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Unwritten Poems

The soundless rhythm of my hidden thoughts
Punctuates my strides on the unfeeling ground,
The chorus of my countless unwritten poems
Have a place in my private recesses found.

I feel a poem in the chirruping of the keen sunrise bird
And another in the sickening brutality of heartless men,
A couple of verses in the little-noted burials of great souls
And endless sonnets in the mystic things beyond my ken.
Hannington Mumo

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Giving Up Smoking

There's not a Shakespeare sonnet
Or a Beethoven quartet
That's easier to like than you
Or harder to forget.

You think that sounds extravagant?
I haven't finished yet
I like you more than I would like
To have a cigarette.
Wendy Cope

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A Demi Sonnet

A demi sonnet
No noise, silence,
the beating of my heart,
alone, with my thoughts;
Without, I see the breeze,
soundless, active, alive,
slowly I awake, arise

to another day
Brian Strand

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4) Boston's Sonnet & The Boston Tea Party (From) The L.O.M.

Boston's Sonnet
On my way to Boston, I realized that although all I had seen and written were beautiful places, lessons, stories and miracles; that trek, although an unforgettable one, was somewhat of an unpredictable one. After letting that faith and hope lead me there, after all my resources had been exhausted, and with it, my mode of transportation, I realized that the road to the finish product was paved with broken toys, days intentionally forgotten, and stories without perfect plots, for sometimes in retrospection we can fashion disasters into adventures. A day or two thinking instead of eating, looking for work instead of working, and a few brief moments searching for that faith and hope.

In a relaxed state as I approached the city of Boston, one that I had heard about in parts, therefore was only able to visualize a quiet place, even a small place with a few friendly faces. For some reason brooding had seemed to block out the information that I needed to secure the future: The history of a city that I knew better than my own by the time I had reached grade school. The pieces of an athletic dynasty that would have been a beacon in the middle of that city that would have doubled that picture by now, and a cultural phenomenon from the arts to the diversity of the peoples that would have been invited there because of those extraordinary affairs. Finally, the city of Boston had been revealed to me, prudently and passionately.

I bent down to dip my hand into the harbor for spiritual healing yesterday, and just witnessed the beginning of a beautiful today. Architecture; a dressed economy highlights the city. Sailboats will forever keep it romantic, birds fly above it, dogs enjoy running on side of it, and jellyfish create a spectacular underwater show that I hope we will never forget. I then realized that the harbor was filled with miracles; warm faces on a cool day, the whistle from a Coast Guard fleet, a small ship sitting alone and quiet, in the rain, on the waters, in the harbor, with an introduction that said: ' The most single and important event that led to the American Revolution; The Boston Tea Party Ship'; America.
Otradom Pelogo

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