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The Purpose

What is the purpose of our being here?
Our joys are far and few between the tears.
With all the prayers that man has said, his fears
Have not decreased, no matter how sincere
His supplication. Something has been lost.
A realization of himself, first cause?
His tribulations should have given pause.
Communication with the source, the cost?

Shakespearean Sonnet
Lynn W. Petty

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1) Song Of A Cordial Meeting From Hong Kong

I picked up a book on China after reading about it in the business journals, financial magazines and the newspapers that I had intensely began to read over the last year, and over the last year had met a group of beautiful women from China, and had remembered talking to a lady who said that she was from Hong Kong. I shall, next time that I sit down, put China on the top of my list of places to visit because of the beautiful people that I have met from there.

Hong Kong, I'm sure that I hadn't met anyone from, at least knowingly until about two weeks ago when out walking, trying to find a coffee shop to sit down and sip on a cup of coffee for a while. Earlier, I had seen a rather attractive and mature lady, and sensuously soft; even looking inside of her for a few seconds, someone who seemed like a nice person. I was saying to myself, that my luck to find someone like that would never be so fortunate. And that night while on my way to get a cup of coffee, I met a lovely woman from Honk Kong, and I could tell only seconds after looking at her that somehow fate was up to one of its romantic interventions, though one (intervention) I was happy to be a part of, if only for a moment, for she was softly spoken, nice, sensuous and very attractive, I often use the word homely attractive, a phrase describing a beautiful woman that you would see driving through the country or a small town and wished that you could stop the car, ask her to marry you and live happily ever after.

From The Sonnet of Romance

Lust, loneliness, passion, friendship, intercourse; the more I think about it, the more complicated it becomes. The litany of love, it has a culture of its' own. Expressed with the world, neighbors, family, and of course loved ones; the body and soul must encompass all to indulge in any aspect of it, to keep it in perspective, beautiful and caring. The body and soul must endure all,

Like an uncouth puppet / who dances a priorily, /
forced to twist turn and roll
Enduring what it should not feel, / the strings /
are attached to wood that surrounds a soul
Otradom Pelogo

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They came with gushing platitudes
To 'study Nature' in my woods,
That they might, to their greater glory,
Mouth her in sonnet and in story.

So intellectual, so wise!
She dropped a veil before her eyes,
And made her face a painted wall
So that they nothing found at all.

They did not know, they went away
Content with 'Such a charming day!'
Teresa Hooley

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The King's Prerogative

Henri, by the Grace of God, King of France..
To our Provost of Paris, and the Seneschal of Lyons or their Lieutenants and to each whom it may concern, greetings and kind thoughts.
Please to receive the humble request of our dear and well loved friend, Louise Labe, citizen of Lyons, informing you that she has for a long time composed Several Dialogues concerning Folly and Love, also several Sonnets, Odes and Letters, to which several of her friends have subscribed, and which have not yet been published in their fully corrected form. And doubtful that anyone should wish
them to be printed in that condition, she has reviewed and corrected them since then, to bring them newly into publication, to supercede the previous versions, but she doubts that the printers would not themselves wish to take on the responsibility without being assured that no other would later take credit for their work.
for this reason we accede freely to the request of the said applicant, we have by our special grace given Priviledge, leave, licence and authority for these said works below mentioned to such Printer that you deem suitable, with admonitions and strictures to all Booksellers, Printers and all other relevant parties, not to print or allow to be printed, sold or allow to be sold and distributed the said book hereunder declared, without the wish and consent of the said supplicant and of others to whom she will give power to oversee, for a time of five consecutive years in full commencing on the day and date that the said book will be published.

Given at Fontainebleau, the 13th March 1554 in the eight year of our reign
By the King and his Councel, Robillart.
Tom Billsborough

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