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Poems On / About SISTER  10/1/2014 1:14:17 PM
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Have you seen the light
Kindled in the eyes of the small sister
Who keeps waiting for
The arrival of
Her loving brother
To tie a rakhi
On the wrist of her brother,
Praying for his longevity
And well-being?

Whenever far from her, you forget not,
Forget not your sister,
Your small sister,
With tears into
The eyes of hers
Struggling on the path of life.
Bijay Kant Dubey

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Sister of my Soul

I have known her since birth
the sister of my soul
she carries my soul
forever in her heart
She was young and sweet
then learnt the knowledge of life
was lost for awhile
but found love syblime
I cradle her still
with in loving arms
my sister, my friend
My soul sister at heart
Dont cry little one
you are in my heart
I hold you dear
Close to my heart
Kaila George

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Te Maunga and Te Moana

My brother the mountain
My brother the guardian
My brother, watches over me

My sister the sea
My sister the guide
My sister, brings the world to me

His strength; holds me up
Her fluid nature; engages my mind
His strength; lets me go forth
Her ebbing tides; releases my spirit
His strength; protects me
Her abundant energy; liberates me
Te Maunga is the mountain, Te Moana is the sea
Helen Gaudin

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Love Her

Your sister is your sister
She will irritate you to no end
You don't know why she follows you around
Without knowing, you are her best friend
Wants to hang with the older girls
To try and be like you
But if you were the younger sister
You would act that way too
So just be by her side
You will miss the times when you were little
When you would sit and play
And loudly giggle
Victoria Horn

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Poems On / About SISTER