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The Star Of My Night Sky

When I Look Above
A Day Another
The Stars Shinning with a Subtle love
But there is star that shines Brighter than anyother
Kept M Wandering What is This star....

The Night sky is my Life
The Moon Is My Best Friends and My Family
That Cherishes Me Daily
The Stars are My Memories
Dissappearing Day After Day
Forgetting your chidhood
which was filled with play

But Still I think of That one Star At Night
That shines so so Bright
and which I have no clue...
But Then It Struck to me it was....You

This star was the one that changed me
brought my life to a new level completely
Brightened my World Every Day
But this Star
Kavin De Silva

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Dragon Eyes

Before the mist cleared and the gates opened
A bright star shot straight up in the heavens
emanating freedom fiercely
A dark dragon followed...stalking his prey

The star flew and flew with uncharted speeds
Until it reached the edge of the universe
The dragon mimicked every move of the star
Through and through to that mysterious edge

As the dragon approached the star he became puzzled
Presuming that the star had been chaste
Only to find a grinning blade in the fangs of Sirius
The cunning companion of Orion

Now the two stood tall, eye to eye
Each roar echoed throughout
A flash and blast, collision beyond grasp
Then the dragon took flight after seeing his own fears

For the wolf's heart was pure
Which reflected the dragon's demons
Disturbing the dragon's focus
exposing his true nature

The dragon blew flames ablaze behind at the wolf as he took to the sky
Only to have them brush away from the incandescent, invulnerable fur and flame of the star
The beast took hold of the dragon's tail by his claws and climbed to it's head
With a strike of ferocity the star came down with the dragon's eyes

As the wolf stood strong with his trophy
The dragon did cry and then fell in a frenzy down the edge of reality
The wolf gave the eyes to his sons
So that dragon would have to beg or fight a wolf
If he were to ever gain his eyes into this world again
Shane Engisch

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Stars Are Coming Down

You and I were an item
An item of love
You were my all
You were my star

I was afraid
I was selfish
I was lost
I was argent

You were my star
My shining one
You shone a light so brought in my life
I will never forget you

But I thought all the wrong thoughts
And now stars are falling down
You are slipping away

I had just one chance to fix it
But I didn't
And I don't know why
You are my star for life

I hope one day
We will see each other
And forget about the past
With falling stars
And fix our future
For love is stronger
Then any other element in this world

My shining star
May your falling be graceful
May your faint light grow with each time you think of me
May your landing be soft and loving and ever care free

May your thoughts of you and me
Save you from that last strain of depression
May your light for me save you

For I never meant my love for you
To kill you
To kill us
Stars are falling
And I hope I can handle it
Natali Surjan

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A Star Deep In the Mind

I see a new star on the horizon;
It's not the Morning Star;
It's a star without light.
This star without the light is the brightest
Because its light stays within.
The biggest star doesn't take any space;
It lives within,
Feeds all other stars, all other matter.
Without space, there is no time,
Without time, there is no aging,
Without aging, there is no death.
A star without light never dies;
It cannot be seen in the outer space;
It can only be sensed in the mind.
Dejan Stojanovic

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