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Poems On / About SPRING  7/10/2014 8:00:26 AM
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Spring Came

Spring came
Spring came
With its pastimes
In the gardens
And parks with
Flowers of different
Colors and orchards
Overloaded with fruits
Spring came with
Birds chirping
Peacocks crowing
Tanks and ponds with
Varieties of lilies
With swans and cranes
See the spring on the roads
And towns with jewels
Touchstones sapphires
Floors beautiful luster
Highways lanes streets
Beautifully decorated
Avenues crossings clean
Everywhere there is the proof
Of talents and ingenuity
Of nature and all appear
As if here there is God
And the spring, the king
Of the seasons is worshiping
The almighty with scented
Flowers airs.
gajanan mishra

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Wait For Spring

I wait for the spring to come
To cherish my heart
I wait blossom to appear
To inspire my soul
But spring waits for you to come
Your lively laugh
Enchants the warm sun
Smell of your hair
Oblige the flowers
Your soft move is the shower
On the dry desert of loneliness
Your sweet words
Float in the air
And reach upto the horizon
You are the ambassador
Of spring
Your graceful walk
Makes the fairies talk
Of your charm
Your soft lips
Are the music of love
In fact you the real spring
When you are with me
I need not wait for the spring
V P Mahur

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Come spring come, run friend run,

Stop spring stop, papa mama talk,

The air is gentle, the sun is mental,

Birds are chirping, people are thinking,

I am dancing, friend is talking,

Insects are creeping, animals are grazing,

The grass is growing, the stream is flowing,

Come spring come, run friend run.

Source: COME SPRING COME - Others http: //www.poemsclub.com/come-spring-come.html#ixzz2mrreti7V
Muhammad Ishaq Abbasi

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distant hill
a river carrying
the spring

waters of spring
father backstrokes
into healthiness

spring drizzle
the bipinnate leaves
fold into shyness

spring day
spots of rosiness
in the bud

spring morning
a rose wallah
dresses a boquet
Ramesh Anand

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Poems On / About SPRING