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Forever my soul
Will whisper
Songs to you

Forever my heart
Will fly
With its longings
To you

For dreams
Are dreams to pass
By night
And by day
Into the love songs
Of you

Forever my soul
Shall sing
What love of joy
There is



*I have written many songs like these, later I will reveal myself to the earth's heart. I have nearly only shown you here my rhyme poetry and songs but that is only the top of the iceberg.
Peter S. Quinn

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Ripple the Waves

A love song from you
Will ripple the waves
Those come forever new
As love that one craves
Each day as it goes
Through times that live
Through foreigner's rows
Where the futures dive

A love song of clouds
In the circling days
Deep whirr of the crowds
In their to and fro ways
Like a song that won't stay
Only be here a while
When the times are gray
And in need of a smile

Feelings that you give
Is a song enough for me
Or what you might live
In its structure and key
Let its melody touch
In openness from love
With its differences nonesuch
In everything it's made of
Peter S. Quinn

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Heart of My Song

You are the heart
of my song
every joyful note
a song of love
of wonders
of grace
and mercy

a song
for you alone
in my veins
and flesh
with happiness
a commitment
the heart of my song
Rita Umali

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Play My Song

When I fall
Promise me
You won't judge or stare
Just help me up
And play my song.

When I cry
Promise me
You won't leave me there
Just wipe my eyes
And play my song.

When I die
Promise me
You won't shed a tear
Remember my face
And play my song.

Just play my song.
Leslie Kavanagh

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