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God gave me today that cloudy sky
And I can't tell God what to do
Because God is the owner of the sky
And the sky belongs to him
Aldo Kraas

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The Sky

The sky is that space above the earth, like a sea,
The sky is there you can see when you look up,
Where clouds and the sun appears in the day,
The sky is there you can see when you look up
where the moon and the stars appears in the night.

What is that in the sky?
The sky sometimes goes dark,
And sometimes starts to rain.
What is that in the sky that makes it dark?
What is that in the sky that makes it rain?

There is a land of blue skies and sunshine,
In my heart, may be its a dream.
No, it is reality, cause the sky,
Is one of the reasons for sight.
There is a land of starry skies and moonlight,
In my heart, may be its a dream again,
No, it is never, cause the sky is beautiful.

Is the reason for sight,
The skies above my dreams are always,
Ablazing with a spectacular firework, displays.
The sky's my limit.

The sun travel through the sky,
The moon journeys through the sky,
Stars dances and plays in the field of the sky,
The sky is blue and beautiful.
Ogu Henry Chijioke8888

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The Beauty of the Sky

Sitting there watching the sky
Watching the clouds pass me by
The sky is a deep blue
You can get lost in the clouds for a few
Day dreaming that you are floating on the clouds
Just you, with no one else around
Watching the clouds take a defined form
Observing the sky getting dark for a storm
Fierce lighting blazing
Lying there gazing
In amazement of the sky’s different faces
Dreaming about different places
Watching the sky turn orange and red
As the sun sets while lying there in my bed
In the early morning
Noticing the clouds forming
The purple and blue sky is grabbing my attention
It is too beautiful not to mention
It is breath taking
There is no mistaking
The many different feelings
You can observe the earth’s dealings
Just as our moods can change
The sky is a face that reflects the earth’s strains
Tornados and hurricanes
You respect its reins
Raindrops falling
Cleansing the earth for its calling
Beautiful white snow
In the evening hours you can see its glow
Appreciating the sky’s beauty
As it goes on accomplishing its duty
Lighting striking while it illuminates
The clouds depth and rejuvenates
Lying there observing
The beauty of the sky that is well deserving
Ms. JStar

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The white sky is in my dream
And it is so ugly to look at because he doesn't have any life to it
But white is also a boring color for the sky
Also I must admit that te snow is white and white is fine for the snow but Not for the sky
God please paint the sky blue tomorrow because I can't stand to look at that Boring white sky
God I want you to give some life to that sky by tomorrow
Please don't forget that
Because I am bragging tou to do something about that sky
God if you finish painting the sky with paint and a brush than you will be Able to add some stars at night
And make that stars shine at night I beat that people like me and Others will start to pay attention in the sky
Aldo Kraas

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