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Best Poems About / On SOLDIER
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Just A Soldier

I am a soldier.
Just a soldier, and don’t ask me
What’s the sense
In living.

I’ve never come to know it
For myself.

I am a soldier,
Just a soldier on my path
Of war and killing.
Beyond forgiving
And beyond

Carte blanche
As long as Fate commands;
No strings attached
And no amenability.

A puppet with a knife.
Not knowing is so sweet.
What vility.
Eleanor ...

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soldier is coming
war is not over
a battle just begin, a rage in rapture
don't know how to hide
i'm going

soldier is leaving
still war is not over
a new combat just begin, insanity captured
don't know how to run
i'm staying

cry till your last tears
soldier is saying
last tears then i have
yet feeling stays unchanged
soldier is disappearing
while i lost my wings
i'm dying
magenta cyans

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Nigerian Biafran War

The Biafrans cry separate
Nigerians cry we are one
The Nigerians and Biafrans
in a royal rumble

For non would submit to humble
as non would come to agreement
so they decided to fumble
and settle themselves on the battle field

The Nigerian soldiers fully prepared
Biafran soldiers thought they were ready
the opposing soldiers were excited
on the day of thier first outing

The soldiers filled with joy
the men filled with hatred
the women filled with fear
and the children with innocence

A bomb blast is heard
the soldiers quack their guns
the men getting ready to attack
the women in absolute confussion

The youths pick up weapons
the children sheding out blood
the soldiers held unto thier triggers
as men fell like woods

The rich flying abroad
the poor into the bush
women and children trampled
while some died at the instance

The children cries are heard
the shout of the women aswell
the grumbling of the men
and the mummuring of the youths

Nigerian soldiers chant their war songs
as they return with Biafrans defeated
though they still cry separate
the echoes of oneness is louder

The bodies of the dead were gathered
and the injured too
non could bear to stand and stare
at the worst of scenes

Women and children cried out thier hearts
the men were left with shocks
as every one reaised that war means death
and the reign of peace brings life
micheal udenyi

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Tin Heart

Twenty five soldier boys standing in a line
Twenty five army toys made out of tin
But the last one was broken
Missing a leg
And he stood the straightest
Of them all

His line stood straight
Eyes facing forward
But our one legged soldier
Looked toward the doll house
She was a ballerina
He was a soldier toy
And he loved her

At night the toys come out to play
But our steadfast little soldier
Just longed for the ballerina

Out popped the Jack-in-the-box
Who mocked and scoffed
Why would the beautiful ballerina
Pick a broken soldier?
Any fool could see that Jack wanted her too

But the soldier just ignored him

The next day came
And the little boy set the soldier on the windowsill
But by terrible luck
Or maybe it was Jack
The window blew open and down the steadfast little soldier fell
The way

Some boys picked him up and made a boat
Out of paper
And sent him sailing down the Thames

Our steadfast tin soldier stood steady at the wheel
But he wished for the ballerina to stay his trembling heart
Through rapids and down waterfalls
He tumbled
Still standing steadfast at the helm

But the boat was made of paper
And eventually the soggy bottom tore
And down little soldier fell
Once more

But at the bottom of the river
A big fish swallowed him whole
And the tin soldier was trapped in the darkness of a ribcage
For a long

Then mama cut open the fish she was cooking up for dinner
And there was our steadfast little toy
She just smiled and put him above the hearth
And he was happy to be home
For he could see the ballerina once more

But the Jack-in-the-box leered with anger
And maybe it was him
Or maybe just a stray gust of wind
But the soldier fell from the mantle
And into the flames
The wind caught the ballerina too and she joined him in the coals

And in the morning
When mama swept out the hearth
All that was left of the soldier and the ballerina's love
Was a heart
Made out of tin
Tsunami HiroshiSu

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