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Poems On / About SISTER  11/30/2015 12:11:57 AM
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Berna, Berna, Berna my sister-o!
Berna, Berna, Berna my sister-o!
Wherever chewing gum goes,
Berna goes;
Wherever sweet goes,
Berna goes
Berna - ayaya
Berna - ayaya
Berna, Berna, Berna - ayaya
Berna my sister-o!
Whistles blow for Berna
Drums beat for Berna
Berna, Berna, Berna - ayaya
Berna my sister-o!
samuel nze

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Sister's daughter, so fair and lovely,
Bubbling with a crown of jetblack graceful tresses,
A striking resemblance to sister's own childhood many years back
When she had cried waiting at the doorstep
Because of the late trishaw which meant
An uneasy morning kept outside the classroom.
Then our ego boosting competition, me at 10
and she 12 as we took terms to learn
To ride the bicycle trying to make that
Daring first round at the pedals that
Would determine the winning one. She won
Getting back the type of respect reserved
For an elder. Daughter and mother now
Walking like twins through market and
School winning much admiration from a
Brother who once took terms with her to buy
The morning breakfast for the family at the
Neighbourhood, a memory made more striking
By my occasional failure that led to
An upset sister doing my chore. Love, forever my sister.
john tiong chunghoo

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Poems On / About SISTER