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Sing A Song Of The Fruits

Sing a song of the fruits
Sing a song not of the roots,
A sweet song of the tall tree
that sets our tummies free!

A song of the fig and twig
A twig of the tree so big,
Sing a song of the branch
that cooks our lunch!

Song sung of the fruit banana,
Song sung 'halala! '
Song sung of the fruit mengo,
Sung in mine own lingo!

Song sung of the fruit peach
Sung in a football pitch,
Song sung of the fruit orange
Sung in Mazoe Citrus Range!

Song sung of Kola Nuts
Sung in Wole Soyinka's huts,
Song sung of Fruit-a-rama
Sung by Mitchelle Obama!

Sing the song, sing along
Sing not and I'll sing alone!
Sing like those who sing for Allah,
So sweet the song, sing: 'Halalaa! '

* 'HALALA' is a ZULU praise interjection.
Comfort Ndlovu

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We Write A Song

Those tender kisses that passionate touch the moisture our bodies create, Oh my God this is the ecstacy my body thrives on, this moment is the birth of love, our energy exchanges, together we are a binary convergence, our structure permeates the universal need of closeness, you and I escape with candles and a song,
I write a song for you, you write a song for me, we write a song for each other you and I, together we transend the harmony the melody, our tempo flucuates with the movement of our souls.it is just you I hold, nothing else exist, we are suspended in time dancing with the stars, can you feel it, my heart now beats only for you, each second we spend is eternal bliss, I am yours, you are mine, together we are a design a beautiful portrait, our love is a fortress, oh please let this last forever, every detail is perfected, oh baby can you hear it, the pleasure in my voice, we've created a symphony
Selena Readmond

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Winged Songs

Only the song support we at twilight...

Only our song gave us big wings...

Only by songs we can recover a sun...

Only songs felt nightly dream light...
Tsira Gogeshvili

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Sing Me A Song

Sing me a song of happiness and joy
Sing me a song of sorrow and despair
Sing me a song of what your memory dwells on
Sing me a song to the end.
Brooke McMinn

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