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Little Beauties

Little beauties shine behind the deluding sky, screaming wildly to be let loose, their wills hanging over the crust of time, glimmering yet behind the new sky, therein they set ablaze the lilliac sky, not swirling close my hepless sighs, and thus they shorn into no history but an eager tommorow, awaiting silently the touch of their infinite glows!
Alafe Ramat

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Falling From The Sky

Open my eyes a name is called from the sky as I fall from so high woundering were I will land and die in the ocean or on the ground were ever my body is found torn apart or intact were ever they find me at but none the less as I fall from the sky my wings are broken my halo is gone falling faster watching the days go by never really woundering why I'm falling from the sky
Akilleas Sideous

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Bombers Nightmare

When you fly high in the sky looking down at those many death defyning explosions of the bomb you dropped.
The sky lights up like a firework in a celebration but this isn't a celebration its a bomb that kills thousands of unwanting souls.
As you watch in horror as your buddies plane was shot down from the sky you notice is it worth it to dropp thousands of bombs when you know only little will return home.
It happens you are shot from the sky your planes on fire and theres nothing you could do but wait, wait till you hit the ground and explode into pieces and your other pals cry knowing it just going to repeat.
ben jimmy

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Every Child Creates A Skylight Of Beauty

Every child creates a skilight of beauty in the sky at home
And from where I was standing here on earth I could see the skilight of Beauty in the sky
But I found it to be beautiful and amazing at the saqme time
Because the skilight of beauty in the sky had so many vivid colors that Blended very well with the sky
Aldo Kraas

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