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Poems On / About SISTER  7/25/2016 9:33:12 PM
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My Sister, Her Moon

Pale is my sister, her moon.
It lies there sleeping when it is opened.
Light under my demanding, strong hand.
Mourning comes dawn, is my other.

One comet it comes with a white blazing tail.
The other sisters moon, it is quite.
Moon is my passion, passing my sister,
at dawn I'm the other, he is the brother.

Moon moves too her left,
and the comet flies by the light of the moon.
So in the middle a shadow, hot is the night.
My brother is kissed,
good morning, my sister, she is missed.
Is It Poetry

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My Sister, My Dearest Friend

You're the best sister I could have asked for
I pray thanks to god, that he gave you to me
We laugh together, and we cry together
We play and we fight
But in the end it's all alright

Your my sisterly companion, my partner in crime
You're my trustee confidant
We keep each others deepest secrets safe

And even though we're cousins by law & blood
We're sisters at heart, which is where it counts =]

Simply because you're my sister and you're my friend
Thank you so much for being the best sister I could EVER have!
Starrbox Munoz

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Best Friends

Best friends forever, what bff truly means.
Sisters we are, sisters we'll always be.
People may see us as complete dorks but, random is the word.
They automatically judge us by the laughing that they've heard.
To many inside jokes to count, throughout all this time we've shared,
anyone who sees us had better be prepared!
For we put the fun into everything, our bond it cannot be broke.
We may randomly burst into laughter when not a word has been spoke.
But, that's the magic of being best friends, sisters at that,
and anyone who needs to know i've got my sisters back!
Nothing can come between us, the connections there's always been.
It'll go on forever because friendship has no end.
xera mclaughlin

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He hit my sister,
My blood is boiling the animal wants to break out,
Family tells me to calm down don't get involved,
Only she can right the wrong,
My interference will back fire on me,
He & my sister visit my home,
Blood begins to boil animal wants to break out,
Memories of days when I was young,
A bullet his name would have been on,
Slowly calm down,
While cowardice slowly takes over me,
Time passes by,
Now just a distant memory,
He hit my sister,
My friends i need,
The baddest bastards in this whole god damm town,
Break the hand that he used to hit my sister,
Days go by my friends come see me,
They crushed that hand indeed,
Nolonger will he raise that hand in anger,
Sence of guilt flows over me,
Maybe for the man in need or
Cowardice that flowed through me,
Time passes by,
Now just a distant memory,
Since that day that cowardice took over me,
He has never raised his hand at my sister indeed,
Now there is peace in the family,
Colin Bradley.
colinb bradley

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