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Poems On / About SPRING  2/9/2016 2:29:11 PM
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Hark! The birds sing in the trees,
Spring is coming, Spring is coming!
Bluebells grow, tress sprout their leaves,
Spring is coming, Spring is coming!
Charlotte Pinkney

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The Feelings Spring

Oh how I love getting up to th smell of Spring. I shout Spring has come once again. I can smell the flowers and pines that surround me. I feel rejoiced as I am spending this time with my friends as a nation. I feel great and I can feel yet see small ripples in the water's surface. My friends are what are important in this time of years. Oh how it kindles my heart to see them smile. My soul is in peace. I can feel the love of people everywhere. I wouldn't give up this time for the world. I believe the world is not shallow but surrounded by love. For love is also something that happen many times in Spring. I feel as if we all are a nation of loving passion for such a season. However it is more then just a season, it is the months of life I will never forget.

P.S. I wrote this because Spring is quite beautiful and I have such good friends
Alex Choi

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Spring's Laughing And Smiling Face

How does it come? It's that pretty face. What does its laugh look like? It's the new comer, It's the new-born baby, It's the pretty smile of nature, It's the pretty voice of all birds, It's the lovely scene of all flowers and roses, It's the pretty new-comer to be and only to be, It's coming with all of its wide and sweet laugh To be among us for some time Though short-lived, How do we react to it? We love and enjoy everything in it, It's pretty and great, It's colorful and wonderful, Pretty breeze and light winds are Spreading daily, We rest in its chest to enjoy All nature's beauty, Rivers and creeks are running wonderfully Through plains and through mountains, All kinds of pretty birds are chatting beautifully, Butterflies are flying from flowers to flowers, Different vendors are seen in the pretty parks, Poets are strolling among its pretty dresses To have poems to us, The pretty dress of nature is seen With our naked eyes, My kids love that lovely Spring Because they enjoy everything in it, People come and go amid its green and colored nature, Almost all pretty buds are seen with pretty pink or white Flowers to be changed later into fruits, Play and joy are everywhere, Love and lovers are in the corners, The pretty squirrels of Maryland are running Here and there Looking for nuts, Cats and dogs are running around, Everyone is happy seeing the pretty laughing of That Spring and Some enjoy that pretty smile of Spring, It's God's great giving to us Because He is the greatest Giver of pretty Springs With laughing or smiling faces for ever and ever.

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A Song Of A Spring-Time

TOO rash, sweet birds, spring is not spring;
Sharp winds are fell in east and north;
Late blossoms die for peeping forth; Rains numb, frost blights;
Days are unsunned, storms tear the nights;
The tree-buds wilt before they swell.
Frosts in the buds, and frost-winds fell: And you, you sing.

But let no song be sweet in spring;
Spring is but hope for after-time,
And what is hope but spring-tide rime? But blights, but rain?
Spring wanes unsunned, and sunless wane
The hopes false spring-tide bore to die.
Spring's answer is the March wind's sigh: And you, you sing.
Augusta Davies Webster

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Poems On / About SPRING