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Poems On / About SISTER  9/4/2015 5:20:06 AM
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Best Poems About / On SISTER
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Sisters Forever

This poem is for my sister that I love
I dont see her all the time but i love you.

Sister youve been there you all my life.
Youve helped me through everything.
I love you sis!

Sister youve never let me down.
And i now we fight sometimes but
thats all over like in ten secounds
And when ever I need help you help me

Your an awsome sister that always has my back
thanks for all your support and always having hope in all that
I dream about THANK SIS!
Yulissa Fregoso

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My Sister

My Sister well she's a treasure
with a heart as pure as gold
a warm and loving person
she has a golden glow

we may have had our problems
sometimes we disagree
but to me my sisters everything
i wanted you to see

that sometimes we laugh
sometimes we may cry
but we will always have each other
untill the day i die

to my little sister
i love you everyday
your so special dear sister
which is all i had to say
rachel carbis

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How My Sister Got So Smart

Hi I'm Jane Doze and I have a story to tell you.
How My Sister Got So Smart

They say that you are born with special talents. That you are created to do special things in your life. Do remember the guy that got struck by lightning? Sometimes you get special powers this way. The movie was called Powder. He could control electromagnetic fields, bend objects with his mind and he was white as a ghost.

Not too different from my sister. She's a geometry teacher. I take a lot of credit for her abilities.

When we were small, I was six and she was four, we moved to South Dakota. It was cool. We moved into a really old farmhouse. It had an upstairs and that’s where the bedrooms were. It was on a few acres. Before I knew it we had a cow, some pigs, two ponies, cats and a dog.

Well, on a farm you have to keep your animals in. Usually you just use a fence. My pony had a habit of leaning over the fence to eat the corn from our garden; so my dad decided to put in an electric fence. We never knew when it was on or off and there was no place along the fence where the electric fence was not. I liked to climb the fence and see my pony.

So, here is where the beauty of miracles comes in. I used to ask my sister to touch it. Just to see if it was on. I never made her. I just asked. ' Hey Lori, touch the fence ' and she would do it every time! ! !

Sometimes, it was on. She would let me know. Sometimes it was off. I think we lived there for a year or two. So that is how my sister got so smart. It wasn't lightning, it was voluntary shock therapy. Now she is a math GENIUS. I wonder if she would do it for me now?
'Hey Lori, ..........touch the fence.'

Moral to the story: Don't ALWAYS do what your told.

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Longed For

Long nights when I cried, my sister had no choice but to be there for me, our hearts are
bonded, we feel each others pain.
The days where we got hit for trying to protect each other
from his wrath, our love is strong for each other.
The man who hit us was suppose to give us a better life than our parents, but he didn't,
our love is strong enough to keep us going.

My heart was torn when I was taken away from my parents which never repaired
when it should of if I was in a loving home, my heart only got worse as each day went on, for
eight years, even my sisters love had trouble repairing it, so I've become cold and troubled.

So as a child I felt like shit everyday when children are suppose to be happy and stress free, the only
thing I longed for was my sisters love, presence and protection.
~I love my sisters Peggy and Lucy through thick and thin~
DeeDee G R

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