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I hang my head

Now I hang my head all forlorn
Cos you think my limericks corn
But when I think of the bliss
Of your touch and your kiss
It definitely gives me the..
urge to improve my poetry and write sonnets..
Kev EmPea

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All Is Not Lost

Forty Words:

Beyond the heavenly moon

Spirits will rise very soon

Accompanied by a melody

With gentle words of poetry.

Sonnets, stanzas and prose

May ignite romantic episodes

When two hearts of gold

Once more will behold

Rapture from days of old.
Joyce Hemsley

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Substitute a modern version of Sonnet 138?

We get enough false-speaking tongues posted
where simple truth is suppressed
and vitriolic bile is expressed!

His days may be past the best,
if truth were told,
but the baritone sings on
oblivious and proud!
Michael Pruchnicki

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Oh No! Not Another Love Poem

When people heard
that you sent me poetry
they commented that
you must be a wonderful and sensitive man
But these were not Shakespeare sonnets
or Robert Burns love concertos
These were Dorothy Parker devious cooing and
tenderly kissing her man all the while cheating on him,
and Nazim Hikmet guidance on
how to survive in prison.
These were poems that blasted the pores off my face
and suffused my veins with whiskey.
What a wonderful and sensitive man.
Michael Philips

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