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Poems On / About SOLDIER  12/18/2014 7:27:31 PM
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Soldier On...

Soldier On....

My life's been full of regrets from the past,
But i stand tall and continue to last.
I will not give up at the fight of day,
Soldier on i must.....and pave the way.

I have turned a new leaf in this journey called living,
Soldier on i must and never stop giving.
I share my story and continue to pray,
and ask the Lord to show me and say.....
Soldier on my child.....and i will carry you the extra mile.

Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy

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I was Born for heavenly aim

Who said, a soldier was born to die?
Hitherto dose'nt prove hence who said why?
Why do they yell and, do cry?
For a man who reached ample high!
Abode of eternity!
Heaven of infinity!

A soldier, who live and die for the nation,
Is not a forgettable or midget creation,
He who died in this passionate passion,
Left a noted precedent of noble division,
Of his noble birth
For his nation worth,

In peace in war, who stand still,
In rain, rage, rill, tempest, tornado, typhoon and fill,
His soul with a righteous will,
To bring back peace in country till,
Comes serenity,
Comes tranquility,

I'm a soldier, born to live, for heavenly aim,
Born to serve, defend, and earn eternal fame,
My life is reserved hence not lame,
Man of concrete, Soldier is my name,
Don't matter, If I'd die,
Tell my mom not to cry,
Born to live,
Not to Die.

Written By
Mohammad Shahid Hussain Chouhdry
1136 am 14 June,2014
Shahid Hussain Chouhdry

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Is this the dark side of the story?

A wounded soldier walks with his gun towards the enemy area.
And he found an enemy wounded soldier with his gun
But no ammunition.
He cried in difficulty; 'Please do not shoot me adjutant as I am helpless.'
Then the other soldier said; 'We are friends now and no doubt about that
But tell me Sergeant where do we go without any hindrance? '

* Really there are no enemies among human beings, all are brother & sister soldiers against the cold war of life.
nimal dunuhinga

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My Soldier

My Soldier is tough and rough but gentle and sweet.
Depending on the day, either way one way or another, gentle or sweet, tough or rough, She will always own my Heart.
My Soldier can walk a mile in anyone's shoes, so she knows just how they feel.
She has a Heart of gold, and don't like to be fooled.
My Soldier wears her boots with Pride, loves what she does, will stand up for the weak, reguardless of race, she learns quite fast, I know in my Heart she will Defend us all well.
My Soldier is my Daughter, in which I am so very Proud.
Dixie Tanson

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