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i wonder

yesterday you told me about the blue sky
the birds sang wonderful songs about us
the wind embraced our heart
that you could be as vast as the sky
a shelter of my own protection
you crowned me with your words
you made me believe that the sky is really blue
that you were my sky
lifted me up upon hands of cloud
yesterday you told me about the sea
sailed us away over seven seas
that you could be as deep as the sea
laid me down under
yesterday we walked hand in hand
over the sea under the sky
now you are lost in your in your own words
can you still tell about the blue sky
about the deep blue sea
i wonder
celestial jewel

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When I look up to the sky
I hope to see,
A sapphire sky
Spreading out like the sea.

But when I look at the Phoenix sky,
I see a sight that makes me cry
A sky that was once sapphire blue,
Is grey from regular pollution times two!

How can we let our sky once so blue?
Become the dump for exhaust and fumes

I hoe one day to look at the sky,
To see a sapphire sea
Bigger than reality
Holly Rucker

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In heaven

walking through the lines of the street
like soft white blankets
with the ground going to the clouds
of soft puffy pillows laying hands
on the ground
i lay watching the clouds
in the sky while the
sun going down
with beautiful colors
while the sun goes down
the clouds gather to the sun
than go down the night
sky up when the moon
glowing in the sky
with the stars shining
to show off the sky
while you close your eyes
to see the world changing
while you live through
the life while the sky
you see everday
to touch the sky
the clouds
feels like a soft kitty
you hold in your arms
christina weinke

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I Smell the Sea

I smell the sea
That beautiful
Sea smell
Is so fresh
I see the sunset
In the sky
The sky
Is beautiful
And the birds
Are flying in the sky
Aldo Kraas

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