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Jet, Cracked Paint, Tea

The clouds take a little blue from the sky
beyond, how beautiful the weather makes life
seem. The sky is where the soul goes when
the mind runs out of destinations. We love
the mountains because that's where the earth
meets the sky. If you just watch the sky
an hour each day, lie back in the grass,
you'll never be ill. When it rains your face
becomes a holy bowl. Once I was a beggar, no
cares, by railroad tracks. They too disappeared
into the sky. A small town you could hold in your fist
on the prairie. A big city easy to hold in your mind
when you're in the sky. The clouds take a little blue
from the sky. The sky takes a little blue from your soul...
Robert Ronnow

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A white dove flying in the sky.
It symbolizes silences and says no violence.
A white dove flying in the sky is pretty.
It symbolizes beauty and says we should always do our duty.
A white dove flying in the sky.
It shifts and glides, signifies ups and downs in life.
A white dove flying in the sky.
Heaping higher and higher, it signifies we must progress high and high.
A white dove flying in the sky.
It symbolizes that we must be free, celebrate freedom which we did not get free.
A white dove flying in the sky, piercing through air flying high and high never feeling shy.
A white dove flying in the sky.
Taking lot of pain without thinking about gain flying high and high for reaching the sky, symbolizes we must always work without thinking about gain.
Even if we have lot of pain we should fly towards our destination which will make our life sensational always momentous.
Narendra Kuppan

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Blue Sky

Blue Sky, Blue Sky, please don't be obscured
Your saphire beauty makes me assured
That whatever misfortunes fate has procured
I am against glumness and sadness inured

Blue Sky, Blue Sky, I confess I'm enamoured
You release me from those who have crowded and clamoured
You replenish the peace their noise has devoured
And nurture serentity where it once flowered

Blue Sky, Blue Sky, you have my devotion
Blue Sky the widest, deepest, most ephemeral ocean
You set my soul sailing on pacific emotion
Your glad tide sweeps away my most plaintive notion

Blue Sky, Blue Sky, when I gaze into you
I fall under the spell of your azure hue
Until everything old and familiar seems new
And I remember where awe and wonder once grew

Blue Sky.
Mike Michaels

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Where Sea Meets Sky

Where sea meets sky

Why is it that the rain makes people want to cry? If I were the rain, could I connect two hearts, the way rain connects the earth and sky? Sometimes, I wish I were the rain, then, I could touch people and feel their feelings..... Connect with their hearts. Maybe then, just maybe, I could understand their pain, and find out why they cry.
I wish I had GOD's eyes. That way, I could see into your heart and know what you're really feeling. I wouldn't have to guess, wouldn't have to wonder, and I could touch your pain, maybe heal it. Give courage to your fear, make a connection for both our sakes.... GOD knows we need it.
Even though the two never touch. If I were the rain, I can make the sea meet the sky. I can make Romeo meet Juliet, weaving happily-ever-afters and 'will you be mine? ''s in between kisses under gray skies. I could wash away the doubt from before, the fear, Wash It clean until there is nothing left but a moment between hearts, a stare between eyes, and a shrinking space between lips.
If I were the rain, I wouldn't want people to cry when I visit. I'd want them to remember those moments underneath me, when I helped make a connection. I want people to dance with me, sing to me, welcome me and laugh at those who wish me gone. I want people to fall in love with me, and maybe cry when I leave. I want that type of connection with them, one thought impossible, like how I would connect the sea and sky. I want to erase all doubts between us, and see you smile, in a place that used to only make you cry.
Bragg Adocio

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