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Poems On / About SMART  3/6/2015 8:07:26 AM
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The Italian Angel

Drink the night away, smart angel
Tomorrow gluttony strikes
Manifest colors of yellow smart angel
The good times might not last

Hide the secrets in your bosom, smart angel
Let the world reward
He might not be silent as always, smart angel
Colors of saffron gulp the sky

Spread your wings wide, smart angel
The wind might not be so strong
Rejoice the revelry, smart angel
Autumn leaves fire the night

Pay no heed, smart angel
The voices cower under dark boots
Spartan lives go crumbling, smart angel
Your feet upon tender leaves

Go rejoicing, smart angel
The crown upon a foolish head
Go crumbling down, smart angel
The dark horse upon a silver streak
Pranav Borah

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I Am

I am funny and smart
I wonder when i'll die
I hear tiny voices
I see wierd purple people
I want to model
I am funny and smart

I pretend to care
I feel special
I touch his soul
I worry about my brother
I cry for my best friend
I am funny and smart

I understand about death
I say my heart is special
I dream about true love
I try to to be good
I hope to succeed
I am funny and smart
Astacia Glover

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colour of love

If I am smart
You I will hunt
On you I mark
My blood and soul
For you I tag
My brain with gold

If I am smart
You I will hunt
A pot of love
Kisses in my gun
sharpest blade of hugs
Jahovah's tree of convenant

Lady you are smart
Lady I love you
Lady you are beautiful
Lady I miss you
Lady my personal person
Lady you my mind

Beautiful you are smart
Like sea blue rainbow
Love breeze lemon green
Body of my life
Your shell is pink
Gift is my heart!
Prince Lartey

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are you smart?

were you


are you smart

kristyann celello

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Poems On / About SMART