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Poems On / About SLEEP  10/21/2014 10:10:17 PM
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Oh, compassionate sleep
Embrace me
Let the reality become
The fantasy
And the fantasy be
The reality

Oh sleep
Hold me
In your arms
Where the anguishing memories
Of the past fade away
And peace and warmth prevails

Oh sleep
Drown me
In your darkness
Make me forget everything
Like a newborn
Whose fragile mind
Knows nothing of
This selfish world

Oh sleep
Grant me my wish
This time when i close my eyes
I long to sleep
Rabia Naveed

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Sleep my love
Sun is fading away
It's nearly lighting out my dear
When Black satin covers the sky
Let me have you as my light
Stars start sparkling like your eyes
Moon is beating like your heartbeats
Sleep my darling
Night needs your pure breaths
And I need your purity
Sleep my darling tightly, softly, safely
I'm by your side forever
Sleep my darling tightly, softly, safely
Sleep my love
baharak barzin

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As She Sleeps

As she sleeps
I count tiny little fingers
I look at her feet
As she sleeps
I bask in the glory and wonder of her beauty
So soft and tender and chubby those cheeks
As she sleeps
I watch how she breathes oh how each breath when taken seems so unique.
As she sleeps
I can't help but wonder how a father could leave
a young one so innocent, so peaceful and meek.
Yet as I sit looking at her protected by sheets
I wonder what life for her later might be
All this I wonder as my beautiful, baby sleeps.
Mickel Allen

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Tedina's endless sleep

It's like a dream to us all
that thou art
in an endless sleep

It all started like a joke
when thy head got hurt
you survived the theatre twice
As time jogged on
an endless sleep called thou

Thy response
to an endless sleep
is the cause
our eyes are wet
and our hearts bitter
Thy love craves for thee
she weeps bitterly
for thou can't awake
from thy endless sleep
to see thy sons and daughters
become men and women

thy endless sleep
has wounded our hearts
in pain we shall be
as long as we stay awake.
Inawo Murphy Ternenge

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Poems On / About SLEEP