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Intelegence it tell smarts of someone it is a word that tells something about someone and yet..............there is something else it is not something jus to be intelegent u have to understand people u have to use ur intelegence to do something...........something smart something worth.............worth the intelegence u were given u have to that intelegence to do to make ur life worth it if itz jus to get good gradez in school 2 jus making something new..............(worth wild) worth wild a word that I think about a lot something that has worth to it..........the meaning of intelegence is to be turly smart beyond conprohension................far beyond or a little above smart............or jus intelegent in love, heath, all thingz intelegence does not have to be limited to one thing, or sudject.............myself I would not say that I am intelegent I would say I am jus smart.......these are jus my thoughtz intirely..............and these are my thoughtz on intelegence................
Alexander McCray

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Their Smart Missiles Are Not Smarter Than The Pretty Defenders

Killing innocent people with smart-imported missiles Will not achieve a victory, but It will make people (defenders) smarter to defend themselves, Smart-missiles (AIR TO HOUSES, AIR TO EARTH, AIR TO CARS, AIR TO A FARMER, ....) are weapons of mass genocides Simply because they only target innocent people - of any kind - I'm against killing innocent people anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, If you are able to destroy everyone and everything, then Remember that God is over you and over your superiority anytime, Arrogance has failed because of people's strong will against Any ugly and mean aggression, People will not die - some might die - Because they have the pretty inclination to survive, Smart-missiles of aggression and arrogance will fall and will fail Against people's determination to defend themselves, so Store your smart-missiles in the muddy water because you might Need to look for fish among them one day.

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The Italian Angel

Drink the night away, smart angel
Tomorrow gluttony strikes
Manifest colors of yellow smart angel
The good times might not last

Hide the secrets in your bosom, smart angel
Let the world reward
He might not be silent as always, smart angel
Colors of saffron gulp the sky

Spread your wings wide, smart angel
The wind might not be so strong
Rejoice the revelry, smart angel
Autumn leaves fire the night

Pay no heed, smart angel
The voices cower under dark boots
Spartan lives go crumbling, smart angel
Your feet upon tender leaves

Go rejoicing, smart angel
The crown upon a foolish head
Go crumbling down, smart angel
The dark horse upon a silver streak
Pranav Borah

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Life has two points, a beginning and an end,
It can be lived a multitude of ways,
Positive, negative, boring, interesting, sad and many more,
For some it can be a persevering and others “a walk in the park”.

For those who are smart and intelligent, life will be hard,
Even in this modern world the smart and intelligent are ask all the questions,
But the question they don’t get asked is a simple “how are you? ”,
The one thing we do not receive is thoughtful “thanks”.

There are those who leech off the smart and intelligent,
Feeding from what they tell them that they have learned,
Expecting something for nothing, and when the smart don’t give an answer
They are met with hostility and threatened with social unacceptance.

The smart and intelligent become isolated and try to separate themselves away from everyone,
The smart and intelligent are seen as social outcasts because they don’t consume alcohol on a regular basses,
The smart and intelligent are seen as freaks, geeks and nerds, socially unequal to everyone else,
The smart and intelligent are the pieces of the jigsaw that don’t fit with the one society has made.

This is a hard a difficult world for the smart and intelligent.
Ros Venn

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