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Poems On / About STAR  12/22/2014 5:59:25 AM
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Failing Star

this failing star
Has had it's time
once before it shined so bright
but now, it fades and dies

that failing star
is now a myth
the light that it once produced
has flown away to join another

the failing star
You fall to earth
or so it seems but you will never arrive
you will always be falling through nothingness

My failing star
light up once more
show me life and laughter and love
before you go for good

And i fail, i am my star
And now i shall fall, through nothingness
to nothingness
Because i cannot relight
i am used
too used
and this is the end
for good
I Am Rebel

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Under the Stars

Vicious sky burns
red under the stars
and the stars don't care

Life dwindles to an
end under the stars
and the stars don't care

Timeless places chaotic happenings
but nobody is there to see it, existance unaware.
All may as well vanish as thought vanishes
but the stars wont care when we go.
Emmanuel Stone

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Twinkling stars

Twinkling stars
Twinkling stars are always inspiring for me.
They are watching me in the nights
as my father did.
I find the image of my father in these stars.
Today my father is away from me like stars.
So when I miss my father
I always recall stars in the nights.
They provide some satisfaction
& relief from my grief.
vijay gupta

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The night was over
And the stars in the sky went to sleep
For the rest of the day
But I am getting out of bed now
Amd starting my day
With a healthy breakfast
Because I know that I owe it to myself
But I can't stop to think about the stars
That had vanished so suddenly from the sky
Also I finally realized that every time I think
About the stars it makes me more sad
But I know that the sky would be empty without the stars
And God gave the stars to the sky as a gift
Aldo Kraas

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Poems On / About STAR