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Melancholy Song

My dearest Poetry
Sing me a melancholy song
On the devastation of
Hiroshima & Nagasaki
On the demolition of
Twin towers
How many have lost their lives
Their cry and pain
Saying good bye to this world for ever
To their beloved one
To meet them in next birth
If so
But what shall be the destination
On which planets they will meet
Sing me the song of their
Wailing wives, mothers, children
And of their relatives
My sweetest Poetry
Sing me the melancholy song
Of disaster on the earth
The power of cavalry
Crushing the innocent lives
My Heartiest Poetry
Sing me the melancholy song
On the starving lives
Dying for want of food
My bosom Poetry
Sing me the melancholy song
How the people of this earth
Getting frustrated of their daily life
How the people of this earth
Wasting their days toil
In search of bread
Despite of heart and soul endeavour
Some are getting but some are not
I like to wail on the melancholy song
So sing a melancholy song
That can make me to weep bitterly
The earth would laugh on me
To make me calm and to give me solace
Not to weep on the past deed of mankind
The coming generation will certainly establish
Love, peace, prosperity and friendship
Where every one will look like a blooming flower.
ramesh rai

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A Happy Song

I need to write
A happy song tonight
To find that tune
And touch the moon
Caressed by the light
It feels so right
Cause not every night
You're holding me tight

I have to write
A happy song tonight
To find that rhythm
Of the heart's hymn
To be one with the beat
Of your laughter so sweet
Cause not every night
I feel so right

And the stars will be dancing
To this happy song I've written
And the clouds will be singing
With thunder's heavy drummin'
Cause not every night
We surrender and not fight

Let's feel the music
Of this happy song, its so sick
Breathe in, give in
I will make you live again

And the stars will be dancing
To this happy song I've written
And the clouds will be singing
With thunder's heavy drummin'
Cause not every night
We surrender and not fight

This happy song I write
For this happy night

This happy song
This happy night.

All Rights Reserved
Moon Fairy

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Who Is that Sing in me!

All the time listen to that great singer,
The great song, great lyrics sung with great melody,
Someone sings in me and everyone,
' I am you and you are me,
Come and see, we are one! '

But how in this turbulent flow of life,
Is it true, everyone listen this?
Some say caged bird sings,
Some say it is song of soul,
Some say it has a song and it sings,
some try to listen it, some say, when I have my own song how can I listen it?

Fantastic song it is, it the song of the divine,
Song of a dreamer, song of the captain of life,
some listen to it and forget what they are,
Some listen to it and follow the singer,
Some only try to find,
who is the singer,
Only a few can see the singer,
Look at the singer, listen the song,
Where one will be when absorbed by that divine song,
The song that enchanted me
The song that enchant everyone,
It is the God that sings,
' Ah, come to me,
Oh my child, wakeup from dream,
In this dream you are playing,
You are thinking, that you play at things,
wakeup and see, it is I am that playing!
Your sorrows are mine,
My sorrows are yours,
your body is not that cage,
It is my own temple, where I am playing my
own game! '

'Where you want to go,
You are not caged anytime
You only restricted yourself
Building a cage, you yourself sat inside
Then closed the door of cage
And that is the foolishness separated us'

'Oh dear child open the door at least that of window
of heart!
You went on sail, setting your own map,
But lured by various destinations,
One better than another, lost the plan and map,
Wonder and wander
here and there for
millions of years,
But had you listened my eternal song,
That has all maps and information,
You would have been with me as per the schedule

Only your own fall to attraction,
You lost your bag and baggage,
Whenever you lost that, you acquired new one,
But none of the bag had no map,
This time you are with the right one,
Right map, Radio, T.V., intranet and internet,
Just turn to me tuning to my station
Switching to my protocol and IP address,
Click at the linK
You feel, all fall and pain,
you find medicine outside
your ego,
Just cleanse It with tears of love,
Just apply cream of faith, go to work with head phones on in your ears,
Go to work which bring peace! '

'Where you are always free,
Don't kill my spirit, only come and sing with me,
My eternal song, come with me,
Oh my child, I am you and you are me,
Let us be one and sing, we are one in love,
We are always were not different,
We make our voice strong and loud so that,
Captains of missing ships can listen us,
Be my relay station helping my song to reach all! '

This is that song,
that eternal song,
sung by Almighty
in every heart!

The heart is chorus,
Is that source
Where He built
His temple and not a
cage to keep singing bird
in captivity or exile!

I am that his son now realised

I am that foolish
ungrateful son
put that infinite
eternal well wisher,
Melodious singer
My own father
Behind the bars!
Ramdas Bhandarkar

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''Tis Not Of Love Or Love Of Song'

'Tis not of love or love of song the male bird ever sing
Or any sense of happiness for to celebrate the Spring
His song born of aggression with borders to defend
In his war cry to his own kind he is not one to pretend
His song at early morning carrying in the freshening wind
Is meant to be his defensive shield against males of his own kind
His neighbour male sings back to him his message too is clear
All through the Spring in their gift of song they play their game of fear
The poets who write of songbirds and of their joy of song
Of songbirds lives and songbirds ways have surely got it wrong
Their songs may seem a thing of joy but not meant to be that way
'Tis not of joy that they do sing at the dawning of the day
He warns his neighbours in his song this is my territory
And if my borders you do cross you have to deal with me.
Francis Duggan

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