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Best Poems About / On SONNET
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How The Sonnet Lost Her Words!

I tell you of this one episode from the life of William the Shakespeare,
Don't blame me if it sends you into a fit of despair.

So, a fine morrow saw the popular Mr. Shakespeare
Indulged in some elicit writing affair.

Not that something new hath happened but,
The crazy poet left his house open and heedlessly slept.

It's no big affair for 'Williams' to snooze in the morrows
Their nights are often spent amongst the rambling words of sorrow

Right before the dawn, he dozed off on his little wooden chair
The doors were wide open and windows ajar, but little did he care.

The sonnet of the last twilight was blooming meanwhile,
Alas, it was sighted by the impious wind, so blatant, oh so vile!

The evil intruder loomed the poor poem with William the Shakespeare dozing in sight,
Taking her beauty and innocence as a reason of invite

The sonnet wept and whimpered as her words slowly parted
Dismantling her body stripping off her soul, the vile wind leisurely departed.

An hour later, William the Shakespeare woke up to the whimpers of a lifeless verse,
Her dried tears and sullen state made the sight even worse.

The popular poet from Venice was left bewildered,
'What must have happened? ' he wondered.

Then, William, like other Williams, did what Williams did best,
He took the easy way and judged the victim based on the scenes abreast.

The dying sonnet was accused by her creator of infidelity,
'You pity little hoe', he cursed stripping off her last shred of dignity.

The poor little rhyme wailed by his foot but no ears were open for her whimper
Flushing 'it' down the bin, William 'the Great' Shakespeare had taken out a new piece of paper.

The bastard wind was not too far, blowing at a fine pace,
No air of shame around him, no infamy on his face!
anurag chaudhary

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Shakespeare Sonnet Da Vinci Codes

We have all heard that Da Vinci created his own cryptograms. I thought you might enjoy some simple Da Vinci coded sonnets. For these simple Da Vinci codes, the very first line of one sonnet in this section reads:

Morf tseriaf serutaerc ew erised esaercni
From fairest creatures we desire increase

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Sonnet # ____

Evol si ym nis dna yht raed eutriv etah

Etah fo ym nis dednuorg no lufnis gnivol

O tub htiw enim erapmoc uoht eniht nwo etas

Dna uoht tlahs dnif ti stirem ton gnivorper

Ro fi ti od ton morf esoht spil fo eniht

Taht evah denaforp rieth telracs stnemanro

Dna delaes eslaf sdnob fo evol sa tfo sa enim

Debbor srehto sdeb seunever fo rieth stner

Eb ti lufwal I evol eeht sa uoht tsevol esoht

Mohw eniht seye oow sa enim enutropmi eeht

Toor ytip ni yht traeh taht nehw ti sworg

Yht ytip yam evresed ot deitip eb

Fi uoht tsod kees ot evah tahw uoht tsod edih

Yb fles elpmaxe tsyam uoht eb deined

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sonnet # ____

Ol ni eht tneiro nehw eht suoicarg thgil

Stfil pu sih gninrub daeh hcae rednu eye

Htod egamoh ot sih wen gniraeppa thgis

Gnivres htiw skool sih dercas ytsejam

Dna gnivah debmilc eht peets pu ylnevaeh llih

Gnilbmeser gnorts htuoy ni sih elddim ega

Tey latrom skool eroda sih ytuaeb llits

Gnidnetta no sih nedlog egamirgpil

Tub nehw morf tsomhgih hctip htiw yraew rac

Ekil elbeef ega eh hteleer morf eht yad

Eht seye erof suoetud won detrevnoc era

Morf sih wol tcart dna kool rehtona yaw

Os uoht flesyht gniogtuo ni yht noon

Dekoolnu no tseid sselnu uoht teg a nos

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sonnet # ____

Teews evol wener yht ecrof eb ti ton dias

Yht egde dluohs retnulb eb naht etiteppa

Hcihw tub ot yad yb gnideef si deyalla

Ot worrom deneprahs ni sih remrof thgim

Os evol eb uoht hguohtla ot yad uoht llif

Yht yrgnuh seye neve llit yeht kniw htiw ssenluf

Ot worrom ees niaga dna od ton llik

Eht tirips fo evol htiw a lauteperp ssenlud

Tel siht das miretni ekil eht naeco eb

Hcihw strap eht erohs erehw owt detcartnoc wen

Emoc yliad ot eht sknab taht nehw yeht ees

Nruter fo evol erom tselb yam eb eht weiv

Ro llac ti retniw hcihw gnieb lluf fo erac

Sekam summers emoclew ecirht erom dehsiw erom erar

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sonnet # ____

Drol fo ym evol ot mohw ni egsalasav

Yht tirem htah ym ytud ylgnorts tink

Ot eeht I dens siht nettirw egassabme

Ot ssentiw ytud ton ot wohs ym tiw

Ytud os taerg hcihw tiw os roop sa enim

Yam ekam mees erab ni gnitnaw sdrow ot wohs ti

Tub taht I epoh emos doog tiecnoc fo eniht

Ni yht sluos thguoht all dekan lliw wotseb ti

Llit reveostahw rats taht sediug ym gnivom

Stniop no em ylsuoicarg htiw riaf tcepsa

Dna stup lerappa no ym derettat gnivol

Ot wohs em yhtrow fo yht teews tdepser

Neht yam I erad ot tsaob woh I od evol eeht

Llit neht ton wohs ym daeh erehw uoht tsyam evorp em

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sonnet # ____

O reven yas taht I saw eslaf fo traeh

Hguoht ecnesba demees ym emalf ot yfilauq

Sa ysae thgim I morf ym fles traped

Sa morf ym sluos hcihw ni yht tsaerb htod eil

Taht si ym emoh fo evol fi I evah degnar

Ekil mih taht slevart I nruter niaga

Tsuj ot eht emit ton htiw eht emit degnahcxe

Os taht flesym gnirb retaw rof ym niats

Reven elieveb hguoht ni ym erutan denier

All setliarf taht egeiseb all sdnik fo doolb

Taht ti dluoc os ylsuoretsoperp eb deniats

Ot evael rof gnihton all yht mus fo doog

Rof gnihton siht ediw esrevnu I llac

Evas uoht ym esor ni ti uoht tra ym all

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you very much
Joe Wocoski
Joe Wocoski

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A Love Assonance (A Valentine Poem)

Come close by and tell
me did you know me in a silent wish
and formed my laugh in a magical dish?
In kind I ask you spell,
my name in love of assonanceΉ
no games only hearts' utterance

Come to me and sell,
a tomorrow in a slow dance
Please closer and tell
you will not forsake our romance
For I will share even
my toothbrush with you
I will dare on forever
and place our hope in us two
Our future we will foretell,
in petals, a sonnet and tomorrow wine
oh my life, stay dear, near, my valentine

Ή Assonance - Poetry, Verse
² Sonnet - Little song

©Linda Neill
Linda Neill Poet Digter

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Over The Land Is April

OVER the land is April,
Over my heart a rose;
Over the high, brown mountain
The sound of singing goes.
Say, love, do you hear me,
Hear my sonnets ring?
Over the high, brown mountain,
Love, do you hear me sing?

By highway, love, and byway
The snows succeed the rose.
Over the high, brown mountain
The wind of winter blows.
Say, love, do you hear me,
Hear my sonnets ring?
Over the high, brown mountain
I sound the song of spring,
I throw the flowers of spring.
Do you hear the song of spring?
Hear you the songs of spring?
Robert Louis Stevenson

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