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innocence asks,
why is the sky blue
and the grass green,
guilt asks, of blue and green,
sky and grass,

redemption for sinning,
polluting skies and grasses
grey with smog,

why oh why,
is the sky not blue
nor the grass not green
shimon weinroth

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Night Of Moon And Star

On the surface of see-through water
On the night moon star of the great sky
On the sky that I dream on
Reflects the face that I dream on
Time... will change human
Human's heart... human's being
Human's beauty... and so on
For they are only momentary things
Night sky full of moon and star
Sky reflects the real face of human
maria sudibyo

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Flowers In The Dark

Can you see flowers in the dark
While walking in the park
Accompanied by the sky lark

Can you hear the sky lark
While walking in the park
Looking for flowers in the dark

Can you walk in the park
Listening to the sky lark
Look for flowers in the dark

Can the sky lark
Listening to flowers in the dark
Walk in the park

Can the flowers in the park
Listening to the sky lark
Notice you in the dark
Jamie Collins

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Poems On / About SKY