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Darkness befalls in the night
As we walk with a little light
We walk with light under fear
Afraid and alone as we don't hear
Sounds and noise are heard around us
But they are not normal
And thus
We are surrounded by men
more then 3 surround us like we are prey
As we see lust in their eyes
They get closer from behind
'You call yourself humans, more like animal! '
'No sister, more like monster'
But that didn't stop them
This is not what we planed
We are losing hope
Disgusting arm take hold of me
And throw me down as I bleed
They hold my sister to watch
As how he thrushes in me and bunch
Tears of pain fall of my cheeks
With each trust I become weak
The voice of my sister is so far
Yet I can see her near me
My dear sister to see
What they have done to me
Tears of sorrow ...

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Meet Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong

One sundown on a double date
Two young men and two nice sisters
All four went out in the same car
They arrived to see a movie
Mr. Right opened the car door
Extended his hand to the girl
The other man less than courteous
just forgot his date – hurried to
purchase only one ticket for
himself – the other three people
were astonished and dumfounded
Mr. Right walked with both sisters
Took care of the tickets and snacks
Mr. Wrong sat smack next to her
Started munching on the girl’s food
Is this guy a loser for real?
Or is this a terrible dream
The night dragged on, seemed so endless
Finally time to go back home
Again Mr. Wrong dashed ahead
Door banging almost on the girl
Thank goodness for the courteous
That dashed to save her face and nose
almost got smashed by the rude one
“Why can’t we double date again? ”
Mr. Wrong wondered heatedly
Still clueless and so ignorant
Chances are he will stay that way
Mr. Right as always courteous
Thanked his date for a lovely time
Never again did one sister go
out with disastrous Mr. Wrong
While the other sister went out
with Mr. Right repeatedly
Ana Monnar

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Mom Dont Cry

Mom please dont cry
I'm beggin you, please dry your tears
I'm still with you
you still have your little girl
I'm not leaving no where
Believe me, I'm still with you and my sisters
you guys are my life
I may be getting older, but I'm still mama's little girl
I'm not leaving no where because I didn't get the chance to say I Love You to you or to my sisters, but most of all I'm not ready to go
I'm gonna show my sisters the right path
me leaving is not the right path
hearing you cry in the next room next to me
my pain is with you
I'll cry with you
who would want their little girl to go what I go through?
I had a rough child hood and now this!
mom, you see u haven't left than
I'm not leaving now
because I have a back bone
I'm strong
I know that there times alot of people didnt think i was gonna make it
well me and my body prove them wrong
thats because I have you and my sisters by myside
we all prove them wrong together! ! !
Arie Mack

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Cry, cry, cry
Hear a cry
See me sigh,
Little sister,
Baby sister!
Stop the cry!

Bigger brother,
Your a bother!
Make her cry,
One more time,
And you'll die!

Mother, mother!
See my brother
See him bother,
Little sister,
Baby sister?

He's a crime,
Wastes my time!
Make him stop!
Maker her stop!
Make them all stop! ! !

My head will pop,
If they don't stop!
Oh, they stopped...
Yes, they stopped!

Cry, cry, cry,
Hear a cry
See me sigh...
Amy Cadler

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