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Sounds Uttered

A sound uttered by the same sonnet is unique,
You bellow in the extreme, unlike my sonnet;
The laughter attached is liking me and you,
But my poetry has love behind it, behind it.

This simple recipe called sounds of letters
Places me to say what I like about the way;
It is the way of the proud men that I speak
And not of those who shun and become remorse.

This sound I read as a letter or two shall accompany
Me and others of the same crowd, calling them
Not ignorant people, not backward groups
And not stupid or horrendous individuals.
Naveed Akram

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The Sonnet Anew

The sonnet is une forme passι, like years
Which made it saint – we pay it due respect,
But reading those is dull, as it appears,
And so they fall from fashion to neglect.
Yet is it so? Would Petrarch's rosy wine
And fiery sparks of Shakespeare's singing soul
Be same if housed in less a noble shrine?
Not so – it is the form that keeps them whole,
And by its grinding grip it makes their art
Fly up to reach the Heights, and like a shaft
To pierce the hearts of men, and do her part
In hailing Lord Apollo and his craft.
And since no age nor whim can kill a god,
Let sonnets bloom anew like Aaron's rod!
Marko Pamukovich

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Focus on Springs

Eventually the mine closed,
where people worked for months
without a salary, the last of them leave the grounds,
and there’s a strong suspicion

that the new black owners took the profit into their own pockets,
refining the gold somewhere else outside of the company,
causing the company deliberately to break apart
and it is as if nobody can stop or want to stop this felony.

With stubble on their faces men stand in the streets
guarding cars in the hot sun
and they talk Afrikaans, it’s as if the blood clots in their veins
while life and all income stops for them,

where some even live in boxes on the street,
trying to find shelter in the open space behind a church.

[Reference: Sonnet – Uit Malvern (Sonnet – From Malvern) by S. J. Pretorius.]
Gert Strydom

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A Sonnet for Noireen

I saw you across a crowded room
I fell in love
I had to write you a sonnet
My heart went vroom vroom vroom
I asked for your hand
I won it

All the eyes were on us
As we glided across the floor
The ladies Cooed
The men cussed
All full of envy
As we danced more and more

We danced slowly
We danced swiftly
The ladies bowed so lowly
The men minced so shifty
We were too busy in love
Our steps as one so nifty

So let the music of love play on
Let the fiddler’s bow be long
As you danced like a swan
All the world stood outshone
As the crowd looked upon
At we two dancing as one

I thank the lord above
For being in that room
When I fell in love
As my heart went vroom vroom vroom
I asked for your hand
I won it

It’s been a few years now
My heart is still soaring
To you the perfect muse
I offer this humble sonnet
To one: in all ways so beautiful
To Noireen
Michael Micmac Mccrory

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