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Shepherd's Sonnets

Just received from a friend in old Leeds
a small book that's fulfilling some needs.
Not a bee in a bonnet
but a gaggle of sonnets.
She is known for her wonderful deeds.

Got an e-mail that said they would send
something nice on behalf of my friend.
Like the spots on a leopard
it was genuine Shepherd
And I loved it so much in the end.
Herbert Nehrlich

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words in rhythem
telling a story
or just being written
Lyrics poems
Narrative Poems
Some that rhyme
others that don't
14 lines
cuplets that rhyme
u express your emotions
and what u fell inside
or u just write about things
that u see outside
some are significant
others have no meaning at all
Poetry is a lot of things
but definitely not small
Khai Ramsey

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Spring time and love sonnets

Sitting below the maple tree
Listen to the melody of spring
Reading a chapter of love sonnets

Carried away on a gentle breeze
Lost in my own world
Captured by the beauty of the day

My heart takes flight as I dream
I glide with each verse
And soar with each word of love

Wishing never to land
To stay amongst the clouds of love
And sleep upon a shining star...sprinkled lightly with romance
Patricia Gale

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Shall You Compare Me?

Shall you compare me to a summer's day?
I am more humid,
and in the winter when the world is gray
I am more tumid
than northern nights when love defies the cold
and makes me sing,
or autumn with the falling of the gold,
or dreams in spring.
To summer days do not compare me, dearie,
in spring and fall
and winter when the days are somewhat dreary,
I hear your call.

(12/7/97/Inspired by a satire of the Shakespeare sonnet written by the English poet Wendy Coates.)

gershon hepner

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