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Twinkle twinkle little star
How did you ever get so far
From where I thought that you would be?
Shining with joy, ever so brilliantly

Don’t ever fall from grace
Because I would only wish you back
Right back to your rightful place

Twinkle twinkle little star
I most certainly know who you are
And just who you might be
But for now I admire how you shine so brightly

Because I cannot touch you
For it is just not the time
So I reach out instead in this childish rhyme

Twinkle twinkle, my shooting star
Sear me with your heat, leave a scar
So that if you should disappear
I would always remember that I once had you here

In the palm of my hand
But your warmth is too much to bear
That’s why its from afar I stand

Twinkle twinkle my little star
Esta estrella que no deseo apagar
Because you must shine in spite of yourself
Vibrantly shimmering despite what’s left

No matter if this star I ever attain
I will forever cherish its presence
Because from it something I gained

Twinkle twinkle my precious star
I’m so glad I know just who you are
Up above my world so high
More beautiful than a diamond caught in the sky
Twinkle twinkle little star
Oh how I love just who you are

~Rakeem 'voiceNpoetry' Person (6-27-08)
Rakeem Person

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First Star I See

Shes the one Id like to meet,
The Girl from my First Star seen,
But the nights been full of clowds
to dark to see,
left blind no light for me,
a black sweater pull over the night sky
and Im not wishing anything.

Till She came along,
Star above now Star on earth,
Took my hand,
went for a ride,
and we just watched the world spin by,
like two diamonds in the sky.

the Heavens open wide,
and In the cold black sky,
Stars once more begin to rise,
Smiling, it seems upon my wish.

But I fear tonight I made
another wish, a prayer from my broken lips,
will the stars above reclaim
the one that seemed to fall toward me,
or can my silent protest keep,
that which be so dear to me,
will this gift, this chance persist,
or shall it fly, a comit on the winds,
a falling star seen not caught,
travling through this timeless void.

She's the one Id like to meet,
a wish that travels mindlessly,
never caring when it lands,
how long it stays, nor if it mends,
for likely she shall leave again,
Once more to be,
First Star i See...
Evan Histed

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Mom Set No Limits

Mom set no limits
when it came to playing with the stars,
groping, handling, as in darkness,
yet alight with anticipation.
She said little
when I copied from star to star
testing the air currents
rebounding shakily from the one
only to land safely on another.
No one else could see me.
I was too far removed
from Earthlings,
as I wagered and risked
and risked and wagered
and thought,
sometimes incongruously,
of the subtlety of stars,
no two alike,
yet all seemingly alike.
Oh, I burnt my hands
with their fires,
but scars on skin evaporate
and new skin grows.
Even the scars on the mind and soul
somehow mended themselves,
with mom's help
and patience
and care
and love...
I still search out stars
still copy from time to time
still long for new stars.
But many of the old stars
are permanent
and blend nicely with the new
to form a wholeness of life.
gordon francis

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A Star Deep In the Mind

I see a new star on the horizon;
It's not the Morning Star;
It's a star without light.
This star without the light is the brightest
Because its light stays within.
The biggest star doesn't take any space;
It lives within,
Feeds all other stars, all other matter.
Without space, there is no time,
Without time, there is no aging,
Without aging, there is no death.
A star without light never dies;
It cannot be seen in the outer space;
It can only be sensed in the mind.
Dejan Stojanovic

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