SISTER  8/31/2015 1:43:30 AM
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Best Friends

Best friends forever, what bff truly means.
Sisters we are, sisters we'll always be.
People may see us as complete dorks but, random is the word.
They automatically judge us by the laughing that they've heard.
To many inside jokes to count, throughout all this time we've shared,
anyone who sees us had better be prepared!
For we put the fun into everything, our bond it cannot be broke.
We may randomly burst into laughter when not a word has been spoke.
But, that's the magic of being best friends, sisters at that,
and anyone who needs to know i've got my sisters back!
Nothing can come between us, the connections there's always been.
It'll go on forever because friendship has no end.
xera mclaughlin

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Once Sister I Had

Once sister I had,
Which I lost,
Now feel bad.

She cared me a lot,
I liked her thought,
Good all she said,
Once Sister I had.

She troubled me not,
I learned her a lot,
She was ahead,
Once Sister I had.

She loved everyone,
And hurt no one,
Made everyone glad,
Once sister I had.
Mansoor Mirani

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A Great Elder Sister

A sister is who helps
At the start of life
To the end of life
To her younger brother or sister.

A sister is who
Loves like a mother
Protect like a father
Scolds like a brother
Helps like a helper
And teaches like a teacher.

A sister is who
Go with you
Play with you
Fight for you
Also can die for you.

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I Love My Life Ay Ay Ay ;) I Mean My Sibs :) Ay Ay Ay

My life is sooo good and i love life
i really love my siblings
they are so awsome and fun to be around
they make me laugh and mad
and what every other emotions there are in the emotion book hahaha. When i came in shy i was quiet and not talkitive and im sooo like non stop talking oh wait thats my other sister but i talk alot too hahahaha.

I love my sister jalesa because she is so funny and sweet and loves me alot and we talk to each other alot because we cool like dat.

I love my brother v he is steady being a king of all kings and is funny even though we are not close he still keeps me laughing and wanting to fight, But i love him alot because he is apart of the family and hey what can i say i grew on him alot, He's awsome like dat. I Love Yooh V :)

I love my baby sister pookie she is very wonderful and sweet and she is so funny and loves to take pictures and dance, she is truely amaznig and wonderful edtion to the johnson family, she keeps everybody laughing even in hard times, She will be my baby sister forever. I Love Yooh Pookie :)

I love my baby brother jj he is so funny and a bad butt and is always in trouble, but he is sweet at times and i love him to the fullest even though he is very annoying, But what little kid isnt so jj i will love you till you leave hahaahha no no im kiddin.
I Will Always Love Yooh Jj :)

What can a girl say she loves her family and sibs and that aint gonna change wheater people go or come they here for life.

-Sheniqua Lowery-
sheniqua lowery

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Poems On / About SISTER