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Poems On / About SKY  8/2/2015 7:20:45 AM
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Endless Blue Sky

Endless blue sky
When I look upon that sky, that sky of endless blue, seeing those birds fly. I feel like Im
flying too, when I stand somewhere so high, look at that endless blue sky. I wished I could flying next to them, looking at the earth with the wind in my hair, the feeling of driving through clouds. O I wished that I could fly in that endless blue sky.
thomas tromblee

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The Sky

The sky is that space above the earth, like a sea,
The sky is there you can see when you look up,
Where clouds and the sun appears in the day,
The sky is there you can see when you look up
where the moon and the stars appears in the night.

What is that in the sky?
The sky sometimes goes dark,
And sometimes starts to rain.
What is that in the sky that makes it dark?
What is that in the sky that makes it rain?

There is a land of blue skies and sunshine,
In my heart, may be its a dream.
No, it is reality, cause the sky,
Is one of the reasons for sight.
There is a land of starry skies and moonlight,
In my heart, may be its a dream again,
No, it is never, cause the sky is beautiful.

Is the reason for sight,
The skies above my dreams are always,
Ablazing with a spectacular firework, displays.
The sky's my limit.

The sun travel through the sky,
The moon journeys through the sky,
Stars dances and plays in the field of the sky,
The sky is blue and beautiful.
Ogu Henry Chijioke8888

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The Sky Is Falling?

The sky finds itself in a quite a bind.
It flickers, flashes, cracks, and moans.
Upset and ruthless, it strikes the mind.
Over a morbid mausoleum of bones.

The sky then finds itself in ignorant bliss.
The benevolent white clouds befriend it.
The soaring sun gives to the sky it's warm, radiant kiss.
The wind brushes the trees, pleasing the sky, swirling leaves of indigo and viridian; most exquisite.

The sky now finds itself incredibly cross.
The sun is departing, but a new entity has began to ascend.
The sky is confused, not knowing whether this is a gain or a loss.
But the stars begin to twinkle, the moon sings it's lunar lullaby, and the sky is assured that day has temporarilly met it's end.

The sky finds itself in sorrow upon morn.
The once friendly white clouds are now dark and cyptic, crying with malaise.
The sky calls to the sun, the sun does not acknowledge the frantic cries of the sky; the sky is forlorn.
But even through this daunting adversity, the sky keeps it's faith, for the sky remembers the sun and it's immaculate rays.
Zach Johnson

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Light Of Thy Mind 54xx

Gone to there but gone from here not gone to there gone away here it comes gone to times from olden times darker days to lights of the mind light in our eyes eyes in these skies not in blue skies diamonds in the night skies not a cloud in the sky be on the fly goto where happiness is broguht back more and more allover again worry not of mesmerizing moments bedazzling wonderful this nights so wonderous full of hope dream of delight stay away from the darkest dream fill your heart full of hope hope not want not want this more need it all gone to where days are a new and bright sunshine fills your eyes be one and be all that you will be in this light always keep a positive in the this mind of yours........nuff said
dorian suchelle

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