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Nobody's There

Sitting in her room all day long
She is there singing her own sad song
A song about misery
A song about hope
A song about a problem
And how to cope

She wants someone to love her
She wants someone to care
But when she turns around
Nobody is ever there

Her song about misery
The song about hope
About a problem
And how to cope

She wants a family
And friends to call her own
She wants all these things
So she doesn't have to be alone

Her song about misery
The song about hope
About a problem
And how to cope

She's hoping someone will love her
She's hoping someone will care
She hears something and turns around
But nobody is there.
Kailie Peterson

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A Soundless Song

An unknown bird sings

A soundless song!

Notes were felt, not heard

Though inaudible, it was unfolded-

The song is in various imperceptible scales

With very many indefinable tempos-

Origin of the song has not been found

It must have been there prior to mankind-

Learned and lettered try to grab the song

Alas, they have completely failed

Even for the lay men, the song prevails

Despite they do not have great mind-

Interpretations a lot for the song

Without interpolations, continues, the song-

Surely, it is the only thing

That was not spoiled

After all, ah, we could find

A thing that was unspoiled-

How do we call that song?

Shall we call it as time? ?

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There is a song in my heart......

There is a song in my heart
and I want to sing it for you in the misty night
No one will ever knows what I have written for you
because it has been written with my heart only for you
Let us be alone when I sing my song for you
and let the melody of my song echo in the sky
I want our world to sleep deep when I sing for you
then only my song will get into your heart softly
My nights are not enough to love you
nor my songs cannot be sung without you
I sing with my heart to tell you how much I love you
I sing with my soul to tell you how much I miss you
My song will wipe your tears away
and immerse my body into your arms for thirsting love
These feelings of loving song comes when I am only with you
and let my love song, sing in your living heart forever
Ravi Sathasivam

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Our Song After there is no more Us

it brings me such mixed emotions
this song will forever stay in my head
I will never forget those words
words to that wonderful song
the song that used to be ours
that used to bring a smile to me face
but now it brings such mixed emotions
it calms me like it did before
for it reminds me of you
of our lost love
but for that same reason
it brings tears to my eyes
tears asking why our love had to fade away
this song has now become double edged knife for me
it calms me
but it hurts me
I listen to this song even now
I still lay and listen to it as before
I hate this song for it makes me cry
I love this song for it reminds me of the happiness we once shared
the song will forever haunt me
but I will enjoy it hauntings and at the same time dread them
Scarlet .....

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