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Best Poems About / On SLEEP
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Demons Beneath Our Feet

The day is bright under the sun life appears so much fun. Beneath our feet the demons sleep in peace as the day turns grey, night fades too day from their place they awake ready to prey. Humans dreams are their rewards. Late at night the wings unfold. Many may not know they feed from our soul the dreams of life in the darkest of nights. What we have reached for dreams reaped. In our sleep in the peace of night they rip from our hide all the dreams. It may not seem right, fight if you might it is as this. What is stolen is the soul pulled down below to the unknown, bought and sold the dreams of yours and mine it seem fine look deep inside the demons have took yours right along with mine the love that was divine Left behind is hate and deceits the pride behind false eyes. This is not a lie in your head is what they want you to see There are no rights, nowhere to run and hide. From behind they will destroy what once yours what was once was mine. Tears in the eyes attempt to cleanse the fear of the night as we sleep the hopes and dreams are pulled below we are left to weep in empty souls it takes it toll. We're left to walk the roads alone Have a smoke, Inside we're left with empty eyes to hide the lies of this life
Jerry Luttrell

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Refuge Hiding From Flu

sleep sleep sleep retreat
back a residue headache
eyes on stalks body aches

Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

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There Is The Dark Night Inside Of My Heart

There is the dark night inside of my heart
But I am hopping that God will come this way and bright up my heart With a candle an a lighter so whe can light the candle and bright up my Heart
So the kid that sleeps in my heart doesn't have to sleep in my heart
Because that is the first night and the first time that the kid sleeps Inside my heart and he is afraid of the dark to be honest with you
Aldo Kraas

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It seems like I have been moving non-stop for so long that I have lost track of who and where I am. This realization hits me when I see myself in the mirror, I see who I really am and in contrast who I must be. Living in this world where you are either accepted are cast out, wandering or following a path. Yet, all I yearn for with all my heart now is for rest, just a simple place I can stop and catch my breath. I yearn for that place where I can sleep and dream of freedom from my own inner bondage. The question I ask myself is why do I hide, why do I run when I can only walk, why do I lie when I should pour honesty from my heart, why do I laugh when I should cry, why do I hate when I should love, why do I tremble when I should stand firm, why do I hide my best so I can show my worst? Why is it that when I ask these questions tears run down my cheeks and why is it when this happens I finally can say “I understand”. a wandering existence and a wandering mind are always with me as I travel down this void known as life. Still I seek my rest, my sleep, my dreams and comfort. I only wish to stop and catch my breath in the brisk cold air that refreshes so much and to sleep where I can finally feel safe. For me it used to be called home but now it is just this cold open land. Now I think I will rest here until I can see the sun again……
johann weiss

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