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Poems On / About SLEEP  7/28/2014 5:30:18 PM
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Why Are Dreams So Fascinating

Interwoven with
Rainbow colored threads of
Affection, care, love
Surrender, union
Hope and aspiration
Why are these dreams
So fascinating

At times sleep gets wings
At times wings get sleep
We sleep while awake
We awake while sleeping

Fetching glow in
Light deprived eyes
Bringing smile on
Gloomy lips
Presenting music of life
To depressed life

Stretching wider
Wings of imagination
We cherish some moments
Due to support of dreams
Like silvery line
At the verge of
Darker clouds
These dreams
Why are they
So enchanting

The moment
My dreams
Get a full stop
Spinning wheel of my life
Will also get
Ultimate rest.

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A man looked down at his dog on the floor
and he wondered why
the dog was content to sleep on the floor
or wherever he would lie?
So the man got down on the floor to sleep
and found he was wide awake.
His back was sore and the rest of him
turned into one big ache.
The dog awoke and looked at the man,
then slept in the man's chair.
The man looked up at the dog and knew
that dog could sleep anywhere.
Edwina Reizer

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To Dream a Dream

To dream a dream-
a deep day dream-
living through my day dreams:
I'm forever seeming, falling, sleeping,
spending hours lying, dreaming;
(dying slowly, not realizing)
sleeping deeper not realizing
as death arrives on his steed,
a black steed, uncompromising,
to perform a deed
(Not true nor false): but realization
sleeps with speed;
so slow the past, with realization,
becomes the dream.
As I'm forever drowning, dreaming, sleeping,
drowning in my day dreams;
such deep day dreams
can't dream to dream.
Michael Ardizzone

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dreaming city

When the whole city goes to sleep
Dreams and hopes arise in the company
Of the cold darkness
When the whole city goes to sleep
Pure imaginations crawl out of their cage
To free the long imprisoned ego slave

When the whole city goes to sleep
Many desires become thirstier
Many rich souls change from rich to wealthier

When the whole city goes to sleep
Many ills are unleashed
irenio irenaeus bero

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