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a sonnet (San suu kyu)

A Sonnet (San Suu Kyu)

Aung San Suu Kyu the fragrant daughter of a Burmese
general is a scented lovely lady. Four years ago when
she was 60 I wrote her a poem and it disappeared into
the www. It’s her dignity and silence I find compelling
I wouldn’t mind waking up in the morning and find her
face on the pillow beside me. Yes, I know call me what
ever you want, had she looked like Hillary Clinton, I
would have protested against 18 month house arrest
but my heart wouldn’t have been involved; now I feel
as I’m losing her forever and I will never meet her and
and say the three words I have waited so long to say.
She is a symbol of peace and democracy, ok so I leave
the politics up to you, all I want her to do is to see me
smile and recognize my love for her.
oskar hansen

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For the Sake of Avarice

Italian Sonnets

..and gripped by the contempt my longings for,
suffice to say how adequate a theme,
may yield that whilst one part of man may seem
too eager may his younger heart so pour!
An ounce of mirth can verily before,
be showing how polite or how supreme
he honours you- the price he pays is such
good manners can elude what we adore.
A cocktail of assumptions sooth a trend,
subjective to the purpose of lost cause
Oh avarice! What sweet curtails applause
exonerates mere beauty afterwards.
How innocent are we to comprehend,
what beauty has obliged it reaps rewards.


Wanton! Thou should'st see believe your eyes,
content! That aphrodisiac; Locale:
It pays by chance with interest - the male
whom rightly thought he owned it through apprise,
shalt seek the compensation due, the prize,
that no more does sophistication hence,
forthwith to grade what action's commonsense
a rather in-depth sight of inner thighs.
To compromise restraint with an ideal,
cementing limb to limb with liquid bonds
a promise such as this which soon absconds,
with fearful consequence I do intend.
If one so gallavants with an appeal
That nature had once beauty to pretend.
Titus Llewellyn

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Terza Rima Sonnet
‘Bursting Emotions’
Nancy E Alcorn
As sunrise bursts, ands spreads across the sky
Lavishing warmth, her shades of color blend
To my surroundings a peaceful sense supply

A new beginning, we must gently tend
Outstretched hand subconscious it is seeking
My censored thoughts, to you will freely lend

Thoughts, clandestine, creep in, slowly sneaking
I, now await, your arcane reaction
While through ten fingers, blue eyes are peaking

How can one explain this mute attraction?
As you approach me, heat intensifies
If we should touch we’ll find satisfaction

What my heart feels, my mind soon amplifies.
My heart, now surely, in your control lies
Nancy E Alcorn

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Caught in my Compact

Terza Rima Sonnet
Caught in my Compact

Wade through the squalor, shaken and straining
Consciously, Head held high, anticipating
Storm breaks overhead and now ‘tis raining

Movement round me sluggish, on nerves, grating
Breathe deeply now, settling apprehension
Yet my heart is open, anticipating

Mind deliberates on my perception
Rain still gently falls and I absorb it
In this journey here from my conception

Glimpsing a bench, I walk over and sit
Sensations are strong, you come nearer
I close my eyes lean back, snooze for a bit

Open my compact, catch you in mirror
As you approach, your face getting clearer
Nancy E Alcorn

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