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That song, it was my life
Now its my sorrow
I don't want to hear it
I don't want to know it
He gave me that song
And he took it away just as fast
Does he think of me
Or was it just a song
Please turn off, please go away
That song was my life, and now its my sorrow
Elizaveth Banda

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Winged Songs

Only the song support we at twilight...

Only our song gave us big wings...

Only by songs we can recover a sun...

Only songs felt nightly dream light...
Tsira Gogeshvili

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The Song

Sing me your song
of hurt, of pain
Read me the lyrics
Again and again
Fill me with music
Of loss and deciete
Your life a sad song
Stuck on repeat
Chained to this song
Of agony, of hate
but this song won't change
It has become your fate
Chelsea Pieterse

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'Lone Evenings

Looking at the sun
Waiting for you
I started my eve
With a heart true
That was hoping
To see you soon
Before will appear
the shining moon
I waited for you
I waited for long
Spending my evening
Filled with the song
The song of love
The song of care
The song of anxious
Moments to spare
But nothing happened
And slowly sun
Started setting down
And was finally done'
And then i realized
Just like always
I spent this eve
Alone like other days.

Missing You Sunny
Seema Chowdhury

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