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Best Poems About / On SISTER
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A sister is something I missed as a kid
I wished and hoped with everything I did,
Someone to be there and play with
and when in trouble, help plead the fifth.

I grew up with nothing but boys,
Always stuck, playing with their toys.
I did have friends that were girls,
but none to play with makeup and curls.

Now as I am older, I have what I wished
From friendship, sisterhood has hatched.
I now have three wonderful sisters in tow,
Each one, makes my life glow.

Sheena, even though step is before sister,
Your my sister, and my moms other daughter.
A country girl through and through,
A wonderful mother, to my handsome nephew.

Crystal, there is no blood alike in our veins,
But our sisterhood bond is held together by chains.
Even though your so far away,
the love of a sister does not stray.

Christine, I saved the best for last,
you have always been there for everything in the past,
Your more than my sister, your my best friend,
You gave me my Ashlyn, and love that last til the bitter end.

I am so blessed from here on out,
I have the three best sister's, there is no doubt.
They truly fill my life to the fullest
making the sun shine through the deep forest.
Randi Nicole Dement

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My sister was named Orleans
After the town where she was born,
Dear Orleans, my best friend,
A little girl with hazel eyes,
Dear Orleans, please don’t cry,
Hold my hand and stay with me,
And never say good bye.

My sister grew up beautiful
Like so many little girls do,
My sister Orleans, late one night,
Danced with a man named Lou.
Dear Orleans, please come home,
Mama and daddy and I
Are waiting here for you.

My sister never came home that night,
And daddy called the law,
Mama paced the floor till dawn
And wrung her hands till they were raw,
Dear Orleans, we waited till
The police came to our house
And told us what they saw.

My sister had been ravished bad
And left to die alone.
The man called Lou had fled the town
And by morning he was gone.
Dear Orleans, thank God you lived,
Though you’ll never be the same,
At least you’re safe at home.

My sister Orleans grew a life
Conceived through hate and fear;
We tried to hide it from the town
But soon it became clear.
Dear Orleans, hid her shame
As day by day she swelled
And the baby’s birth drew near.

My sister thrashed and cried in bed
On the day the sun was high;
She begged for mercy and release
Till we heard the infant cry
Dear Orleans, reached out for him
I wrapped him in a towel
And watched her baby die.
Caroline Misner

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Family Life

Brothers lend me your ears, and I’ll listen to you.
Sisters don’t cry for me, I’ll shed a tear for you.
Brothers come fight alongside me, and I’ll fight for you.
Sisters be there for me, and I’ll be here for you.
Brothers do the right thing for me, and I’ll be alright with you.
Sisters please don’t hate me, and I’ll always love you.
Brothers fight to the very end, and I’ll be your friend
Sisters don’t leave me now, I’ll stay here for you
Brothers when it gets dark, I’ll light your way.
Sisters please wait for me, I’ll be with you soon.
Mother Shine your light on your loving son
Father look for me now my life is done.
Brothers don’t die for me, like I died for you.
Sisters don’t pray for me, I never prayed for you.
Brothers you never needed me, like I needed you
Sisters be strong for me, I was too weak for you
Mother I can see you, but you can’t see me.
Father you can see me, but I don’t see you.
What do you see, when you look through me.
Gordon David

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Come Little Sister

This is the age of the electric transaction
Come on little sister, let me show you around
This is the age of the impersonal inquiry
This is the age of the manwomanman

This is the age of the newnude discovery
of the highways and low-ways and byways of life
This is the age of the instant impaction
and the ever-pervasive highlowhigh

Come little sister
and let me show you the cheap tricks
Let me show you the way that I got mine
Come little sister and we’ll survive
We’ll survive the upcoming nuclear blast

Come on my sister
Let’s ride the fast train
Muse with commuters and grin at our sin
Leave this busted city in the rust and our dust
And all it takes is a quick flash in time

Look at the poster boards flashing the windows
Look at who’s getting to the top of the heap
Look at who’s sold off their souls to the devil
for a moment of glory
on the golden train ride

Passing the age of the newer discovery
rounding the bend of technology’s fast face
leaping headlong into the arms of some future
burying the past in the unmarked graves

Hey come little sister
Say what you’re thinking?
You’re kind of quiet sitting there hair all ablaze
Fire in your eyes for the storms of tomorrow
Will you be ready when they come to collect the tickets?

Oh little sister you stir my soul
Will you venture with me on the clickety-clack?
Will you send me a message down from heaven
When all of our promises lie heaped in a stack?

I have a ticket to nowhere sweet little sister
And you hold the one true promissory note
Your wide eyes see what I cannot envision
as you and I fly through this glistening night
Tom Courtney

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