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Alankar (Decor) -169

Namaste O' Mother Supreme(Kyrielle Sonnet)

The Kyrielle Sonnet is:
a 14 line poem made up of 3 quatrains and a couplet in that order.
syllabic,8 syllables per line.
rhymed, rhyme scheme AabB ccbB ddbB AB or AbaB cbcB dbdB AB.
composed with a refrain in the last line of each stanza. L1 is repeated as L13 and L4 is repeated as L8, L12 and L14.

Namaste O' Mother Supreme

Namaste o' mother supreme
Thou art the air its maxima
And thou art its fire in life's stream
Namaste, o'mother o' Ma

Thou art this earth, its destined age
Thou art its aqua maxima
And thou art the fill of sky's range
Namaste, o' mother, o' Ma

And thou art the sun and the moon
Their courses all round maxima
And thou art the time, its bassoon
Namaste, o' mother, o' Ma

Namaste o' mother supreme
Namaste, o' mother, o' Ma
Indira Renganathan

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I’ll keep thine rest to kiss

Plying them ‘pon piano’s passive plate,
How I covet to be the blesse’d piece,
The silken soft of thy fingers to kiss!
As if dancing in spry yet gentle gait,
Whilst my lips starve, eyes striving for a rare,
If not once in lifetime, blue-moon-like chance,
A flitting hope to steal a furtive glance
In glee of my black beast bete noir’s dare!

And no, I scarce can paint my attitude
Fair, for duel ‘tis ‘tween a hound and hare—
A life-less wood, howso seasoned and good,
More blest be than lips— left to grin and bear.
Let that wood blush in its rosy red bliss,
And keep thy fingers, me thine rest to kiss!
This piece draws no mean inspiration from
Shakespeare’s Sonnet 128. I must say, an
imitation at best is still imitation— but
it is my way of paying tribute to the Bard.
I could hardly match Shakespeare’s subtlety
in painting the scene. The rhyme scheme is
also not typical Shakespearean— being abbc/cddc
(octave) and ecec/bb (sestet) .
- Sonnets | 21.11.08 |
Aniruddha Pathak

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When pen can’t, nature can

When fair words fail to fit in a tired line,
And dainty wit feel shy, come not as called,
Easy that came ere at first call of mine,
When diction demurs, unequal the mould;
Phrases look hammer’d in, which, deemed divine,
Look lifeless and flat failing to cast old
Charm; apt assonance looks nigh asinine,
When poesy deserts her touch of gold;
The mood remains when fickle, rather meek
In sympathy with Muse playing hide-seek,
Strange things when happen, thoughts failing the pen;
To soothe nerves for this old faithful I pine—
That sulks nor plays truants nor fails to shine:
Nature! When all else can’t she I think can.
I believe, there is nothing in this world as handy
as Nature to cajole the shy Muse. At least it works
for me. A typical Petrarchan sonnet with the rhyme
scheme of abba/abba for the octave and ccd/aad for
the sestet. Volta is only vaguely present, and come
late towards the end
- Sonnets | 06.11.08 |
Aniruddha Pathak

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Love’s last flickering flame

Is there any soul radiating more
Than of a youthful love long holding hands,
Vibrant love if not hearts, on unknown shore
Of sea that’s life, in search of newer lands?

Perhaps, the sight of old man and woman
Upon a shore, the tide waiting to die,
A lifetime of journey’s end is when nigh,
Happy to walk together as they can;
The hands are old and gnarled, yet clasping firm,
Faces wrinkl’d yet bright and radiant,
Hearts beating slow and pulse unsure, infirm,
North going still devotion’s gradient!
A child’s love, as of youth, can often selfish be,
Old love’s a river losing self, embracing sea.
Another unusual sonnet, the first four lines, a
quatrain, ask a question; and then a Volta happens;
all the remaining ten lines seek an answer. The
ending couplet is a foot longer.
- Sonnets | 09.12.08 |
Aniruddha Pathak

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