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Poems On / About SONNET  11/23/2014 7:12:20 AM
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The Bee Sonnet

I was going to write you a sonnet
with much wisdom, both in it and on it.
But while walking near trees
I saw millions of bees
and came home with two bees in my bonnet.

Every bee has and uses his stinger,
and, once stung, it will burn and may linger
well this happened to me,
then another mean bee
put his stinger right into my finger.

So you see, I've known many a bee
who came down from some innocent tree.
But to write you a sonnet
with two bees in my bonnet
was prevented by bee number three.
Herbert Nehrlich

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The Bard And Beauty

Today marks Shakespeare's birth
Plus or minus a day
But the date matters not
The question before us;
To celebrate or not
To celebrate? We shall!

How about a sonnet
That tells of thy beauty
A beauty to be woo'd
How thy beauty is still
As it was on the day
When first your eye I eyed

Or a sonnet that asks
How shall I compare thee?
Whatever that may be,
Whether 'tis summer's day,
It matters not a whit
For thou art more lovely

I could compose some verse
That speaks, but soft, of light
That breaks from your window
As though thou were the sun,
A light that can shame stars
And which none is as fair

Perhaps a toast will do
To the Bard and beauty
And to such stuff as dreams
And wishes are made of
For now bid fond adieu
Till the twain meet again
MacGregor Tagliaferro

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Alankar (Decor) -18

Oh Bare, How Dare She Stands....
(A Tribute To The Tree Golden Shower
Petrarchan sonnet: -
a sonnet consisting of an octave with the rhyme pattern abbaabba, followed by a sestet
with the rhyme pattern cdecde or cdcdcd)

Oh bare, how dare she stands sole in her space
Shedding one by one all her green, lo, nude
Bearing pain over pain leaf by leaf crude
Oh there, why pares but fate this way her grace
But friends wait and watch just where goes her race
cited march pregnant her ilk to allude
Just trends trait straight golden showers so prude
Lighted torchlike blossoms to bloom her space

Sooner sunny racemes golden flower
Haloed circle enriched enshrine our hearts
Lordess shelters us herds in blest shower
Silent diction in praise of godly arts
Succumb we in 'Sarakondrai's'power
Tributes line up, what else then from our hearts

Golden Shower-Casia Fistula(Sarakondrai)
Indira Renganathan

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Mary's Gators

Mary had a little horse
the horse was just a pony,
the horse had hooves and balls of course
but ate no maccaroni.

She led the horse back to her flat
they took the elevator,
at night the horse slept on a mat
next to an alligator.

As you can tell, this lady had
a screw loose in her bonnet,
she wasn't altogether bad
that's why I write no sonnet.

A sonnet would be all too clear
and show hat she was mental,
but she was really such a dear,
we'll call it accidental.

The horse grew slowly, as they do
the gator did much faster,
one day, it did, out of the blue
it happened. A disaster.

The gator ate the horse at lunch
and had a pudding later.
Don't know for sure but have a hunch,
she bought another gator.
Herbert Nehrlich

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