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Lost In The Sea

Forty words:

Many fair poems drown in the sea
from the 'unread unpublished 'gallery.
Who knows a poem's destiny?
Too many sonnets are signed 'anon'
the writer disappearing like a song.
Wherever would Shakespeare be today
if he'd written the anonymous way?
Joyce Hemsley

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font color='brown'bThoughts in between....

Blank paper and a pen
Stark white,
staring back at me
But what am I supposed to write?
Sitting here trying to bring back memories
Of people, places, and dreams
Causing misery and apathy
not the other way around.

I belong in between the pages of the epic poem
Not the sonnets or the limericks
I must belong there,
Mahfooz Ali

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The Unexplainable

As I look into your eyes,
and smile at thier gleam,
my heart fills with joy,
until it's bursting at it's seams.

For what love is greater,
than the love I hold for you?
No poem or song or sonnet
will ever express what I feel in truth.

And nothing will ever show,
my heart in such a way,
that words could explain,
the love that's pounding through my veins.
kimber harrison

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In gardens

I have know that nitid song,
Which pens a sonnet in the east.
Watch it whirl like a sarong,
And tame the blackened boundless beast.

I have held it as a babe,
Within my crippled sight.
The pendulum of fragile earth-
Seasons, Hours, Night.
Lazarus Knix

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