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Wish Upon A Star

Making a “Wish upon a star” during the night
To those tiny specks that are twinkling so bright

When times are hard; you’re feeling the blues
Making a wish may help your dreams come true

When the sun rises; stars fade completely away
Yet the stars are there through every night and day

Stars may be providing a very special function
Those shining lights may be our Angels in Heaven

Our Guardian Angels to both protect and watch over us
While we are struggling, and our lives seems so hopeless

Stars are there watching our precious babies at birth
The same gleaming hopes to make peace on our Earth

“Wish Upon a Star” a non-profit effort to grant wishes
For our loving children with life-threatening illnesses

We go through life everyday taking so many things for granted
While the Angelic stars watch over us and help to save our planet
David Hall

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Speeding away angrily

Hot young stars shining in blue
make love to nebulae in order to
produce new baby stars from
dust and gas

Emission nebulae shine because
they emit light when stimulated by
the loving radiation received from
those hot young stars

Reflection nebulae shine because
they reflect the light from loving
stars around and in them - but
dark nebulae

Appear only in silhouette because
they block out light from radiant stars
and bright nebulae – they are suffering
from depression and loneliness

Dying stars have an effect on the nebulae
who loved and protected them: either
drifting away quietly from the slowly
dying love in the star’s core - or

Speeding away angrily after a violent
supernova explosion of wrath – so
please don’t explode and send me
speeding away like those nebulae!
Margaret Alice

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Star Of The Knight

sing to me star, sing the song that you have to bare
cause i am restless from the fight to my enemies
but hear not what others discourse
they are naive in their ways
of condescending behavior
they do not know the love you bare for us
but i still stand here under your glorious incumbency
for i bare this sword with honor
for i bare this shield with love
i know your light upon my feet will guide
me on my path, my path to you
my blade is now crimson my shield is now discarded
but star my star, sing me a song so i may sleep tonight
i am fresh from the fight, these wounds have not healed
this blood has not dried, beautiful ensanguine star
that i lay encumbered under, sing my song
the song of the fallen knight for i
will be joining you tonight
my star that you are the star i have honored
my star i am dieing for
montana hohensee

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A Love Story

The stars reflect her beauty
While competing for her smile
Each one thinks her love is their's
While filled with blind denial

She continues to entice them
As each one feels her stare
Her love belongs to all of them
But none will choose to share

A falling star is nothing more
Than a star with a broken heart
Crippled by her rejection
It will suddenly fall apart

Whenever you see a twinkling star
It's just the Lover's dance
Vying for her attention
In its quest to find romance

The Dippers, both big and small
Were formed to quench her thirst
They stand in line to honor her
As they battle to be the first

The Northern Star takes precedence
As he points which way to go
His countenance is blinding
As he absorbs her radiant glow

So, don't forget to watch the stars
And smile each time they swoon
For now you know this love story
Between the stars and moon
Larry Belt

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