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Fallen Star

I sought the moon
But found a star
it fell ever so far
and soon
it had me in it's arms
it glowed so brightly
I showed so slightly
To lose myself
An easy feat
But my heart
is not so easily beat
but to start
the trek to love
hits hard on ground
like how my star was found
I did not catch the star that fell
It has caught me in a spell
One I know well
To love that which is unlovable
is the curse that I own
my love that the star
has unknowingly sown
but how to change what we are
or judge a fallen star?
I do not know
So I watch it's glow
Sareeah Keelyn

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A Star is Born in Obama

Born from a broken home
Born to be free
Son of a mother
Dad chose to flee

A star you are
And a star you'll be
Aspiring to take us all far into the next Century

President Obama
Son of this soil
Sleeves rolled up
Never afraid to toil

You are American
You are one of us
We are all traveling on the same bus

Even though the economy is failing
And the bus dangles near the railing
Hope is in sight
If we follow the star's light

A star he is
A star he'll be
The next president of our country
Mitzie Holstein

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Chasing Star

My loving heart search...
Searching for a star
Searching for a light
I found this star that shines so bright
Brighter than the sun
Brighter than the moon
I tripped for this star, with my goal it rhymes
Rhyming with my heart
Rhyming with my soul
I stretched my wings and i fly to reach
Reaching for my star
Reaching for my joy
I reach for this star but it travels so far
Farther from the cloud
Farther from the sky
My wings growing weak, undaunted! still i fly
Flying not for gold
Flying not for hope
Flying for am in love
Sesan Falade

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I looked up no stars in the night sky
I looked up no moon in the sky
I kept looking up till I could see one star
star that shines so bright
do I give the star a name
I stir my drink and think without a blink
don't you have a name little star
maybe your a planet in that galaxy far far away
jonathan marshall

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