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The Sky Of My Dreams

She is the sky of my dreams, mysterious as the colors of the sunrise, and as beautiful and
glorious the transfer of day to night; drawing me into her arms and into her heart, as
the moon pushes the tides closer to shore
Loving me and holding me, as the night holds
the earth close as it grows; as the darkness engulfs the sky, sleep slowly comes, holding
us tight, secure in our dreams
The morning slowly comes to wake us from peace, and
she rises at my side with the sun, that slowly moves up through the sky, pushing the night
and the peace, slowly to a place it's not willing to share
Awake I smile showing my love
to the one I adore; I watch my sky, as I tingle all over, like a tree sways from the wind
blowing through
Kissing my lips she hears my thoughts, and smiles to me as the sun
smiles upon the earth, wakening it from the night, which slowly chose to go
She crawls back to my side, to feel secure in the warmth, which we so happily made
Not caring of the time as the sun moves slowly, yet quickly above
I watch my sky, the sky of my dreams, as the sun watches us, with its eyes in the sky
Knowing only love and the warmth of her touch, so close by my side, as she falls back to sleep with a smile of peace.
Colin Todd Andreas

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Am I A Christian

I look to the skies and ask am i getting it right am i getting it done---

did i learn to walk or stay on the run--

is life that fast-that i forget to rest-

or does it mean that much to know i, m the best-

i look to the skies and shout out loud

am i who i am or am i just to damn proud-

i look for a single flower or a simple sign-

what is yours and what is mine--

when it has all been said and done

do i really think i am the one---

will it all be for a not --

or did i ever see and now forgot-

i look to the skies and ask--

give me a sign or show me a task-

is my life for the cup- or is it a flask-

i look to the skies and say

is my life forever or just another day-

i look to the skies and say-

i never look at the garden i am in -just a single flower today- i look to the skies--

i look to the skies and say--- just show me the way.
david moonlight

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Time And Sky

Your name is time
Your name is sky
Time and sky have
Major role to play
In my life.

I am in the sky
I am under the sky
And I am within the time
To test me in time
Though I am above time.

Time is the root cause
Of my living with all
Sky is the witness
Of my living with all.

Time has its own eyes
And ears and speech
And hands and feet
Sky is the nature of time.

Tell the sky
Time is ahead
With its own
Cause and effect.
gajanan mishra

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Living For The Glory

It’s kind of funny how life changes directions when you have something to live for. Yet haters steady hating on you because they can never have what you got, now they trying to bring you down, Damn Jealousy its powerful emotion to flow on, I hate a hater, but I couldn’t be a player hater.

Steady flowing through the sky with my wings spread wide while my haters looking up to the sky, I’m asking myself is this death or life cause I’m seeing myself in the sky, but feel as I’m six feet deep, buried alive. Smirk on my face, and people asking, 'Is this little boy rapping poetry? '

Hell no, it’s just a brief intervention to my life story. I’m still a little young and dumb, still making mistakes that make my Earth quake. Cops use to shake me down, but shid they need not worry about catching me now. I’m like a Saab on interstate 75, straight from the DYT, and a brother that’s always just trying to live his life.

Breaks over, so now you know what I’m about, trying to live a life where there is always other humans constantly trying to bring me down, The only question is, What to do now? Do I live or do I Die? ? ?
Arthur V. Miller III

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