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The Poet

Back of his splendid song, O think of the songs unsung!
Back of his painted dreams, the dreams that he never reveals!
Behind each lyric of rapture
The songs that he cannot capture,
Save for his own delight, to keep his heart still young!

But the songs that he never can sing--
Children created of one glad song that tells us what he feels--
Some day they shall be uttered,
When far his soul has fluttered,
Sung by an unborn singer in a new and wonderful Spring!
Charles Hanson Towne

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Unspoken Heart Song

Subtle notes fly upon the breeze, notes coming from a guitar of the night.
The guitar plays sweetly for its master, for its gentle master.
The master is a young man, trying to find himself.
A young man with eyes full of care, behind these fair eyes a heart full of love.
You can hear his heart’s song on the breeze, for he plays from his heart.
His eyes meet mine, and I cannot help but feel at peace, the song makes my heart hum with delight.
I can feel the love held inside him, even though he does not play for me.
He is playing the same song that plays in the heart of his darling; his song is calling to her.
“Come home, come home to me darling. I am calling you, can’t you hear me? ”
Is the unspoken song on the breeze.
Tolly Rebeka Christian BlackWolf Hawk

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Our Song

a song I never knew
has now become the song I can never forget
it is the song that can cure all
for I sit and listen to that song everyday
its reminds me of all the good
it reminds me of so much
for these lyrics I will never forget
for no matter how bad a day
all I have to do is hit play
and it will all be ok
with this one song I become
so peaceful
so happy
so relaxed
I never thought I would ever feel this calm
but now I do
because of this song
our song
the song that reminds me of you
of us
of love
of happiness
of everything good
so now I lay here and just listen
listen to our song
I lay here in happiness
as I listen to our song
word by word
I become happier
as I listen to this song
not one time
but over and over
for this is the only song I want to hear

its me, you, and this song
our song
Caleb Jones

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it has been a while, but around the turning of the 24 hour intervals deemed a day i have been in the car with my frequencies in check with my interest so that i may have the utmost listening per road experience. during a particular song the world stopped. we kept moving but everything had come to a particular halt. i could still hear the engine igniting and roaring and i could still hear the wheels turning and i could still listen to the road crumble. but out of all the noise that was subtle and clean grew a song so enveloushing that my ears could not escape the sound and my eyes could not tear from the road. in that small moment i had frozen myself. i could not speak or respond or move. all i could do was intercept sight and sound. and in that same moment all i could imagine if that song never ended. if that road never ended. if my life never ended. and if that night never ended. as long as i thought about her, i would be content with my fate.
Kian Sheik

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