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A Love Song

I shall stand in the rain and sing
I will sing to you my love as tears of love flow
And let the lyrics echo in the ears of your heart
I wont sing just any song but a love song

After I sing to you this song my angel Your love will be gushing out just to quench my thirsty heart
Oh I shall drink from the well of your love tonight
Your shuddered breath shall only be controlled by my tender kiss

Your dark and lonely nights shall be forgotten
So as the music fades, will you please tango with me, beautiful?
Tango with me in the rain as I sing a love song
Let me flame up your emotion and let loose your being with my love song

Let song repeat and sink in you like a drum beat
Let it play in your head for the rest of your day
Till the stars fall, until the sun turns grey
That day when the horse will moo and the cow neigh

Let the beating of your heart match my love song
And marvel with me in the rain when we shudder in passion
Let this piece engulf your being till all you want
Moostef Vosti

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The City Sings The Song Of Death

The City sings the song of Death
Death that roams in the streets
Fearless and merciless, its hands smeared with blood
Its clothes drenched, its desire insatiable
It yearns for more bodies, for more and more
And yet more

The City sings the song of Death
A song whose tragic pitch would scare of birds
Were they to listen to its harrowing cadence
A song that makes babies cry and disturbs the old
A song that is sung by every one who lives in the city of Death
In fear, in pain, in terror
For Death itself has come to life
For Death itself, unchained and unchecked, roams around freely
Who shall now question Death?

The City sings the song of Death
My City sings the song of Death
I too sing the song of Death
And so do the millions that live with me
In the City of Death
Abdul Samad

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it has been a while, but around the turning of the 24 hour intervals deemed a day i have been in the car with my frequencies in check with my interest so that i may have the utmost listening per road experience. during a particular song the world stopped. we kept moving but everything had come to a particular halt. i could still hear the engine igniting and roaring and i could still hear the wheels turning and i could still listen to the road crumble. but out of all the noise that was subtle and clean grew a song so enveloushing that my ears could not escape the sound and my eyes could not tear from the road. in that small moment i had frozen myself. i could not speak or respond or move. all i could do was intercept sight and sound. and in that same moment all i could imagine if that song never ended. if that road never ended. if my life never ended. and if that night never ended. as long as i thought about her, i would be content with my fate.
Kian Sheik

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Sing a song of love tonight
Sing a song of stars so bright
Sing a song like a fairytale
Send it to the nightingale.
Kasia Fedyk

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