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Poems On / About SONG  7/6/2015 7:16:52 PM
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The Song

The Song that healeth my body;
The Song that dwelleth in my soul,
Freezing my mind and making my fingertips numb;
Stealing my time and yet taking away my frown.

I believe in you, The Song.

I hear you, The Song;
The Song that giveth questions to my answers.
The Song that turned all of it upside down;
The Song that giveth troubles to a soul now filleth with greed and no flowers.

I hear you, The Song.
I believe in you, The Song.
Mitta Xinindlu

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Mama Sang That Song

i had nevr seen her hold her breath that long.she said in a soft voice 'mtana'm, ye u indoda, futhi u zo hlala indoda'despite mamas song, my conscience did not bring order.i asked her 'but Mama? ''Yebo mtana'm''ngiya mthanda'mama droped her Bongo, Mama slapped me.i had never seen her that fumed.mama's heart faild& twas bcause of anger.2years later, he left.I remembrd mama's song, so i took out her music box.I found a vynil with a song.And in that song; MAMA sangand i listned this time, but t'was late
Opelo Boingotlo Letshwiti

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My Song

Im singing a song
Its a silent one
One of which none can hear
A sad song, An angry song
A song for no ones ears
Its a song without music
A song that is not sung
Its my song
The song within
That beats with my heart
And screams with my brain
Its my song, My song only
Its my song that i shall forever sing
Janelle Morehart

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The Song Of Whales

It is silent under the sea, untill. The whales. They sing their song. Their voices rise up and down in time to the crashing of the waves. They sing their song. The song of the whales. The song only they can sing.
Lucy Amber

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Poems On / About SONG