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Sorrow's Symphony

Violent nature crass and cruel, you take the world upon it - singing merry jibes against us, - verily you lie
Silent stalker in the night - you hellish rapist, taking all and giving none, you sing your merry song
Those who enter all themselves— all the more they care to wish stepping on the stones of others crawling your way upward
Boastful brute bear fruits of burden to all those forced to heed your song—melodious fools, we sing along
Power into the voracious yearn, - teach the way of the corrupted —their melody marches downward
Tempted by the sinful slant- leaning toward their own destruction— living greedily in shame, their happy dirge go on
Swirling tempest, visual sound, you speak— controlling the weak and lame, with shrieking voice you swoon
Matter of nothing quarrel their view- see consequence of their indecision—make old the new song of few
Silent watching darkness rising— death be life to the unconcerned- their procession — adieu- to all
Lightened seekers pure and few, silent screaming voice unheard—to all except the free and true
Lost and forlorn right the wrong, though the wrong continue, seeking that which is previous sought, the song is sung anew
The melody seek harmony is soil full of noise, rare sight to see the song sung free in two parts unto Thee
Christine Errett

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Half A Song

I woke up this morning with half a song in my head
I remember, I dreamt about you - yes, those were your lips
and hands! and nose! and ear! - and I could write a song
some absolutely dreadful song, decent and passionate
let's say, about a man who died in his dream, while kissing you
but I don't know how to transfuse your eyes into words,
those enticing eyes which bisect me in two all over again,
to a me that would die for them
and to a me that would die without them
- those eyes, in front of which no song
will ever be sung till the end
Vinko Kalinic

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The Distant Song

As we tread upon life's path so long
Please remember my distant song
Never say goodbye my friend
Make sure our song never ends
Though we may be many miles apart
Let the song keep singing in our hearts
The song, we sang together
The song, that got us closer
Let it sing in our mind
Let it sing in our senses
To prove a friendship of our special kind
By bringing sweet remembrances
Avik Datta Gupta

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Oft Repeated Waters

Once I lived in an ocean trance where me and my maiden took course to dance

To sing a song of endless dreams, glory, and practical serenity

This ocean was vast; But as just as it was vast so was it micro having us truly in a flask

Of the laughs that the waters held dear from our kissing lips and the touch I had on her heart, Oh such sensitivity

But in this small But vastness of a world lied a standing point much more far reaching than any could grasp

Like an atom or the expanding splendour of the very world

One day so would we split and and lose all that had been justified in our hearts

But at the end of this song is no formal glorified ending

Tis just another dream on the end of another shore of yet another ocean of another song that is to be heard by all other dreams oceans songs and shores

And all what is it for?

That is where I have deeply explored; yet through progress my body has numbed and I have grown sore.

For that ocean like me has turned to a drought

Consumed by all the years that have traveled by forming that endless tune of song that my heart sings yet forming a new ocean that manifests me solely into yet a new dream

Where all of our oceans meet...
Daegonius Bonapartea

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