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Poems On / About SISTER  7/10/2014 10:19:33 AM
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A sister who knows you and loves you

She is the joy that cannot be taken away. Her comforting words are worth more then she could give. The memories will last for miles and miles. Your sister is by your side. Your sister is part of your life. Life as it is is a blessing who fills your heart with love. written1/28/09 Posted 6/28/10 I deicate this poem to my sister Helena
Susie Sunshine

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guardian angle

He's driving down the road
My sister is going on another road
They meet at an intersection
My sister has the right of way
The man speeds through, tries to make it
My sister can't stop
They hit
She loses control
The man stops
My dad tells me the news
Time slows down
My heart just stopped
My dad tells me she's OK
I breathe a sigh of relief
Her truck was destroyed
She is OK
My family has a guardian angle looking over us
Ricky Durkin

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On The Abandonment Of Prejudice

We are thy sisters; God has truly said
That of one blood the nations he has made.
O Christian woman, in a Christian land.
Canst thou unblushing read this great command?

Suffer the wrongs which wring our inmost heart
To draw one throb of pity on thy part!
Our skins may differ, but from thee we claim
A sister's privilege and a sister's name.
Sarah Louisa Forten

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YINKA @ 40 (A poem for Tolani's sister)

Years have rolled by
gathering sweet memories
forging strong bonds of sisterhood.

Intertwined Souls
Sisters as Friends
Friends as Sisters

Nurtured from the same fount
caressed by the same arms
sheltered under the same canopy of love.

Kisses for you
40 adoring kisses
for you sweet sister.

As the days stretch into years
let our hearts grow fonder of each other
and remain alive in Christ.
Chukuemeka Akpe

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Poems On / About SISTER