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Poems On / About SISTER  8/27/2014 4:00:41 AM
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...................little sister.....is gone....................

little sister
little sister be gone
my prayer every day

not that you are gone from me
i cry beg and plee
i think of you with me
and fallto my kneees
hoping someone will
hear my plee
' big sisters go first'...

that why i will always
watch you as you sleep...
Akira Anderson

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YINKA @ 40 (A poem for Tolani's sister)

Years have rolled by
gathering sweet memories
forging strong bonds of sisterhood.

Intertwined Souls
Sisters as Friends
Friends as Sisters

Nurtured from the same fount
caressed by the same arms
sheltered under the same canopy of love.

Kisses for you
40 adoring kisses
for you sweet sister.

As the days stretch into years
let our hearts grow fonder of each other
and remain alive in Christ.
Chukuemeka Akpe

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Angel Sisters

I'm living in a world of darkness....
Yet i'm protected by Angel Sisters

They come in my hour of need
Come to give me advice
& i always take heed

They help contain the beast within
They prevent it from commiting sin

When trouble may arise
They give me devine intervention
With mental & spiritual protection

Speaking only words of wisdom
They will one day hold a high place in Gods kingdom

Born without Sisters
SO i give thanks everyday
For i'am blessed with guidance of Angel Sisters
Soul Writer

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Sometimes sisters

sisters can SOMETIMES be a great thing
but except when she tells me i can't sing
if you have a older sis you know...that kind of thing

Sometimes they can be cruel
they can even sometimes rule
but you know they all like to make fun of you at school

sometimes sisters can be bright
sometimes they like to turn out the light
because they know that it gives you fright

they love to play hide and seek
but when they seek
they peek

so thats the end of sisters
until they get misters
or you give them blisters!
Nicole Skillings

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Poems On / About SISTER