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I Flew Through The Sky

I flew through the sky I knew I could fly people asked me why they all got the same answer as I flew through the night I felt like a kite with a personality of my own I flew through the sky I hear someone yell like a cry I flew through the sky it was my mom she missed me much I flew through the sky as I heard crys I lowered down and held her hand we flew through the sky.
Zaraya Berry

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When I look at the sky I see you I see the good times we had and wish I could repeat the great times we had together when I look in the sky I miss you like crazy and wished you pop out of the sky in front of me when I look at the sky I see the future I see what the future that I want but I have to stop looking at the sky cause when I look down I look at reality
Martyn Hannant

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Cloud, Sky & Wind

Does sky, cloud or wind think about us, you & me?
If so, where does sky, cloud or wind think? Does sky know it is sky?
What concerns the sky?
What cloud floats in doubt?
Do winds roam free without fear of getting lost?
Is sky a reminder to us to be, without any concern?
Where does sky end & we begin?
A seeker once wrote: 'the traditions of Sky reflect in the learning of self. Sky always has a yawning smile, whether blue or not.'
From somewhere inside Sky,
Speck in Youniverse
Bullion Grey

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A Touch By A Rose Is To Be Touch With Respect.

For one who's been touch by the morning sun that kiss the beautiful blue sky and yet every bird that one see is the bird of he angel that will fill the night air with respect but yet for one to who see the sun shall feel the warmth of the sun touch once heart with respect.

Thus the night sky will be fill with the touch of respect or every star that one see is the family of the angels hat fill the night sky just to see the sky thus the more one see the more the stars will light up the night sky with respect yet a touch by a rose is o be touch with respect.

Where there respect for there the sun that will kiss the blue sky with respect thus when the warm smile touch once heart for where there happiness for one shall sparkle with the touch of respect every min that a rose touch a heart is the rose of respect to feel the night breeze that whisper respect.

What a lovely night for a walk under the stars that sparkle in the night sky when the moon raise with the light of life for every heart been touch with the respect of the angels of Star bucks for it's the stars that fill once heart just to look into once eyes thus once eyes will twinkle in the night.
Raymond Sawyer

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