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Poems On / About STAR  11/1/2014 6:40:26 AM
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The stars will shine tonight
Inside of my heart
And the stars will be friend with my heart
That is what I hope for today
But I don't stop to pray for that
For any second
The stars will shine tonight
Inside of my heart
Abd I know for a fact that inside of my heart will be bright
The stars will shine tonight in my heart
And my heart will be home tothe stars
The stars will shine tonight
And I am so excited about that
Because I can't even sleep
Even though I can't stop to think about that moment
I wondering if somebody will tell me when the satars will shine inside of My heart because I don't want to miss that moment
The stars will shine inside of my heart
And they are so precious
Because God made them
With his holy hands
The stars will shine tonight inside of my heart
Just like a sparkling diamond
Aldo Kraas

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Way Up In The Heavens

Way up in the Heavens
The stars are shinning bright
They are the eyes of Angels
Watching over us tonight

At times they flicker
And often they do blink
If you watch closely
It's as if an Angel winked

And when the clouds roll past
Between the stars and you
It almost seems as if
they are playing peek-a-boo

Yes way up in the Heavens
The stars are shining bright
Trying to help us all
To tell wrong from right

Sometimes there are stars
That come tumbling to Earth
To bring us a falling Angel
To help us like a new birth

Then we have bigger stars
Like the moon and sun
To let us know a days beginning
And when the day is done

Then we have the symbols
Like the dippers and such
Showing there is something greater
And we all know we'll need His touch

So watch those stars tonight
And remember these very words
Though it may sound loony
Or, crazier than the birds

But the stars are watching you
No matter where you are
Guiding you on your way
As if They are driving your car

Yes way up in the Heavens
The stars are Heavens eyes
Watching everything we do
Like Heavens little spies
norman hale

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Granny Krendoll with her sewing flair
sews Star doll and yarns her hair.
Granny Krendoll makes Star into a small doll
once Star is alive the two have a ball.
Star writes Granny Krendoll once in awhile
she likes writing her letters that make her smile.
Then Granny Krendoll does get sick
she is sent to Krendoll hospital to recover quick.
Star had to make sure Granny Krendoll was alright
in fact Granny Krendoll told the nurse, where is Star tonight?
Right then Star with Melodie soon arrived
to sit by friend Granny Krendoll's dear old side.
Now Granny Krendoll gets healthy and recovers real soon
she enjoys sewing new dolls and her new life too.
Thank you Granny Krendoll for raising the bar
if it wasn't for you, the world would not have Star.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 14,2012
Christina Sunrise

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Night Queen

It was deep midnight
the sky was crystal clear
millions not millions
but billions of stars
assembled in the open sky
was it a procession
or obeisance of Night Queen

The downpour of stars
appeared as undulating scarf
studded with jewels
the humming of stars
was breaking silence of nature
as if
singing in praise of night queen

All stars slowly moved down
to horizon of sky
it was the time
for farewell of Night Queen
The king of the day sent a gift
of morning star to embellish her neck
then with a reddish shawl on her shoulder

I asked one of star
why do you assemble after every dusk
the star could not answer
after asking so many stars
I could know the Venus comes
after every dusk
to receive the Night Queen

The Night Queen comes to meet
her beloved Moon and slowly covers
the face of moon for a night

The Night Queen covers the entire creatures
under her veil to give them rest
and to give relief from days toil.
ramesh rai

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