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Poems On / About SUCCESS  1/26/2015 4:23:31 AM
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Best Poems About / On SUCCESS
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What Success Is.(Translation Of My Poem As A Prose By Brian Johnston)

What Success Is…..

Success is: when your beliefs bear fruit in the world and make your life better, when your thoughts are considered valuable by others.

Success is: fighting for dreams you believe in, not pursuing dreams that are not yours.

Success is: indifferent to fortune or fame, following your bliss is the only rule.

Success is: not a money chaser. One’s reputation always comes first.

Success is: more likely to be yours if you are willing to work for it. Show others you believe in yourself before you ask them to help.

Success is: not a goal to put off till tomorrow. You should visualize the steps required to attain it and express them as clearly as possible for others to see.

Success is: having a dream that really comes true, not simply waiting for others to give it to you.

Success is: not a game you play at, but a truth you live

Success is: realizing the fruit of your own labor by having the patience to let the work of your hands mature into a bountiful garden and not harvesting anything before its time.

Success is: first doing no harm on the way to your goal. Success is respecting all contributions both big and small, God’s gifts that you were able to make use of, and the people that lent you a hand.

Success is: a poem that strives just to teach the value of life without talking down to others by preaching.
tanya gupta

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failure and success

success is a damsel
that intoxicates;
failure is your mistress
that teases.

success is a drink
that leads to stupor;
failure is the beverage
that shakes you up.

success is a temporary
shed in life's journey;
failure is the pathway
to ultimate destination.

dont let thus
success beguile
momentary comfort;
learn to befriend failure
to last the journey's end.

success is the mistress
of easy charms;
failure is your wife,
of considerable virtues;

failure enriches you,
success may shower
riches on you;
failure is the sweet little
drummer to roses ahead
on the path ways,
success a sweet companion
not to be seen
when winter comes
your ways, as it must
in one's life,

leaving the summer
far, far behind.
samyak jain

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'the way to success'

failure may outnumber success
failure is there
to make you strong
failure may cause pain
but nothing goes in vain
failure keeps you in touch
with reality
failure gives wisdom
failure gives experience
cowards don't fail
It's for the brave
who leave the shore
to sail into unknown
failure is a stop
in the journey of life
don't stop at the bend
today's failure would be
tomorrow's bigger success
failure is the cradle
in which success rocks.
failure is not a sin
failure is the first step for success
failure teaches you how to succeed
failure always helps in your success
failure helps you from failing
if you fail, it's not the end of the world
success will definitely be on your way
so will run away your failure
never forget your failure in life which helped you in your
Liioona Mohie

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What is Success
I come not to say
for there are many others
who know the way
how to reach, what to do,
how to know, they convey.
All i know is I fear success for
after that I know not what i will work for.
If success is the destination,
I fear the journey, for it will end
if success is the aim,
I fear the principles I have to bend
if success is the ultimate high,
I fear the ensuing downhill I have to fend
if success is a result of my efforts
I fear the arrogance that could blend
if success becomes my only purpose
I fear for my life that is bound to fall by the wayside saddened
Above all, 'what next' is the only question
by which my mind is deafened.
Sriram Sampath

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Poems On / About SUCCESS