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What will I write about in this sonnet?
Of who's existence I really don't care...
Why, just the thought of doing it
Makes me feel the need for fresh air!

I cannot recall if it was to be themed;
And really do not know why it's required.
It makes us write things that we daydreamed;
I am conivinced all English teachers are wired!

But in a few months we shall be freed
Of this tiresome, troublesome task...
And nevermore will we have to plead,
But be able to relax and sun-bask!

Eureka! I've completed this dreadful sonnet,
And sustain high hopes of recieving an 'A' on it!
Guppie Stokes

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The Sonnet In Old Age


If to the sessions of sweet silent thought
one summons memories of sonnets long reread in mind
unsprings the blasted lyrics Time has left unpaged
dreams of other nights and other days
in quiet places long since lost in youth
where little lines embodied- Glory, Beauty, Truth.

Then Shakespeare Donne Keats,
Hopkins Milton Wordsworth Yeats
Obscuring lesser names and smaller shades
Inspire with dearer dearer life
Tranquillity's reflection
in old age,
Consoling our last moments
in God's praise.
Shalom Freedman

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A Sonnet Plea To The New Year

A Sonnet-Plea to the New Year (An Experimental Sonnet)

Welcome, New Year 'Nineteen Ninety Four'.
At midnight, closed although may be our door,
Have you not your magic master-key,
From world's womb to timely set you free?

A babe yourself, our father you will be;
Our matters for a year you'll oversee.
Our life's boat, as Captain you will guide;
Empowered you'll be to turn the very tide!

Our future when you draft and duly write,
Can't you make it just a shade more bright?
As Fortune's favourites let us be enrolled;
Her gracious gifts, awhile let us hold.

With Health as bread and Wealth as water pure,
A happy life for us, pray ensure.
Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu

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It Is A Lovely Day

The parks and paddocks lush and green wildflowers bloom by the roadway
And birds are singing in the wood it is a lovely day
A forecast low of nineteen and a high of twenty three
And pink flowers in large clusters on the rhododendron tree,
Were I a poet I'd write a sonnet for today that would live on in time
But good poets are few or so 'twould seem in blank verse or in rhyme
For to be able to pen a sonnet to this day joy to others would bring
When Mother Nature is in bloom in the prime of the Spring,
The wattle birds are calling on the sunlit banksia trees
And there is a cool freshness in the freshening coastal breeze
And dark winged welcome swallows chirping as above the park they fly
All through the day they circle to and fro across the sky
And willy wagtail with his wagging tail is chasing flies and bees
And the sunlit park sounds happy with the songs of the pee wees.
Francis Duggan

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