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Alankar (Decor) -17

Planning Of A Housewife
(Sonnets-shakespearen and petrarchan style

Shakespearean sonnet-
made up of 3 quatrains and ending in a rhymed couplet.
metric, written in iambic pentameter.
rhyme scheme is abab cdcd efef gg.

The defining features of the Italian or Petrarchan Sonnets are:
a single quatorzain made up of an octave followed by a sestet.
metered, iambic pentameter.The octave made up of envelope quatrains rhymed abba abba is followed by a sestet made up of 2 tercets with a choice of envelope, chained or alternate rhyme. cdccdc or cdecde or cdcdcd.


I plan this way that way, no way it works
Jumbled my chores a waste confuse undone
Rushing it starts a day berserk just quirks
No day perfect as wished nothing well done
I am worried for I am not perfect
So new I plan with sense a time-table
Expenditure, worktime well schemed just right
Refreshed my life revised I feel able
Abiding by my own rules I am brisk
Running with the clock restless well all done
But then..restless running now stirs to frisk
Fatigued I feel so much senseless my run

So I rest, I muse why my plans just break
I learn, need rest then and then to betake


But all is not well always as we think
Just guess who can impair my brainy plan
In pour and pour next and next kinship clan
I can't but I should so I smile and blink
Chopping, cooking, serving, cleaning fine link
Chatting eating taking more time with clan
Fatigued I feel again is wrong my plan
So I rethink, rethink why I so sink

I rest, I muse why my plans go so wrong
Learn I should partwith and spare time for guest
As such I muse revise my new day-song
So that I spend and rest and spend my best
In peace and joy at ease all well so strong
Then my days each go smooth in bliss best blest


But all is not well always as we like
Just guess what goes wrong against my wishing
Fate, my folks one by one fall sick alike
Sick home in need of my caring helping
You should ask not about the maid servant
Hopeless creatures pretend to work cheating
Helpless me yet have her as assistant
Needy standby in time of call waiting
Viral febrile season infests hell-like
I know I should take care well attending
And me caution myself of sick alike
Calpol, crocin, all pills me depending

But then..timeless running now stirs to frisk
My fate, I rest, reset, replan more brisk


But all is not well always as we hope
Just guess what snubs all my wishful efforts
Fate, wishers throng in to preach like experts
Busy, busy with tea me just aslope
Bidding bye then giddy me fall down grope
Only lucky persons are blest experts
Why then my sprained legs fail all my efforts
Bed rest makes me muse to replan with hope

But then..God's wish reminds me of something
Journeys, perhaps sacred are not counted
Every plan each missing my traveling
Relaxed my mind musing bed arrested
Well me with heart refreshed revise planning
Rest and guest and sick and travels counted
Indira Renganathan

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Some hundred sonnets celebrate new growth
‘within the scope of one revolving year’,
as Shakespeare’s spirit swears undying oath
of loyalty as peerless stanzas peer
beyond the space of time and place to leave
impressions timeless on adoring throng,
for whom this wonder world of make-believe
may overcome day’s woes, help all belong
as one within reality transformed
by Caxton’s twenty-six new order set.
Emotions flow as patterns are reformed
forgetting patter which most frameworks fret.
Most post ghost boast, - which, sent, they fade ‘fore dusk
Rose glows, shows flows, - rich scent may braid more musk…
Jonathan ROBIN

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Sonnet 2

Sonnet 2

I love you with all my heart and my soul

It is so hard that even my body is shaking.

My heart is dying because it felt in that hole

In that hole that you always thought I was making.

All I have is you! And that makes me fly

I love your heart more, as the time goes by.

Please! Do not leave because without you I will die

I promise you that I will never say good-bye.

Love is the best thing it has happen to me

Love is the one that gives me what I need.

When I’m with you I’m what I want to be

My love! This love is beautiful and is so deep.

That every time I’m with you, I hear your voice

I swear I will never regret from this wonderful choice.

By Jose Romero
jose romero

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Melvin Banggollay

I never thought the love I have conceived
With a woman whom I always believed
As the final resting place of my charm
That I vow to nest a tender love so warm,
Will ever plant in my heart seeds of despair
When all her love to me suddenly disappear,
With the magic of a man gifted with a charm
That blinded her heart to love me not I am,
As a man who has nothing but only a love
Ever wiling to serve and care beyond above,
Ever willing to offer my life as a deity
Only to prove that I am a man so worthy
To nestle the love she had shared to me
But now gone with the wind till eternity.

'Written with grief when my wife left me.'

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