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Write me a Sonnet

Write me a sonnet with love and beauty
Beyond compare
Write me a sonnetof warnth and solace
And comfort O' so rare
Pen your lines of freedom and peace and
Tell of the wind and rain
Speak of dreams both failed and real
Tell of things never the same
Relate of hush and solitude and the
Stillness of the night
Voice the morning mist and sit in harmony
With the early light
Recite the human frailities with a deep
And searching mind
Ask the Lord's forgiveness perhaps he
Will be kind
State the sorrow pain and grief and all
The sadness in our role
When all is said and done perhaps God
Will embrace our soul

Jim Richardson
Jim Richardson

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Magic To The Ear

Forty words:

Soon I shall hear a classical poem
A sonnet of life's golden days.
Come, sit at my side
May musical rhyme abide.
Tell of our love tender and dear
Wonderful love true and sincere
'Oh talented poet of the year'.
Joyce Hemsley

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I slouch by the once vivid, now dying fire
watching the scarce embers glow,
remembering all of your sonnets to me
spoken in sweet voices, slow.
The fading warmth makes me feel wistful
as I know it's exactly like you
you've sparked my soul into innumerable blazes
which, now, are diminished to few.
My heart is an ember of what you once lit
and the faint glow still glimmers, so meek.
Hope of a future better than now
is what keeps me from becoming weak.
emergingfrom thedark

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I hang my head

Now I hang my head all forlorn
Cos you think my limericks corn
But when I think of the bliss
Of your touch and your kiss
It definitely gives me the..
urge to improve my poetry and write sonnets..
Kev EmPea

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Poems On / About SONNET