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Poems On / About SLEEP  8/27/2014 12:08:03 PM
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A man looked down at his dog on the floor
and he wondered why
the dog was content to sleep on the floor
or wherever he would lie?
So the man got down on the floor to sleep
and found he was wide awake.
His back was sore and the rest of him
turned into one big ache.
The dog awoke and looked at the man,
then slept in the man's chair.
The man looked up at the dog and knew
that dog could sleep anywhere.
Edwina Reizer

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Elusive Sleep

Sleep evades me in the night
I listen to sounds make thoughts
which play upon my mind
in the dark of the room I lay
waiting for serenity to come
time passes slowly
as though held imperfect
its warm, too warm for comfort
and too cold beyond the bed sheet
the day has been long, the body aches
still, still sleep evades me
and those sounds, each shadow
play upon the mind more and more
restless and anxious for sleep
to rest, to dream, to be at peace
the elusive sleep in the night
where thoughts consume me
Matthew Holloway

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Sleep, slept, dream, dreamt, awoke, wept, thought, slept.
Shut eyes, thought, pondered more, dream again, fall on the floor.
Back in bed, scratch my head, shut my eyes, feel like I'm dead.
Awake again, wash rinse repeat, go to work, work then eat.
Back at home, shut the door, sit down with tv, ponder more.
Think this life is on repeat, wash and rinse, sleep.
ekul leets

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'These Flowers'

'These Flowers'

on this hill the winds blow
and the feild of flowers dance with the winds song,
the sun and starts audience to this sight;
bees the tax collecters, collect the nector of these flowers,
yet on this hill is peace and beauty,
the flowers are a barrier to the creatures
that live amongst them, when the sun sleeps
and the moon awakens opening her eyes to the beauty of
the flowers, they sleep under this moon, that guards them
healing them as they sleep,
and as the moon sleeps and the sun awakens
this beauty awakens to this new dawn.
jordan scown

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Poems On / About SLEEP