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lAST nIGht
i Was tOO streSSED
THe three Magis
i Opened The TV anD
Turned IT oFF
I looKED foR SilENCE
wENT UPstairs
sAT On the Floor Looked UP
TO tHE opEN Sky
and SEE THE Stars so Many maNY Stars stars
in the NIGHT sky
the MOON was not There
and She WAS not There TOO
But the THOUGHTS of stars and more stars
glistening IDEAS and eMBRACING
tHE openness of Space
They ARE enough to OPEN MY Heart and
Sing and then
I HAD peace.

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The stars

The Stars hold the spirits
The Stars hold the light of our hope
hold on our smiles of the future
and the bright of our lives

they say that if anyone die and he was good
his spirit turn to a star, a shine star
i don't know if this is right
but i feel it because the spirit
called me talk to me see me and feel me
because i talk to it and this star is the only who
feel me
marie armany

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Under the Stars

Vicious sky burns
red under the stars
and the stars don't care

Life dwindles to an
end under the stars
and the stars don't care

Timeless places chaotic happenings
but nobody is there to see it, existance unaware.
All may as well vanish as thought vanishes
but the stars wont care when we go.
Emmanuel Stone

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one star is for nebraska.one star is for alaska.one star is for north dakota.one star is for minnesota there are lots of other stars, but i forgot which ones they are.
brittany mcdowell

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Poems On / About STAR