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I Sing A Song

I sing a song of a thousand words,
A love song just for you.
It flows within my heart and soul,
Will you sing it too?

Join me in this lovely song,
Sing it with me dear.
Shout it out from deep within,
For everyone to hear.

I sing a song of a thousand words,
A song so filled with love.
A song that also birds will sing,
Even the mourning dove.

We'll sing it all the time my love,
Throughout every day.
This love song of a thousand words,
For each other we convey.
Adam McKim

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She Sings In The Morning

She sings in the morning, her sorrowful songs,
Soothing melodies to the ears.
Songs of injustice and terrible wrongs,
Songs that can bring you to tears.

She sings in the day, when the sun is high,
Such lonely ballads of heartbreak.
Songs of love that make you cry,
Songs that force your soul to quake.

She sings in the evening, in her mournful tone,
A song of lost true love.
Songs of beauty and a distant home,
Where she'll never return, the white winged dove.
Juan Olivarez

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about me

this is all about me
my name is Handa Awit
it means Ready Sing
it is a request
but it can be a command
for people to sing
for us
for everyone to stop talking
and sing
there is something in the song
that makes us joyous
even in grief the song will always
be uplifting
a song of love
a praise for God
a song for unity
a song for liberty

my hair is black and long
and is blown by the winds of change
it is only one of my eyes that see
for one is closed in
a dream
my thick lips open for this song
of freedom
not from the bondage of war
for there is none
but from the bondage of our
away from the land of depression
the cities of noise
the bumpy roads of our
i am brown like the earth
i am the shade of the west and the east
my name is an invitation
for us to sing
a song of love
of freedom of harmony

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Ballad of Joe and Satchong

There's a lady from the orient sea
Such winsome lady and lovely
With her voice so sweet to hear
Melodious within the wind zephyr

A sweet rhythmic sound like a song
A pleasing tune of such song
That enchanted this fellow
And made his heart glow

Ah - lovely voice, said Joe
That encourage him to go
Or search for that voice
That makes his heart rejoice

He followed the gentle breeze
Across Atlantic and Pacific seas
As the ocean waves and rolls
He goes on with the gentle breeze with goals

In the air is the song for Joe
That makes his heart glow
And search that voice
That makes his soul rejoice

So within the breeze is the song
Said Joe, Oh what a lovely song
And so melodious voice
That makes my heart rejoice

He continue to follow gentle breeze
Across Atlantic and Pacific seas
There in the orient sea he found that such song
is from the lovely lady named Satchong

With the little winged Cherubim
Coveted them and their love woven
Their love are like in the air
Life like the gentle wind zephyr

'til now their love so sweet like a song
With this couple Joe and Satchong
So blessed with bright lifetime
So solid maybe until the end of time
Ency Bearis

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