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Poems On / About SUCCESS  7/28/2016 3:33:41 AM
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Best Poems About / On SUCCESS
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Qoute 21

Intelligence has no deposition on success, being determined to succeed in life, is the deposition of being intelligent to achieve success
Naldo Africa

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Dreaming Of Success

The Success does not chase the successful
The successful chases the success

The dream does not chase the dreamer
The dreamer chases the dream

I will chase my success
I will chase my dream

My dream is; success
Ryan Merkel

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Some people study for success
Others leave it behind, they are precious
Because success is like shadow,
The sooners starts it following it, they are hollow,
The later leave it behind, they shallow
Aa! study for excellence, not for success,
Like a mad dog, you will be followed by success,
Otherwise, you will spend your life in following it.
amir khan

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The Success

Success is
Satisfation of life...
Move to other work...
Want to success...!
Success is
Life sample win
At the time...

Born to death...
Wanted for success...
For life...
All life is not success
Success is not all life...
it is timing nature...
Otteri Selvakumar

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Poems On / About SUCCESS